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The Moonring Blade as seen in Final Fantasy V.

Moonring Blade, also known as Full Moon and Razor Ring, is a recurring weapon in the series. It is usually used by Thieves and Ninjas, and is a long range weapon, meaning that the user can attack while in the back row for full damage. It can also be a thrown item that can be used by Ninjas. It is often found late in the game.




Final Fantasy III

Moonring Blade can only be Thrown or used by Ninjas, and has an Attack of 110. It is a treasure found in Forbidden Land Eureka.

Final Fantasy IV

Edge wielding the Moonring Blade in Final Fantasy IV DS.

The Full Moon is a weapon that only Edge can equip. It is found in the Sylph Cave, and possesses the Throw element, which is exclusive to the game, and has an Attack of 40 and Accuracy of 35.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Moonring Blade returns as a powerful throwing weapon for the ninjas, retaining all of its statistic from Final Fantasy IV (originally called Full Moon). It can only be found in the Subterrane.

Final Fantasy V

The Moonring Blade is a weapon that is received early in the game in the Fire-Powered Ship, and can be bought in the Phantom Village later on. It can be used by Thieves, Ninjas, and Mimes, is long-ranged, and has an Attack power of 32.

Final Fantasy VI

The Moonring Blade is a weapon that only Locke can use, and is received as early as Narshe before obtaining the Blackjack. It can also be bought in Kohlingen, Jidoor, and Tzen, but after the World of Balance, it is gone. It may also be stolen from Purusa. It has an Attack power of 95.

The Razor Ring.

Final Fantasy VII

The Razor Ring is one of Yuffie's weapons, and provides 49 attack and 12 Magic. It has 2 linked slots and 1 unlinked slot, and can be bought in Wutai for 6000 Gil.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Moonring Blade is a level 43 Throwing weapon that provides +32 Attack and -24 Bravery.

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