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Moogle (モーグリ Mōguri) is a recurring summon in the Final Fantasy series, and is commonly associated with healing.




Final Fantasy VII

Main article: Choco/Mog

A moogle can be summoned along side a Chocobo in Final Fantasy VII.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

The Moogle summoning in Crisis Core.

Moogle appears as a summon on the Digital Mind Wave after obtaining the Moogle Amulet, found in mission 8-4-4. His ability, Moogle Power, casts Regen on Zack for 40 seconds and levels up his Materia the same number of levels as the level of the summon (i.e. a Moogle Power Lv. 2 will raise each of his Materia two levels).

Final Fantasy VIII

Main article: MiniMog

Final Fantasy VIII's Moogle summon, the Guardian Force MiniMog, is the only Moogle to appear in the game. It can only be received by obtaining Mog's Amulet, an item only attainable in the Pocket Station game, Chocobo World.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Moogle in Final Fantasy Tactics

Moogle, or Mogri in the original translation, is one of the initial summons in Final Fantasy Tactics. Its attack is Moogle Charm, which heals all allies slightly, though not as powerful as Faerie. It costs 8 MP, has a speed of 34, and needs 110 JP to learn.

In the original PlayStation version, when summoned, the summoner will sometimes say, "Kupo! Round and round you go! Moogle!" This was removed from the PSP port, The War of the Lions.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Obtaining the Moogle Summon.
Moogle being summoned

Moogle appears as a summon in Dissidia Final Fantasy, and when summoned, an artwork of his Final Fantasy XI appearance is shown. A totally random effect from another one of Dissidia's summons occurs. Moogle can be obtained as a Stage Bonus on the Destiny Odyssey III storyline in the Japanese version, and found on the first stage of Inward Chaos in the English version. Exclusive to the North American version of Dissidia the Moogle summon has its own unique piece on the game board as opposed to a red summonstone. A cutscene involving the character you are currently playing as and a Kingdom Hearts style moogle will also occur once you acquire the summon.

Terra embracing a Moogle in Dissidia

When you obtain the Moogle Summon with Terra, she runs toward the Moogle and cuddles him.

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