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Mother Mallum
Mother Mallum
Release date 20 September 2006 (Update)
Race Sea slug
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes - Slug Menace
Location Under Witchaven
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? Yes
Gender Female
Examine An unspeakable horror from the depths of time.
Notable features Queen of the Sea Slugs.
Mother Mallum communicating through an old, possessed human body

Mother Mallum, originally known as Mahey'ish Medron (Jorral calls her both Mahey'ish Medron and Mahey'sh Medron, probably a typo), is the queen of the sea slugs and plans to take over Gielinor. She already has control of most of the Fishing Platform and most of Witchaven. She first revealed herself to the world when the Slug Menace Quest was released. During the God Wars, at least 4000 years ago, she emerged from the ocean. Seeing the chaos, she tried to take an advantage of it, possessing numerous combatants including the same corpse used over the milennias(shown). However, she was stopped by the Temple Knights, who sealed her behind a magical door. Unfortunately, in Slug Menace, the player is tricked into opening that door using some specially crafted runes. It appears that she communicates with an empty human body and during the last part of the Slug Menace Quest she tries to obtain the body of the adventurer who had inadvertently freed her (to communicate with), though at the last minute the adventurer was saved by Savant who teleported him/her out of the cave.

Postbag from the Hedge

The lair from which Mother Mallum escaped.
Lilly181 Writes:

Dear Mother Mallum, Queen of Sea Slugs...or however you would like to be addressed,

I have been wondering, WHAT ARE YOU DOING EXACTLY? I've been sitting in my parlour, throwing chinchompas around the room to keep myself from worrying about when you are next 'coming'. It's been a busy year I'm sure... and you do seem pretty slow at getting around (which I’m glad about, or I wouldn't be here writing this letter. I would be wherever you are at the moment...) but it can't take this long to do whatever you are doing!

— Lilly181[1]
Mallum Replies :


I have taken the mind of this skull momentarily so I can update you with our progress. You carriers have an irritating need to communicate externally, so I must gain control of your mouths and fingers if you are to comprehend my news.

I am birthing, filling the tunnels beneath your cities with my spawn. It is tiring, for this world is more populous than any other we have encountered, and each carrier above ground demands one of my spawn as a companion. This, alas, is our nature: the slow, inexorable crawl of the slug across your world.

Do not worry, for it will not take long. And, once I have a perfect mirror of your surface world – one slug for each carrier above – we will unite and become family. It makes me happy to think of that new world, and you will no doubt understand my happiness completely, and soon.

Mallum, Your Great Mother

— Mother Mallum[1]


  • The name "Mallum", translated from Latin, means "of evil", thus making her, quite appropriately, the mother of evil.
  • In the FunOrb game Armies of Gielinor, set during the God Wars, one of Zamorak's monsters is a sea slug, although it resembles Mother Mallum more than it resembles the common sea slug.


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