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Morph, also known as Metamorphose, is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series. Typically, Morph allows the player to turn an enemy into some type of item.




Final Fantasy VI

Although Terra Branford's ability to Trance and tap into the strength of her Esper form was originally translated as Morph, it functioned quite differently.

The summon Ragnarok, however, casts Metamorphose (or Metamorphosis). Upon being summoned, Ragnarok can turn an enemy into one of four items, with varying rates of success. Typically, bosses are immune to this, with a few exceptions.

Final Fantasy VII

The Command Materia Morph can be found in the Temple of the Ancients. When used, the party member using Morph attacks an enemy for a very small amount of damage. However, if this damage is high enough to kill the enemy, they will be turned into an item. All bosses are immune to Morph. Yuffie's Conformer weapon is the only weapon to ignore the attack decrease from the ability, thus allowing her to attack an enemy for full damage instead.

Final Fantasy XII

Poach is a Technick that lets the character attack an enemy - if the attack is strong enough to kill the enemy, the party receives a piece of loot. Each enemy may be Poached into multiple items, some more rare than others, and all bosses are immune to Poach. Poach costs 30 LP to learn.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

A variation of the ability Morph exists as an Alchemist skill known as Transmute. It allows the caster to transform HP Critical units into items. This method is useful if you want to obtain very rare items like the Elixir or Grimoire Stone. Similarly, the Hunter skill Hunting is a low-damage attack, but if it inflicts a KO, it will grant an extra piece of loot from the enemy.

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