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Legacy era

"Morlish. You've been stabbed in the back by a Sith and you're surprised? Bide your time. Watch your tongue. The future is not yet written—you may yet become Emperor."
Moff Nyna Calixte

Morlish Veed was a male human and Imperial High and Grand Moff, as well as Grand Admiral and one of the foremost leaders of the Fel Empire around 130 ABY. Constantly plotting to become the ruler of the Empire, by 137 ABY, year of the Second Imperial Civil War, he had reached the rank of Regent of the Sith-controlled Empire.




Serving Fel

"The throne is going to be mine!"
―Grand Admiral Veed to Nyna Calixte

Veed originally served onboard the ship Wesk Herf. He was regarded as a military genius and an even more astute politician, being the only person to hold the rank of Grand Admiral while also serving as the head member of the Moff High Council. As such, he was second in rank only to Emperor Roan Fel, and harbored barely-hidden ambitions toward replacing Fel on the Imperial throne.

High Moff Veed on Coruscant as Darth Krayt declares himself Emperor.

He was also the lover of Moff Nyna Calixte, the Director of Imperial Intelligence, whom left her husband, Moff Rulf Yage, for Veed. When the Sith approached her with an offer to cooperate in conquering the Galactic Alliance, he quickly became involved in their plans. Like Darth Krayt, Veed believed that the galaxy needed to be united under the leadership of a single strong ruler; however, he believed that he should be that man, not Krayt.

He served as the Supreme Commander in the Sith-Imperial War from his flagship Imperious, and commanded the decisive Battle of Caamas. This earned him the rank of High Moff. However, the remnants of the Alliance fleet, led by Admiral Gar Stazi, were planning of escaping. Veed entrusted Dru Valan to prevent this but the GA forces escaped through a spacer route. Veed reported the final victory over the New Jedi Order to the Emperor and the Moffs in the throne room on recently-conquered Coruscant—which served as the signal for Darth Krayt and his Sith to attack the guard detail of Imperial Knights and slay the Emperor.

The Sith Empire

"Grand Admiral Morlish Veed, by virtue of your rank, you must be the first to swear loyalty and fealty to me."
Darth Krayt

For a moment, Veed believed that he was about to become the first ruler of a united galaxy in more than a century—only to watch as Darth Krayt settled down casually in the throne, and proclaimed himself the new ruler of the Empire. The Sith Lord invited Veed, as the senior member of the Imperial hierarchy, to be the first to swear loyalty, and the Grand Admiral, inwardly reluctant, complied. Despite the fact that his plan to become Emperor had temporarily failed, Moff Calixte quickly reminded him that he could still sit upon the Imperial throne in the future. Veed appeared to have been unaware that the real Roan Fel had survived the assassination attempt, and that the man slain by Krayt had merely been his double.

Veed and Nyna Calixte.

Seven years later, When word spread that a Skywalker had survived, Veed thought of capturing him and turning him to his side. But when Morrigan Corde failed and the Sith called off the search, as they had captured him, Veed still refused to give up.

The Moffs then began to argue whether Skywalker had been captured and whether they should reassert their authority like back in the days of the Remnant until Veed dismissed all points. He later went to Calixte's apartment, discussing on how to obtain Skywalker.

Veed later assigned Morrigan Corde to retrieve Cade Skywalker from the Temple of the Sith, but for a price. In addition, she wanted three dozen Yuuzhan Vong Thud Bugs the Imperials just confiscated from Black Sun. Veed agreed to these terms, and even intended to personally deliver the Vong Bugs to her, however Calixte found out and took over the job of delivering the bugs, knowing Veed was attracted to Corde. When she had approached him on his apartment, he had tried to seduce her.

Veed saw the explosions resulting of Corde's attack on the Sith Temple and when Skull Squadron attacked the Mynock near it, Veed ordered Moff Yage to call them off citing Sith orders that no ship was to tresspass their airspace.

