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Real Name Matthew Philip Dunn
Ring Name Mortus, Matt P. Dunn
Height 6'
Weight 218 lbs
Date of Birth November 3, 1983
Place of Birth Birmingham, England
Now Residing Orlando, Florida
Wrestling Style High Flying, Technical, Hardcore
In-ring Debut 2007

Mortus is the name of an e-wrestler who competes in Full Metal Wrestling.




Kayfabe Bio

Matthew P. Dunn; after stepping down from his role as Fear Incarnate for reasons only known to himself, has become a damaged version of his former self; now living as the man who buried his first tag team partner alive, with all the mental trauma of supposedly harbouring a Godlike Entity, resulting in a blatant parody of Religious Terms, referring to himself as the 'Second Cumming' of Christ being amongst them.

Mixing the technical and high flying aspects from his 'British Lions' days with the more theatrical self innovated finishers from the 'Fear Incarnate' era; Matt P. Dunn is a man with little to no regard for his opponents, or his own well being.

"Causing problems makes you famous; all the violence makes a statement."

Fan Bio

Matt Dunn, whichever gimmick he uses, is by far one of the most obscure men in Full Metal Wrestling today; with gimmicks (all innovated by himself, Matt has always had a strong degree of creative control,) ranging from his original Proud Brit face gimmick to the Unforgettable Supernatural 'Fear Incarnate Gimmick.'

At current, Matt is portraying a character which merges the Somewhat Damaged/British Lion era gimmick with the Fear Incarnate gimmick, with aspects of another gimmick he planned to debut before deciding to go down the Mortus gimmick instead. (Dubbed, as many of my fellow Smarks may know, as Project Mendelevium.)

His current gimmick, dubbed on fan forums as 'The Second Cumming' or 'the New Archetype' promotes a more creative take on the classic villain, whilst maintaining the dark atmospheres his previous works achieved.

All in all, I'm so glad the wax work models have remained in Matts arsenal, because we all know those things are fucking sweet.

Wrestling Facts

Theme Music

"Voodoo People" by Pendulum.

Primary Finishing Moves

Schadenfreude - Springboard Moonsault Inverted Facelock Backbreaker

Secondary Finishing Moves

Cromwell Initiative - Reverse Figure Four Leg Lock/Dragon Sleeper Bow and Arrow Stretch Oderint Dum Metuant - Springboard Backflip Back-to-Back Double Wrist Clutch to Double Underhook Facebuster


• Second Cumming/High Threz Press (Setup for the Oderint Dum Metuant) • A Dark Phoenix from the Ashes/Overcastle (Favourite/Signature Move) • Three-Eight-Double-Six/Split Leg Dropkick (Favourite/Signature Move) • Lightning Spiral (Favourite) • Ranhei (Favourite) • Eye Gouge • Low Blow • Enzuigiri • Kitchen Sink • Monkey Flip • Drop Toehold • DDT • Suplex • Schoolboy rollup • Spinebuster • Fireman’s Carry Powerslam • Superplex • And many more


Full Metal Wrestling Tag Team Champion

  • @ Alchemy 3.3 w/ Nick Lion (The British Lions)
  • @ FMW Supremacy w/ Cactus Sam (The Cancer Killing the Tag Team Division)

Champions Beaten

Matt, despite his carnation at the time, has accumulated wins over several Men who once were, or went on to become Champions. The list is not complete, as Matt seeks to add the remaining champions he has yet to face, in addition to some victories he may not actually remember achieving.

Though it could be argued not every man on the list was actually felled by Matt, (in instances such as Harlequin; Matt was not even in the match when Harlequin was eliminated, for example,) Matt has opted to include them anyway; purely for his own egos sake.

Tag Team Champions

  • Sublime (Defeated in Title Match)
  • Korran Halycon (Defeated in Title Match)
  • Nick Rijkaard (Defeated in Singles Match and Buried Alive Match)
  • Tempest (Defeated in Barbed Wire Salt Pit Match)
  • Chase (Outlasted in Mt. V II)

Television Champions

  • Syanide (Defeated in Tag Match)
  • Jack Boice (Eliminated in Mt. V II)

C4 Champions

  • Showstoppa (Eliminated in Hayabusa Cup I)
  • King Guiomar (Defeated in Tag Match)

Ultraviolent Champions

  • Nick Bryson (Defeated in Tag Match)
  • Drew Michaels (Defeated in Tag Match)
  • John 'Doc' Derrick (Defeated in Electric Chair Match and Tag Match)
  • Harlequin (Outlasted in Mt. V II)
  • War Machine (Outlasted in Mt. V II)

Abandoned Champions

  • Skyler Striker (Defeated in Tag Match)

Full Metal Champions

  • Ethan Black (Eliminated in Hayabusa Cup I)
  • Drew Michaels (Defeated in Tag Match)
  • John 'Doc' Derrick (Defeated in Electric Chair Match and Tag Match)
  • Eric Scorpio (Eliminated in Mt. V II)

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