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Monoid face
Affiliated with: Humans
Appearances: DW: The Ark, BFBS: The Kingdom of the Blind
Mentioned in: NSA: The Pirate Loop

Monoids are a humanoid species that travelled on the Ark with the last of the Humans.


Monoids are humanoid in shape but have green fur, one eye and hair that stretches down their face. They are all mutes. They are forced to ingest food through holes in their neck. Instead of names, all the Monoids have numbers (similar to Ood). (DW: The Ark)


The Monoids arrived on Earth long before the Ark went into space. Their own planet was dying and so offered their services in return for a place on the ark. The Monoids took over the Ark and reformed a statue intended to be a Human, into a Monoid. They placed a bomb into this statue, intending to destroy the ark after the Monoids had evacuated to Refusis II. (DW: The Ark)

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