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Smyth's Smithy at Mount Duergar.
Mount Duergar on the World Map.

Mount Duergar, also known as the Dwarves' Cave, is a location in the original Final Fantasy. It is here where the Dwarves reside. Mount Duergar is located at the western edge of the Aldean Sea, on a landmass only accessible by ship.


The Warriors of Light use the Nitro Powder obtained in Castle Cornelia here in order to blow up the land mass and create a trench allowing them to get to Melmond and the Cavern of Earth.

Later, they return here to hand the Adamantite found in the Flying Fortress to Smyth, so that he can create the legendary sword Excalibur.


Item Location
Wyrmkiller Southern Room (Requires Mystic Key)
Tent Southern Room (Requires Mystic Key)
Great Helm Southern Room (Requires Mystic Key)
Ether Southern Room (Requires Mystic Key)
Cottage Southern Room (Requires Mystic Key)
Mythril Mail Southern Room (Requires Mystic Key)
Potion Southern Room (Requires Mystic Key)
575 Gil Southern Room (Requires Mystic Key)
Excalibur Recieved from Smyth (Requires Adamantite)


The Background Theme that plays inside Mount Duergar is called "Matoya's Cave".


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