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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki

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EverQuest II Monster Information
Race: Monkey
Level: 80 ▼▼ Tier 9 Solo Aggressive Social
Zone: Moors of Ykesha
Location: In the area surrounding Firmroot Moot

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Mr. Monkey's response if the player throws a rock at him
"Ahhh! Damn it! Y-You're just a big loser! I'm able to skip the rock as many times as I want! So there! Ha-Ha! Loser! Moron! Idiot! Your mum wears combat boots!"
—Mr. Monkey

Mr. Monkey is a character from Final Fantasy VIII and a friend of the Shadow in Obel Lake. Though he does not appear in the game as a physical image he speaks to the player. He is only encountered on the World Map as part of the Obel Lake sidequest to obtain rocks to solve a treasure hunt.

He is located within Roshfall Forest near Dollet. When encountered the player must continually throw rocks at him until he throws one back. It would be revealed that the rock he threw was actually one of the clues required for the hunt.

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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

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[[File:|200px|center|Monkey (Earth-616)]]
Real Name
Current Alias


Former member of China Force





Former government operative

First appearance

Marvel Graphic Novel #57



After defecting from China Force, came into the employ of Teng Yun-Suan. Teng planned to use Horse, Dog and Monkey to conqure Hong Kong (which was still controlled by Britain). This brought them into conflict with Rick Mason. During the conflict Mason killed Horse and Teng. Dog and Monkey escaped.

Powers and Abilities


Super-agility and dexterity


First mentioned in Alpha Flight #69.


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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

This article is about the species. For other uses, see Monkey (disambiguation).

Monkeys are an animal species found on RuneScape. They are traditionally located in thick jungles on remote islands, though can also be seen in Ardougne zoo. Monkeys are known for their higher intelligence when compared to other, being able to utilise simple tools and converse between each other.

Despite monkey traditionally referring to a primate with a tail in real life, in RuneScape it also refers to primates without tails such as Gorillas. This is evident with the Monkey guard which is actually a gorilla and the official lore Tumeken's Dream which uses monkey and ape as interchangeable.



In RuneScape, there are four known species of monkeys: the Karamja monkey, the 'harmless' monkey, the Ape Atoll monkey and the extinct Kharidian Desert monkey.

Karamjan monkeys

Main article: Karamjan monkey
A Karamjan monkey taunts a player

The Karamjan monkeys (Simiiformes Karamjan) are yellow-furred, dangerous, and with a red mohawk. These were once regular animals, but they appeared very different, and still do. They are only found on Karamja. Karamjan monkeys are known by scholars for their intelligence, though are not as smart as their ape atoll equivalents.

Karamjan monkeys are obsessed with bananas and bitternuts, being known to continuously eat large amounts of each until the source runs out. Sources of both food are quiet rare on Karamja though, and eating them is a real treat. Karamjan monkeys detest eating seaweed, probably as a result from endless adventurers making Seaweed sandwiches from monkey skin and seaweed.

Karamjan monkeys will attempt to flee from players who have started the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest. The only way to kill a monkey when this is happening is to use Ranged, magic or a Halberd to kill it.

Harmless monkeys

Harmless monkeys are located throughout the jungles of Mos Le'Harmless. They are very similar in structure to the karamjan monkey, being the same size and shape. The harmless monkey is a lighter shade of brown and not as intelligent as his karamjan counterpart.

Ape Atoll monkeys

At an unknown point, the monkey god Marimbo went to Ape Atoll in search of followers. He discovered the monkeys and apes on the island which he possibly might have given greater intelligence to. With the new intelligence, the monkeys and apes worked together to build the city of Marim. Since then, great advances have been made in all fields; they developed the ability to make, wield and use weapons; runes and magic were discovered; a religion was formed in honour of Marimbo; great stone buildings were constructed; a universal language was created.

Many people believe these creatures to be docile, however, not many realise that if they wandered too far into monkey cities, apes and monkeys could probably kill them immediately. Ape Atoll monkeys see themselves as superior to all other races, and as a result want to invade and conquer other civilisations.

Kharidian Desert monkeys

Little is known of the monkeys located in Kharidian Desert. They existed in the early ages on the western side of Kharidian Desert close to tribes of humans. They were a highly social and friendly species, bring joy to all those around them. It was because of their good nature, that when Tumeken visited them in a dream he granted a female monkey lesser deity powers as well as the ability to change shape. She became Apmeken, the goddess of mental pleasures.

At an unknown point, all monkeys in the region were either wiped out or forced to relocate to a different location, resulting in none being left there today.

Closely related species

Greegree monkeys (players)

Main article: Greegree

In Ape Atoll or the Ardougne zoo, players wielding a particular greegree can transform into monkeys themselves. There are seven greegrees available: A Monkey greegree (Karamjan), 2 types of Gorilla (with or without beard), 2 types of Zombie (small and large) and 2 types of Ninja (small and large). Thus, players are able to transform into any of these species of monkey. This transformation is required in the Monkey Madness and Recipe for Disaster quests.

Pet monkeys

Main article: Monkey (pet)

With level 27 Hunter and level 95 Summoning, a Baby monkey can be caught using a Box trap, giving 100 Hunter experience. A banana bait is needed, and a baby monkey requires bananas to grow into an adult monkey.

Origin of humans

The examine text of regular monkeys reads: "Perhaps our oldest relatives?" It is interesting to note that history in RuneScape includes the idea of evolution and the presence of gods on Gielinor. Some believe that the existence of gods implies creationism, but there is no evidence that the two ideas are mutually exclusive in RuneScape (though elsewhere). There is no direct evidence that any god on Gielinor created humans while there are anecdotes of the opposite:

  • In the Monkey Madness quest, a gnome tells the player that both humans and gnomes are descended from monkeys, humans more recently. This could, of course, be a gnome belief rather than a fact.
  • In the Meeting History quest, a human tells of how the first humans came to Gielinor via a portal from another world. Guthix did not create humans, but did meet with these first settlers and instructed them in keeping balance in their new homeland. The question of whether humans evolved or were created on their original world is not explored, but they apparently were not created on Gielinor at least. The person relating this history was a participant and witness to these events, which give credence that the story may be correct. The person, of course, could be deliberately deceiving the player, be deluded or be under an enchantment, but there is no evidence of this in the quest.

Notable Monkeys



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    • Summoning - Pets

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Monkeys were creatures of a simian nature that could refer to any of the following creatures:


  • Star Wars 2: Six Against the Galaxy (Mentioned only)

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