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Series: Voyager
Author(s): Jeri Taylor
Publication information
Published: Hardcover - October 1996
Pages: 352
ISBN: ISBN 0671563114
Date: 2372

Revealed at last, the untold story of Kathryn Janeway!


Introduction (blurb)

From Captain Kirk in the original series, to Captain Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Captain Sisko of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek has been the story of mankind stretched to the ultimate limits of strength, skill, and courage.

Now a new captain has joined the ranks of the Star Trek heroes. Mosaic tells the compelling life story of Captain Kathryn Janeway, commander of the Starship Voyager.

Mosaic finds Captain Janeway fighting a desperate battle on two fronts: while she duels the Kazon warship in the gaseous mists of a murky nebula, an Away Team led by Lt. Tuvok is trapped on the surface of a wilderness planet. Forced to choose between the lives of the Away Team and the safety of her ship, Captain Janeway reviews the most important moments of her life, and the pivotal choices that made her the woman she is today.

From her childhood to her time at Starfleet Academy, from her first love to her first command, she must once again face the challenges and conflicts that have brought her to the point where she must now risk everything to put one more piece in the mosaic that is Kathryn Janeway.


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Chakotay | Hutchinson | Kathryn Janeway | Jerron | Greta Kale | Kes | Harry Kim | Nate LeFevre | Neelix | The Doctor | Tom Paris | Rollins | B'Elanna Torres | Tuvok

Maje Dut | Kosla | Nimmet | Miskk | Jal Sittik | Teslin | Trakis


Blanca | Ruah Brackett | Bramble | Cameron | Data | Dobrynin | McGeorge Finnegan | Lettie Garrett | Howie | Edward Janeway | Gretchen Janeway | Pheobe Janeway | Mark Johnson | Kashut | Klamer | Klenman | Laurel | Anna Mears | Alynna Nechayev | Emma North | Mary O'Connell | Cheb Packer | Owen Paris | Petunia | Shalarik | Blake Thomas


Gul Camet | Darren Ditillo | Sally Rhodes | T'Por | Justin Tighe

Referenced only: Zefram Cochrane | Epkowicz | Hekkar | Mary Joanna Dugen | Lewis | Magruder | Matsumoto | Lat Nadeen | Argonne Paris | James Paris | Caroline Paris | Bailey Paris | Mackenzie Paris | Libby Webber



Referenced only: USS Bonestell


Bajoran | Cardassian | Dog | Human | Kazon-Vistik | Talaxian | Tokath | Toskanar dog | Trabe | Vulcan

Referenced only: Kazon-Nistrim | Kazon-Ogla | Krett


Referenced only: Alaska | Bole | Curitiba | Deep Space Station Four | Deep Space Station Seven | Georgia | Klatus Prime | Risa | Sector 22309 | South America | Vulcan

Food and Drink

caramel brownies | coffee | corn stew | Grissibian nocha | hock ale | hot chocolate | naggath | Pinoit Noir | popcorn | tomato salad | Yasti pudding


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published order
Previous novel:
First in Series
Voyager Stories Next novel:
Previous novel:
Novels by:
Jeri Taylor
Next novel:
chronological order
Previous Adventure:
Starship Down
Pocket Next Adventure:
Cold Fire
Previous Adventure:
The Voyages of the
USS Voyager
Next Adventure:
Cold Fire
The above chronology placements are based on the primary placement in 2372.
The Pocket Books Timeline places events from this story in eleven other timeframes:
Previous Adventure:
Book 2, Chapter 8, Section 2
Chapter 2
Next Adventure:
Book 2, Chapter 8, Section 4
Previous Adventure:
Section 11
Chapter 4
Next Adventure:
Previous Adventure:
Flash Point
Chapter 6
Next Adventure:
Death in Winter
Previous Adventure:
Once Burned
First Encounter
Chapter 8
Next Adventure:
Dark Allies
Twenty Years Earlier
Previous Adventure:
Chapter 2, Section 10 and Chapter 6, Section 1
Chapters 10; 12
Next Adventure:
Final Entry
Previous Adventure:
Final Entry
Chapter 14, Section 1
Next Adventure:
A Ribbon for Rosie
Previous Adventure:
Chapter 14, Section 2
Next Adventure:
Lefler's Logs
9th entry
Previous Adventure:
Deny Thy Father
Part Three
Chapter 16
Next Adventure:
Worf's First Adventure
Previous Adventure:
Stone and Anvil
"Then":Chapters 14-20
Chapter 18
Next Adventure:
Uninvited Admirals
Third Flashback
Previous Adventure:
Lefler's Logs
11th entry
Chapter 20
Next Adventure:
Chapter 5
Previous Adventure:
Chapter 8, Sections 10-11
Chapter 22
Next Adventure:
Chapter 14, Section 12
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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki


Transformers: Mosaic is an unofficial anthology of one-page comic strip stories started and overseen by Josh van Reyk and Shaun Knowler, who posted the first strip on IDW Publishing's official Transformers forum on June 18, 2007. Since then, the Mosaics, which are written and drawn by a large number of contributors (most of whom are fans, though a few pros have contributed), have expanded out to almost every Transformers forum online and been embraced by fans all over.

Since October 2007, IDW has printed Mosaic strips as a backup feature in its Transformers comics. Published Mosaic strips to date include:

In February 2008, Simon Furman produced a Mosaic titled Hail and Farewell, which he stated to be canon — the first Mosaic to be so. [1] However, that canonicity was eventually overridden by IDW, as well as stating that, "The Mosaics are all a lot of fun, but they're all not continuity tales." [2] [3] The stories seen in print so far further carry a disclaimer stating that they are "non-profit-making, independently produced stories by Transformers enthusiasts" and are "not affiliated with Hasbro or IDW Publishing".

External links

  • Archive of Mosaic strips at the IDW forum
  • Transformers: Mosaic at deviantART
  • Interview with Van Reyk and Knowler at Newsarama (includes info on fan submissions)
  • Hail and Farewell
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