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Mothership Zeta

sections: Bridge, Cargo Hold, Cryo Lab, Cryo Storage, Decompression Chamber, Engine Room, Engineering Core, Experimentation Lab, Hangar, Holding Cells, Living Quarters, Maintenance Level, Observation Deck, Robot Assembly, Steamworks, Waste Disposal, Weapons Lab
leaders: Alien Captain, The Lone Wanderer
factions: Aliens
quests: Not of This World
Among The Stars
This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...

Overview map of Mothership Zeta's sections and connections in between.

Mothership Zeta is an alien spaceship which appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Mothership Zeta.


One of two alien motherships orbiting Earth, Mothership Zeta is a rather large vessel housing a considerable number of crew members. The overall shape of the ship resembles the stereotypical "flying saucer" with another small disc-shaped section attached to the bottom. Traversing between the two sections is possible through Teleportation Matrices on the Observation Deck and Bridge in the upper portion which connect to counterparts in the lower part's Engineering Core.

Mothership Zeta possesses both offensive and defensive capabilities. It is protected by shield technology and its main weapon is a Death Ray connected to the lower section which can be used for both orbital strikes on a planet and combat against other ships.

The ship contains various laboratories for experimentation on living beings and technology such as Biological Research, the Experimentation Lab or the Research Lab. There is also a vast number of storage facilities in which items retrieved from the planet below are stockpiled, and abducted animals are kept alive or are frozen..

Aside from Living Quarters for the crew and the Bridge, the remainder of the vessel is dedicated to the ship's basic functions. The Engineering Core in the lower part of the ship provides access to most of the maintenance sections like the Maintenance Level, Engine Room or Waste Disposal. In the Mothership's Robot Assembly the various Alien Drones are produced and repaired. Death Ray Control and Death Ray Hub are dedicated to the controlling the ship's main weapon. The Mothership also features its own Hangar in which smaller vessels such as Recon Craft Theta can be stored and maintained.



  • After This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough..., only Bridge, Engineering Core, Steamworks and Holding Cells can be entered. The other doors will be marked as "inaccessible".
  • It seems that the Alien Captain of the ship or some other ranking Alien can broadcast itself throughout the ship as a hologram.
  • On the PC version, it is possible to restore access to the 'inaccessible' doors after the main quest is completed by using console commands. Go up to one of the disabled doors, hit the tilde (~) key to enable the console window, and click on the door to see its formID. Then type in 'prid X', where X is the formID (for example, if the door's formID is 0100d85f, type 'prid 0100d85f"), then hit enter. Type "disable" again, hit enter then exit the console window. All doors should now be restored.
  • Using the method above to access the inaccessible door will result in being unable to get back to the Bridge. To fix this, open the console, type 'prid X' (with X being the aforementioned formID), enter, then type "enable", enter. You should be able to get back to the Bridge, but the inaccessable doors will become inaccessible again.
  • After killing the Alien Captain and finishing the quest This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough..., the player becomes de facto captain of the ship, but all remaining Aliens on board will still be hostile toward the player and any non-alien NPC .
  • In-game the player is able to breathe aboard the mothership which indicates the aliens can breath oxygen and it is ventilated through the ship (despite that the alien found at the crash site of Recon Craft Theta is wearing what appears to be a pressure suit with glass helmet). This may just be for space flight for EVA, to provide the alien with oxygen in case the Earth's air is not breathable to him, in the case of cabin decompression, to stop the alien breathing in pathogens to which he is not immune, or because the aliens may have detected some nasty radiation levels on Earth.
  • Followers cannot follow you on the ship even after you beat the last quest. However, contrary to the previous add-ons, followers will wait next to the Homing Beacon when you board, with the exception being Dogmeat, as he returns to Vault 101.
  • Many of the chairs on the ship throw off a spray of blood when struck with a melee weapon. Unlike the aliens, the chairs bleed red.
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