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Morrid's reaction when the player brings him the Coffee.
"Those are the legendary coffee beans I've been looking for!"

Morrid is a minor character in Final Fantasy IX. He is an elderly man with a connoisseur's taste for coffee and a calm demeanor. Morrid makes his home in Morrid's Tower, where the Cargo Ship often docks.



When the party arrives in Dali, Steiner rushes to Morrid's Tower in order to get the old man to let him use the Cargo Ship. Morrid quietly brushes off Steiner's threats, even offering him some coffee, and finally tells Steiner that the Cargo Ship has already arrived.

If the player visits Morrid's Tower during disc one, they can see a miniature copy of the Prima Vista airship. Morrid will offer to give the player the model if they can find and retrieve a set of three rare coffee beans for him: Moccha Coffee, Kirman Coffee and Burman Coffee. The beans are scattered over Gaia but if the player can give them to Morrid before visiting Terra then Morrid will send the Mini-Prima Vista to the Tantalus Hideout in Lindblum. After the player returns from Terra a Dali villager, Dutiful Daughter Slai will inform the player that Morrid died in an earthquake but was happy to have finally tasted the legendary coffee.

List of Coffee Beans


Moccha Coffee

Moccha Coffee at North Gate.

The first of the set, Moccha Coffee can be found at North Gate in the King Ed Plains and can be found as early as disc one. The player will see an ATE earlier in the game where Tantalus visit North Gate and Cinna makes the Coffee.

Kirman Coffee

Kirman Coffee in Eiko's kitchen.

The second of the rare coffees in the Kirman Coffee is located on the Outer Continent and found in Madain Sari in Eiko's house.

Burman Coffee

The last Coffee.

The last of the coffee is located in Dali, however there is only one chance to get it. During the Card Tournament in Treno in disc three the player can leave Treno and travel to Dali through South Gate. In Dali you have the option of searching the Mayor's house, the Mayor is not at home at this time. The player must start by searching the Mayor's desk, then the player must search the desk two more times until the boy says "Zzzz." The player must then search the stove to find the Mayor's Key. With the Mayor's Key it is possible to open a locked room in the Windmill where the player can find the Burman Coffee.

If the player returns to Observatory Mountain to give the three coffees to Morrid he will promise to send the Mini-Prima Vista ship. It can be found in the Tantalus hideout on the floor near the bed.

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