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"Please go to the observatory on top of a mountain on the outskirts of the village. An old man named Morrid lives there. He takes care of the cargo ship."
—Dutiful Daughter Slai

Morrid's Tower, also known as Observatory Mountain, is a location on Gaia's Mist Continent in Final Fantasy IX, located on the outskirts of the village of Dali.


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Morrid's Tower on the World Map

After the party arrives in Dali, Steiner immediately begins to hatch a plot to bring Princess Garnet back to Alexandria with him. After failing to locate any form of airship transportation, Steiner learns that a Cargo Ship routinely docks at Morrid's Tower.

When Steiner reaches the tower, he meets unexpected resistance from Morrid, the elderly man and coffee aficionado who lives at the base of the watchtower and presumably maintains the tower and changes its signals. Despite Steiner's attempts to use his leverage as a the leader of the Pluto Knights, Morrid almost completely ignores his pleas to use the Cargo Ship. After clanking around for several minutes, Morrid finally tells Steiner that the Cargo Ship is, in fact, docked back in Dali.

Inside Morrid's home are two key items, including a mini-statue. The player can bring three types of coffee to Morrid in order to receive a special prize: a miniature Prima Vista. The three types of coffee Morrid wants are Burman, Kirman, and Moccha. After you obtain the item, it will be located in Tantalus Hideout in Lindblum.


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