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Mortimer Drake was a man of exotic and idiosyncratic taste. When he found himself unable to purchase more exotic valuables for his collection legally, he resorted to theft. Donning a costume resembling that of a Musketeer, he called himself the Cavalier. His course of actions ultimately brought him into conflict with Batman and Robin.[1] Drake matched wits against Batman and Robin several times, and escaped them in each encounter, but Batman was able to deduce the Cavalier's identity, leading to Drake's eventual imprisonment.

Later, Batgirl and Batwoman teamed up to defeat the Cavalier. Cavalier couldn't find a way around his code, which prevented hitting females, but after a self-examination he concludes "the devil with gallantry" and hit Batgirl with his fist.[1]

Soon after, Killer Moth bet Cavalier that he could find the way into the Batcave from Batgirl before the Cavalier could get it off of Robin. While Killer Moth was led to a fake cave, Cavalier was shown a large nest, to which the Cavalier came to the conclusion that Robin was an alien bird life form.[2]

Cavalier was later a part of a group of supervillain drinking buddies. They banded together to try and regain their items of power lost in a poker game to Wally Tortolini. He was defeated by Blue Beetle who clotheslined him in an alleyway.[3]

In recent years, Cavalier was found insane and kept in Arkham Asylum. During Knightfall, he faced Batman once again but was defeated with ease.[4] It remains to be seen how Drake became insane or why he was locked up at Arkham.

He later turns up free again as an informant for Black Lightning. According to Black Lightning, the Cavalier is in a closeted gay relationship with Captain Stingaree.[5] Sadly, both Drake and Stingaree were killed in a massive battle with the Secret Six. The Cavalier's back was broken by Bane while Stingaree's neck was snapped, and he is presumed to be dead.[6]

Drake, however, recently turned up alive during Battle for the Cowl, acting as a bodyguard for Leslie Thompkins.

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A rapier that variably will be able to emit electric blasts. And the plume in his hat is actually a steel-tipped dart.

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