"Initial reports indicate Skywalker's ship has escaped into hyperspace. The Sith are going insane. Not a bad thing, I think. Better if we had our hands on him but... this is acceptable."
―Morlish Veed

After Skywalker's escape from Coruscant, Veed spoke to Calixte outside her refresher, wondering how to explain to Krayt why they pulled back the squadron, though he was pleased on the damage done to the Temple. He then noticed a holographic choker that he had never seen before. Calixte told him it was a family heirloom. In reality, it was a holo of Kol Skywalker with his family — Corde and Cade. Also unknown to Veed was that Nyna Calixte and Morrigan Corde were actually the same person.

Regent of the Empire

"You would rule only in Krayt's name, and you must be willing to comply with Krayt's will as I dictate it to you."
―Darth Wyyrlok

Veed and Calixte later heard that Krayt was wounded during an attempt on his life. They also heard Darth Wyyrlok would be serving as leader of the Empire until Krayt - who was actually dead, having being killed by Lord Wyyrlok himself - had recovered. Veed and Calixte both suspected something more was going on, and became determined to uncover the truth.

While Calixte was absent supposedly to find a way into Korriban, Veed was summoned to a meeting with Darth Wyyrlok, something he was reluctant to attend because the Sith had a reputation of killing people who were called to similar meetings. Wyyrlok explained to him that Emperor Krayt had suffered severe injuries on Had Abbadon that required him to remain in stasis. He also told Veed that the Sith understood that he needed to command the Empire, but many of the non-Sith personnel and citizens of the Empire did not because they did not know Wyyrlok's position as Krayt's Voice. For their sake, Wyyrlok proposed the idea of making Veed the Regent of the Empire. Veed would rule the Empire in Krayt's name, while secretly answering to Lord Wyyrlok to ensure he was carrying out Krayt's will. Veed was shocked, but accepted the offer nonetheless.

Regent Veed during a meeting with the Moff Council.

One of Veed's first actions as Regent was to summon the Moff Council for a meeting. There, he informed them of his plan to implement Operation: Thunderstroke, an strike against a secret meeting between Roan Fel and representatives of the New Jedi Order on the planet Agamar. He also informed that his sources had revealed to him the existance of a spy among Imperial ranks, prompting him to order that in order to ensure the missions success and until the spy was uncovered no messages would be transmitted from or to Coruscant or any Imperial ship without his direct knowledge and authorization.

"Let me point out something to you Nyna. We are not equals; I am Regent and, at some point, I will be the Emperor. You have your uses, but do not presume we are anything like partners. We never were."
―Regent Veed to Moff Calixte

This turn of events led Moff Calixte to privately confront Veed on his personal office. She chided him for having accepted Lord Wyyrlok's offer without consulting to her first. Though he retorted that he was a step closer to the throne, she reminded him that as public face of Empire, he would have to answer for any action and atrocity commited by the Sith, who had made him their tool. Angered by Calixte's questioning and what he considered disrespect from an inferior, Veed threatened her with physical violence and dismissed her.

Personality and traits

"I saw a chance to get closer to the throne and I took it."
―Veed to Nyna Calixte
Veed turns against Moff Calixte and shows his true colors.

Morlish Veed was ambitious and power-hungry. He made his way to power under the reign of Roan Fel by joining the military and rising through it's ranks swiftly. He finally became the leader of Imperial military forces being second only to the Emperor in matters of power. He was willing to betray his lord to claim the Imperial throne, the true power that he craved. He was blinded by his love for power as he didn't see that Darth Krayt was planning to seize the throne for himself.

Veed had very little sense of loyalty to anyone other than himself. He betrayed Roan Fel several times without hesitating and also nearly betrayed his lover Nyna Calixte when he tried to seduce Morrigan Corde, not knowing that they were one and the same person. He didn't display any loyalty whatsoever to the Sith even plotting behind their backs until Darth Wyyrlok offered him a position of power as Regent of the Empire, an offer he took without second thought.

Veed was a great military commander and a strict hardliner who looked down on non-humans and on women, including his own lover. He was cunning, making him a good politician, and was also particularly ruthless, willing to sacrifice any life if it served his purposes. However, lust for power also blinded him to the possible dangers and consequences of his choices.


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