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Full Name: Morgan Bateson
Species: Human
Gender: male
Born: 2239
Temporal Displacement: 2278 to 2368 in a temporal causality loop
Affiliation: Federation
Marital Status: Married
Spouse(s): Mira Romaine
Occupation: Starfleet Officer
Previous Assignment: Commanding officer,
USS Bozeman
Assignment: Commanding officer,
USS Atlas
Rank: Captain
Insignia: Starfleet insignia.
Image:2370s cmd capt.png

Morgan Bateson was a human male Starfleet captain, best known as the commanding officer of at least three vessels, including the USS Bozeman.


Starfleet Service

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By 2381, Captain Bateson was in command of the Sovereign-class USS Atlas. During the Borg Invasion of 2381, the Atlas was assigned to lead a fleet of vessels against a Borg force of ten cubes threatening Vulcan. Recalling the efforts at the Battle of Sector 001, Bateson experienced anxiety, despite their apparent advantages. Although the Starfleet forces outnumbered the enemy four to one, the Borg's adaptation to the transphasic torpedo left the fleet vulnerable. He attempted to warn off a last-ditch attempt by the fleet's reserve wing to no avail. With so few ships operational after the engagement, it was with great anger that he was forced to send a subspace communication warning the Vulcans of their impending doom.

When the Borg's march was temporarily halted, Bateson rallied the remaining four ships to take out as many cubes as possible. Feeling energized over their momentary advantage, Bateson merely rolled his eyes when orders from Starfleet Command confirmed an all-out immediate engagement. Bateson led the fleet in utterly obliterating the remaining Borg forces at Vulcan, securing the planet, and sending a sarcastic message to Command thanking them for the permission to engage. (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls)



Hikaru Sulu

Bateson had decided to name Lieutenant Commander Hikaru Sulu as his first officer on the USS Bozeman in 2278, just prior to the ship's disappearance. However just before Sulu was due to report on board the Bozeman, he met his daughter Demora Sulu and was given custody of her. Due to this unforseen change of events Sulu decided not to leave Earth. While irritated that Sulu was not going to be his first officer, Bateson knew that Sulu was in a difficult situation and didn't want to make it any harder on him. He did ask Sulu to make sure his daughter remembered the name Morgan Bateson, as it was she who deprived Bateson of a good first officer.(TOS novel: The Captain's Daughter)

Montgomery Scott

Bateson and Scotty "go way back".

Particulars of how and when Scott and the much younger Bateson met and became friends are not given. This is likely intended as a humorous reference to the fact that both of them have been transported from the past.

Clark Terrell

Bateson and Terrell knew each other, and made a friendly wager about their ships' performance reviews shortly before the Bozeman disappeared.

Personal Timeline




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ST Expanded

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Morgan Bateson, a 23rd/24th century Starfleet officer, was the former captain of the USS Bozeman (NCC-1941).


Starfleet career

Bateson graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2260.

USS Bozeman

In 2278 the Bozeman became trapped in a temporal causality loop until freed by the USS Enterpise-D in 2368. (TNG: "Cause and Effect") Bateson remained in command of the Bozeman through 2372, when the ship went in for a major refit and overhaul, leading to the next assignment for Bateson and his crew.


Bateson was given temporary command of the Enterpise-E during its shakedown. He resumed command of the Bozeman in 2373 following its refit.


Star Trek: Lexington

As a lieutenant, Bateson served under Commodore Robert Wesley as senior navigator when he was reassigned to the USS Lexington following the M-5 fiasco. While serving on the Lexington, he developed a friendship with Lieutenant Aliz Bathory and a romantic relationship with Lieutenant Jennifer Watley. (Star Trek: Lexington)

Tales of the USS Bluefin

Continuing in Starfleet, Bateson retained command of the Bozeman in the Border Service, eventually rising to the rank of Rear Admiral.

Following his promotion, Bateson was assigned as Chief of Border Cutter Operations near the Badlands, headquartered at Star Station Echo. (Star Trek: Tales of the USS Bluefin)


  • Montgomery Scott: Bateson, having difficulties adjusting to life in the 24th century, was introduced by his counselor to Montgomery Scott. They maintained a friendship throughout the 2370s and 2380s. ("Out of Time" - TNG comic, DC Special #2, Star Trek novels: Ship of the Line, Spectre)
  • Clark Terrell: Bateson and Terrell knew each other, and made a friendly wager about their ships' performance reviews shortly before the Bozeman disappeared.
  • Elizabeth Shelby: Attracted to each other by ties of nostalgia, Bateson and Captain Shelby were good friends, with Shelby looking up to him as something of a father figure. In the aftermath of the failed coup attempt by Admiral Leyton, the two renewed their acquaintance. Bateson told Shelby a humorous story about her grandmother (Aliz Bathory) and Lieutenant Watley that took place on Argelius. They saw each other as a connection to the past: Bateson saw in Shelby the legacy of his former commanding officer and of his good friend, Aliz, while Shelby saw in Bateson a look into the lives and souls of the grandparents that she never knew. (Star Trek: Sutherland)
  • Joseph Akinola, captain of the USS Bluefin, an Albacore-class border cutter, served under Admiral Bateson in the Badlands. The two men enjoyed a friendly relationship based on mutual respect. (Tales of the USS Bluefin)

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Background information

Kelsey Grammer originally portrayed Bateson, introduced in the TNG episode "Cause and Effect". His character was also utilized in the fan fiction series Star Trek: Sutherland and Star Trek: Vonnegut.

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