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Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
founder(s): Joseph Smith
leader(s): Azkee
headquarters: New Canaan
locations: New Jerusalem (former)
The following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Unlike many other pre-war religions, groups of Mormons still survive in the Wasteland, mostly in the area that used to be known as the state of Utah. Though truly brutal groups like Caesar's Legion will not hesitate to enslave or kill Mormons, most tribals and other organizations leave the Mormons alone, knowing that they often will voluntarily give medical or other aid to groups who need it. The people tolerate the Mormons’ preaching because finding help with relatively benign conditions is rare.

There are three known Mormon settlements:

Mormons Extermination

  • 2220-2233 period: New Jerusalem's intolerant authorities enforce the policy of the city not having dealings with outsiders from others communities, refugees or tribals.
  • 2233: A number of angry tribals, raiders and other attackers gang up on New Jerusalem and sack it, killing most of the Mormons in the process (over 90% of the population); survivors establish the town of New Canaan on Salt Lake's eastern shores.
  • 2248: About half of New Canaan's residents (about fifty people) leave for New Jerusalem, led by a bishop Mordecai.
  • 2250 bishop Mordecai and five others return to New Canaan as sole survivors of their attempted resettlement of New Jerusalem.


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