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The following article is based on a subject that has not been officially named in any official Square Enix material; the current title is merely a placeholder.
The Moogle Girl with Denzel.

The Moogle Girl is a minor character from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. She is easily recognizable by the Moogle doll she carries. The character is never given a name, but is referred to as "Moogle Girl" and "Moogle Kid" by Square-Enix staff, and is largely known as Moogle Girl in the fandom. The Moogle Girl's role is expanded in Advent Children Complete, to reveal that her Moogle doll belonged to her little brother who also had the disease and died of it. She is voiced by Andrea Bowen in the English version and Rina Mogami in the Japanese version.


The Moogle Girl with Denzel and Marlene in Advent Children Complete.

While she is carrying her dead brother through the streets, Moogle Girl is accidently knocked down by a man who attempted to help her up before noticing her brother had Geostigma. Denzel picks up her doll and returns it, only for her to push him away. She later appears to Denzel and apologizes for her previous behavior, realizing he also has Geostigma too as she thanks him for his help before taking him to Yazoo, who has promised the children he can cure them. During their journey to the Forgotten Capital with Yazoo, Denzel asks her if she knows who will cure them, and she admits she does not know. Following the events at the Forgotten Capital, the Moogle Girl is turned into a puppet was controlled by Sephiroth, like the other children, to take down Jenova's Head before they eventually snapp out of it. At the end of the film, the Moogle Girl appears when Cloud materializes in the Sector 5 Church, and tells him "it's just like she said; wait here and Cloud will come back." Like all the other children, by the end of the film she has been cured of her Geostigma.


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