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Dr Who

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From TARDIS Index File, the free Doctor Who reference.

Also known as:
  • The Monk
  • The Meddling Monk
Race: Gallifreyan (Time Lord)
Home Planet: Gallifrey
Home Era: Rassilon Era
Actor: Peter Butterworth

Mortimus (also known as the Monk or the Meddling Monk) was a former friend of the young Doctor and later a renegade Time Lord.




At the Academy, Mortimus was a friend of the Doctor's, and a member of a cabal of ten rebellious young Gallifreyans at the Academy known as the Deca. (PDA: Divided Loyalties)

As Renegade

Reunion with the Doctor

Mortimus was the owner of a Mark IV TARDIS and said that he had left the Doctor's home planet some fifty years after the Doctor. (DW:The Time Meddler)

See the Monk's TARDIS.

He decided that he liked to meddle with history, specifically the history of Earth, and to change it for his own amusement and for what he considered to be the better. He leant mechanical assistance to the builders of Stonehenge and gave Leonardo da Vinci tips on aircraft design. At the time that the Doctor, encountered him, the Monk attempted to prevent the Norman Conquest of 1066 as part of a plan to guide England into an age of technological prosperity. On that occasion he wore the guise of a monk in order to gain the trust of the locals, hence the name by which he is most often referred.

The Monk was at this time a well-meaning but childish man who was not half as clever as he thought he was, and who never seemed to realise the seriousness of what he was doing. The Doctor sabotaged the dimensional circuit of Mortimus' TARDIS, making it the same size inside as outside, reducing the interior to dollhouse proportions.(DW: The Time Meddler)

Next encounter with the Doctor

The Doctor encountered him again on the volcanic planet Tigus, where Mortimus sabotaged the lock on The Doctor's TARDIS, though that did not stop him from getting inside. The Doctor stole Mortimus' direction controls in order that he could use it himself as part of his effort to stop the Daleks.

Mortimus' TARDIS landed in ancient Egypt. Having heard of the Daleks, the Monk went along with their plans, in order to avoid being exterminated himself, while trying without success to convince the Doctor and his companions of his honourable nature. While there, the Doctor tinkered with the chameleon circuit from Mortimus' TARDIS, making it assume various shapes, finally that of a police box. He stole its partially compatible directional unit, leaving Mortimus stranded in a cold, icy location planet. (DW: The Daleks' Master Plan)

Ally of the Ice Warriors

Mortimus then teamed up with the Ice Warriors and battled the Doctor in a complex scheme involving alternative Earths and a plan to build a giant sonic weapon. Mortimus now preferred his own TARDIS to appear as a police box, did not wear a monk's habit, and referred to himself as the Time Meddler. (DWM: 4-Dimensional Vistas)

On the run from the Sleeze Brothers

At some point in the 21st century, the Monk tried to rig elections in what might have been the United States to stop President Sintatra from winning a third term of office. As he began this mission, he landed his TARDIS on a busy freeway. The Sleeze Brothers, El Ape and Deadbeat, collided into it, causing significant damage to their vehicle. At the same time, the companion-less Doctor landed his TARDIS in the same area.

Besieged by both angry brothers and an irate Doctor, the Monk slipped back into his TARDIS and took off. The Brothers then hijacked the Doctor's TARDIS at gunpoint and ordered him to follow the Monk's TARDIS through time. A chase ensued, and the two TARDISes flitted through time to several famous mysteries in Earth's history. Eventually, the Doctor and the Sleeze Brothers caused the Monk's TARDIS to implode, which apparently caused the creation of the Bermuda Triangle. How, when, or if the Monk reconstituted his TARDIS wasn't clear. (DWM: "Follow that TARDIS!)"

Death's Champion

At some point, the Monk regenerated at least once. Therefore, when they next met, the Doctor did not recognize him by sight.

Mortimus then created a series of alternate timelines (NA: Blood Heat, The Dimension Riders, The Left-Handed Hummingbird, Conundrum) in a scheme employing the Chronovore Artemis. Mortimus now used his real name and posed as a 1976 record executive in England. He had also, at this time, served as the Champion of the Eternal Death in the same way that the Doctor served as Champion of Time. In so doing, he had made himself servant to a being much more powerful and intelligent than himself. Mortimus aided the Vardans' scheme to avenge themselves on the Doctor and the Sontarans by conquering Earth, a planet of continued strategic value to the Sontarans and obviously important to the Doctor. His plan was undone thanks to the Doctor's companion Ace, who pretended to side with him until she could free Artemis. The vengeful Artemis subsequently took Mortimus away to make him pay for her imprisonment. (NA: No Future)

Behind the Scenes

The Monk has the distinction of being the first Gallifreyan other than the Doctor and Susan to be seen in the series. (During The Daleks' Master Plan, the Daleks actually seem to refer to the Doctor and the Monk as "humans", though they may simply use the term loosely.) The name Time Lord would not appear until The War Games, however.

There was for some time speculation that the Monk was actually an earlier regeneration of The Master or the War Chief, who appeared in The War Games. This is stated as fact in The Doctor Who Role Playing Game, which tended to create its own continuity. However, this theory has been contradicted by the Monk's appearances in novels and comics.

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Memory Beta, the wiki for licensed Star Trek content.

