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Moral Actions is the fifth episode of the first season of Star Trek: Swiftfire.



The USS Enterprise-E joins the Fifth Fleet on an important mission to destroy a Cardassian convoy and the USS Swiftfire-A is part of the task force to join the famous flagship. When Lieutenant Terri Letac and Lieutenant Commander Nikki Whitechapel are separated from the attack force while creating a diversion they find a Federation colony in hiding from the Dominion. Whitechapel decides that the hidden colony can't remain hidden forever and decides on a drastic course of action to save some of the colonists.

Memorable quotes

"Any scarring?"
"Scarring? Of course not! This is the 24th century not the Dark Ages!"
Ensign Cole asking Lieutenant Commander Celcho about his new arm.
"Don’t worry. We have the Enterprise on this mission. What can go wrong?"
"What can go wrong with the Enterprise? They’ve only been through 5 other ships before this one."
— Lieutenant Commander Whitechapel and Lieutenant Letac.
"So will you take our freedom away with our children, Lt. Commander?"
— Minister Madeline Octago to Lt. Commander Whitechapel

Background information

  • Originally titled, "The Big E".


Bailey, Autumn; Brotherhood of Man; Campbell, Michael; Dutch (marine); Dyson, Paul; USS Enterprise-E; Fifth Fleet; Frontline Communications Act; Harvey, Victor; Gerardo, Hunter; Jigger; Larkin III; Larkin system; Malic; Masters, Claire; Masters, Dalton; Nathan's Gap; IKS N'Vark; Octago, Jacob; Octago, Madeline; Pulsar XC-230A; SC-193; Starbase 391; Veles, Chase

External link

  • "Moral Actions" in PDF format at Star Trek Swiftfire

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