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Race: Human
Home Planet: Androzani Major
Appearances: DW: The Caves of Androzani
Actor: John Normington
"As they used to say on old Earth, every cloud has a strontium lining."
- Morgus

Morgus was the chairman of the Sirius Conglomerate on Androzani Major and sworn enemy of Sharaz Jek.

Morgus desired money and power and agreed to a business deal with Sharaz Jek. This deal involved Jek harvesting the longlevity drug Spectrox on Androzani Minor with his androids. Morgus then sold Spectrox to the peoples of Androzani Major at an inflated price. Morgus only wanted the profits for himself, however, and betrayed Jek, planning it so that Jek was caught in Adrozani Major's mud blast. Unluckily for Morgus, Jek survives despite being horribly disfigured.

Not above personally murdering others to achieve his ends, Morgus waged a war on the federal forces and so Morgus took advantage and sold weapons to Jek as well as employing a mercenary Stotz. He falsely believed that the Doctor and Peri worked by Jek. Unfortunately again for him, he was betrayed by Timmin, Morgus's trusted aid. After betraying Morgus, Timmin became the new chairman of the Sirius Conglomerate on Androzani Major. He went to his mercenary weapon importers and Stotz agreed to help Morgus liberate Jek's Spectrox hoard. Morgus stumbled upon Jek's base and Sharaz forced Morgus' head into an energy beam and kiled him. (DW: The Caves of Androzani)


  • A article in DWM 410 identifies him as Trau Morgus.
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