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Moomba artwork
"A mutation of some unknown animal. Details are unclear. Remembers people by licking their blood."
FFVIII Info Corner

Moombas (ムンバ, Munba) are a possible final stage in the evolving life cycle of a Shumi in Final Fantasy VIII. They are generally used as slaves or laborers and as such are treated poorly by their human masters however they are held highly as an ideal by the Shumi in Shumi Village.


Physical Appearance and Characteristic Traits

Generally benign Moombas posses red fur covered bodies, standing at about a meter in height they get around via running/walking on all fours although when stationary they can stand on their hind legs gesture with their forepaws. Their paws, both fore and rear, are oversized in comparison to their bodies, with each possessing sharp claws that, coupled with teeth, can be used for defense. Communication wise they are unable to talk to humans although some have been taught a word or two, an expressive body language however manages to convey their meaning to others. They present no difficulty in communicating with other Moombas and Shumi, and can recognize, and maybe track, someone's DNA by licking their blood. As such, they are prone to mistake an individual for someone else due the individuals sharing DNA.


Moomba summoning

In Final Fantasy VIII Moombas can be summoned into battle if one has the Friendship item, only obtainable with the Pocket Station through Chocobo World. When summoned, it will initiate MoombaMoomba which reduces one target's HP down to 1. If the target has more than 9999 HP, it will do 9999 damage instead.

Other Appearances

Chocobo World


In Chocobo World a Moomba is friends with Boko. During Boko's journey to find and rescue MiniMog, and later Koko, Moomba will help search for weapons to up Boko's attack stats.

Final Fantasy X

The Moomba species makes an appearance in Final Fantasy X as one of the many types of dolls Lulu uses in her magic attacks. These 'Moomba Dolls' contain elemental magic or affect Magic and Strength stats.

Final Fantasy X-2

In Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna's Mascot dressphere has a Moomba doll used in her attacks.

Chocobo Racing

Moomba in Chocobo Racing.

A Moomba named "Mumba" in-game is a secret character in Chocobo Racing that can be unlocked after finishing the Story Mode 4 times, after that, Mumba can be selected by pressing L2 over Squall once he's unlocked.


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