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This article is about the Dreamwave-produced bio series. For the three-part animated miniseries, see More Than Meets the Eye, Part 1.
This article is about the Dreamwave-produced bio series. For the Marvel-produced bio series, see Transformers Universe (Marvel comic).

More Than Meets The Eye is a series of profile books published by Dreamwave Productions in 2003 and 2004 that introduced readers to every character within the continuities of Generation One and Armada, and planned the same for Energon.

This series also possesses above-average strength and intelligence.



More Than Meets The Eye (G1)

Originally conceived to be a 4-issue series, Transformers Profile Book One was scheduled to be released in December, 2002. After a name change and a delay of over four months, this eight-issue series profiled all characters that were released by Hasbro between 1984 and 1991, as well as a few characters that appeared only within Marvel Comics/Sunbow Productions animated projects between 1984 and 1987. The series also introduces new content in order to establish parameters for stories within the Dreamwave continuity. It should also be noted that a number of personalities were created from scratch for the Micromasters, many of whom were little more than toys and names prior.

One volume, eight issues; published April–December, 2003. The series was also released as a 2-volume trade paperback edition in December 2004, which included introductions by the authors, and bonus artwork, though not the intro and conclusion story.

  1. Aerialbots through Combaticons. Also contains a one-page intro story in which Beast Wars Megatron (or the Dreamwave universe's version of him) gains access to Vector Sigma, with the intent of reading all these files. Originally published: April 30, 2003
  2. Constructicons through Grand Slam. Originally published: May 29, 2003
  3. Grapple through Megatron. Originally published: June 25, 2003
  4. Meltdown through Pretender Monsters. Originally published: July 30, 2003
  5. Protectobots through Sidetrack. Originally published: September 4, 2003
  6. Siren through Tailspin. Originally published: September 24, 2003
  7. Tailwind through Wreck-Gar. Plus, the Targetmaster, Powermaster, and Pretender upgrades of Blurr through Starscream. Originally published: October 29, 2003
  8. Special topics, from the Ark through the Wreckers. Plus, a one-page conclusion to the Megatron story begun in issue 1, and a glossary. Originally published: December 3, 2003

The Dinobots, the Insecticons, and the combiner teams (excluding 2-bot combiner teams like Squawkbox and any Micromasters) are alphabetized by their subgroup names.


Dreamwave released two TPBs of the entire collection. Volume 1 contained issues 1-4, Volume 2 contained issues 5-8. No changes were made to the order of articles, and as such the same criticisms apply. Both volumes are quite rare, and as a result can be expensive to acquire. It is much more easier to obtain the original individual issues.

  • DW Volume 1: October 27, 2004 (ISBN-10: 0973381760, ISBN-13: 978-0973381764)
  • DW Volume 2: December 8, 2004 (ISBN-10: 0973381779, ISBN-13: 978-0973381771)

IDW are also planning to re-release the G1 guides. As of May 2008 it is unknown if the text will be re-written to update IDW specific plots (such as the Dead Universe, Galvatron's new origin, and the considerably different history, geography and political landscape of Cybertron). However, the current Amazon listings have the same page count as the DW versions (264 pages).

  • IDW Volume 1: September 29, 2008 (ISBN-10: 1600102506 ISBN-13: 978-1600102509)
  • IDW Volume 2: December 25, 2008 (ISBN-10: 1600102956 ISBN-13: 978-1600102950)

More Than Meets The Eye: Armada

This three-issue limited series profiled all the characters that appeared in the Armada product line between 2002 and 2004, as well as background essays on subjects like humanity's involvement in the Armada conflict and the Mini-Con Moonbase. The profiles followed the Dreamwave storyline in its Armada comic book series, though it took cues from the Armada cartoon for various characters that did not appear in the comic series.

One volume, three issues; published March–May, 2004.

  1. Adventure Mini-Con Teams through Hot Shot and Jolt. Also contains a three-page intro story with a grown Alexis recapping some of their earlier adventures but feeling useless due to lack of knowledge—knowledge she plans to get now so she won't feel that way again. Originally published: March 10, 2004
  2. Jetfire and Comettor through Sideways and Crosswise and Rook. Originally published: April 7, 2004
  3. Skywarp and Thunderclash through Wheeljack and Wind Sheer. Also contains encyclopedia-type entries (similar to issue 8 of the original series), as well as a 1-page follow-up strip of Over-Run observing Alexis using his machine he left for her to read the files. Originally published: May 5, 2004


A TPB collecting all 3 volumes was planned (ISBN-10: 1897105126, ISBN-13: 978-1897105122) to be released in March 2005, but never saw the light of day due to Dreamwave's demise in January 2005.

More Than Meets The Eye: Energon

This was a planned three-issue guidebook following the format of the earlier G1 and Armada books. The series was left incomplete (in that no issues actually got released) due to the insolvency of Dreamwave Productions in late 2004.

  • Unpublished; planned 3-volume series beginning in January 2005. Some finished artwork has appeared on the web from artists who worked on the project, but the status of the text is unknown.

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