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Mount Gulg.
Mount Gulg, as seen in the World Map.

Mount Gulg, also known as Mount Gulug and Gurgu Volcano, is a location from the original Final Fantasy. It is located near Crescent Lake, and is accessible only by canoe.

The interior of the volcano is mostly lava, which damages party members as they walk on it. Several of the sublevels' staircases are difficult to find, requiring treks through huge lava-filled expanses. Other levels involve navigation through maze-like rooms with multiple dead ends and treasure chests. Most of the enemies in Mount Gulg are Fire-based, so your Black Mage or Red Mage should make use of his Blizzard and Blizzara spells.



After meeting Lukahn at Crescent Lake, the Warriors of Light head to Mount Gulg to destroy the Fire Fiend Marilith. After defeating her at the Crystal Room, they restore the Fire Crystal.


Mount Gulg artwork from an issue of Nintendo Power.
Item Location
Mythril Helm B2
1,520 gil B2
4,150 gil B2
750 gil B2
1,520 gil B2
1,760 gil B2
Mythril Gloves B2
Great Sword B2
1,455 gil B2
Hi-Potion B2
Tent B2
1,975 gil B2
Antidote B2
Phoenix Down B2
Mythril Axe B2
Mythril Shield B2
Gold Needle B6
2,750 gil B6
1,750 gil B6
880 gil B6
Antidote B6
Flame Shield B6
Ice Brand B6
10 gil B6
155 gil B6
Cottage B6
2,000 gil B6
1,250 gil B6
Staff B6


Battle Background.
Marilith's boss Battle Background.


"Gurgu Volcano"
Image:FF - Gurgu Volcano.ogg
Trouble with the audio sample?

Mount Gulg's theme is named after itself. The song was remixed and included in Final Fantasy IX as its theme for Mount Gulug, and as well in Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon.



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