A monk is a member of a religious order, typically an individual who takes on vows and lives their lives to rules decreed by their religion.

In Bajoran religion Prylars were a type of monk. (DS9 novel: Avatar, et al.)

In 2369 an away team from the USS Enterprise-D encountered a group of monks from a Dracon monastery on the planet Riat. These monks had been poisoned by algae in their water supply which made them cannibalistic and more aggressive than usual. The monks attacked the way team, who only just escaped. Once the away team were rescued Doctor Beverly Crusher was able to cure the monks of their ailment. (TNG comic: "Light of the Day")


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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki

Class Information for Monk
Type: Brawler (Fighter) image:Monk_Icon.jpg
City: Qeynos, Kelethin
Primary Power Stat: Strength
Armor: Leather Armor
Weapons: Fists, Fists(Equipment), Hammers, Staffs, Great Hammers, Thrown; may dual-wield
Shields: None
Expert Spells: Combat Arts (Rare Loam)

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Spells Brawler AAs Monk AAs Shadows AAs

Those who desire to engage in graceful, hand-to-hand martial combat will find the Monk profession to be an exciting path. The Monk is a spiritual combatant who practices philosophies of mind-over-body. The Monk is best served on the frontlines where her advanced physical skills are most effective against her foe.


Class Hat

Hoo'Loh's Woven Hat (67) - Kingdom of Sky Class Hat from quest: Blood of the Brood

Class armour

Epic Weapon

See also

Combat Arts By Category

The first combat art in each category is listed. See the detailed description for the full upgrade line.


Pure Damage

Damage & Debuff



Heroic Opportunity

Buffs & Taunts

Self Buffs (Episodic)

Self Buffs (Constant)


Aggro Management

  • Increase Hate & Usable Stifled & Stunned: Silent Threat (1)
  • Encounter in Area Increase Hate & Interrupt: Challenge (8)
  • Increase Hate (Powerful): Rescue (25)
  • Increase Hate with Enemy with Different Target (Massive) and Force Targeting Self: Peel (80)

Ally Buffs


  • Heal & Cure Noxious (Self/Friend): Mend (3)
  • Cure Noxious & Elemental & Mental (Self) & While Stunned/Stifled: (Cure) Will of the Heavens (13)

Showing Off

Combat Arts by Tier and Level

Tier 1 Level 1 - 9 Tier 2 Level 10 - 19 Tier 3 Level 20 - 29 Tier 4 Level 30 - 39

1: Waking Dragon
1: Silent Threat
2: Frozen Palm
3: Mend
4: Crouching Tiger
4: Flow Like Wind
5: Fighting Chance
5: Roundhouse Kick
6: Intercept
7: Crescent Strike
8: Challenge
9: Silent Threat II ¥
9: Calm Tranquility

10: Mend II
10: Striking Cobra
11: Rising Phoenix ¥
12: Inner Calm ¥
13: Charging Tiger ¥
13: Will of the Heavens
14: Feign Death
15: Waking Dragon II
15: Lightning Palm
16: Crouching Tiger II
17: Frozen Palm II
17: Silent Threat III
18: Tranquil Vision
19: Five Rings
19: Roundhouse Kick II

20: Silent Fist Kata *
20: Goading Gesture ***
20: Intercept II
20: Mend III
21: Flow Like Wind II
21: Crescent Strike II ¥
22: Rising Dragon
22: Challenge II ¥
23: Calm Tranquility II ¥
24: Wind Walk
24: Striking Cobra II ¥
25: Rising Phoenix II
25: Rescue
26: Body Like Mountain
26: Inner Calm II
27: Charging Tiger II
27: Will of the Heavens II
28: Dragon Rage
28: Feign Death II
29: Lightning Palm II
29: Waking Dragon III

30: Arctic Talon
30: Crouching Tiger III
30: Instill Panic
31: Silent Threat IV ¥
31: Frozen Palm III
32: Everburning Flame ¥
32: Tranquil Vision II ¥
33: Roundhouse Kick III
33: Five Rings II¥
34: Mend IV
34: Intercept III
35: Flow Like Wind III
35: Corpsecrush **
35: Devastation Fist **
35: Crescent Strike III
36: Challenge III
36: Rising Dragon II
37: Calm Tranquility III
38: Striking Cobra III
39: Rising Phoenix III

Tier 5 Level 40 - 49 Tier 6 Level 50 - 59 Tier 7 Level 60 - 69 Tier 8 Level 70 - 79

40: Mountain Stance
40: Body Like Mountain II
40: Tiger Style *
40: Inner Calm III
41: Charging Tiger III
41: Will of the Heavens III ¥
42: Feign Death III
42: Dragon Rage II ¥
43: Lightning Palm III ¥
43: Waking Dragon IV
44: Black Widow Stance
44: Crouching Tiger IV
44: Arctic Talon II ¥
45: Silent Threat V
45: Frozen Palm IV
46: Everburning Flame II
46: Tranquil Vision III
47: Roundhouse Kick IV
47: Five Rings III
48: Mend V
49: Crescent Strike IV
49: Flow Like Wind IV
49: Devastation Fist II

50: Radiance of the Silent Fist *
50: Challenge IV ¥
50: Rising Dragon III
50: Silent Palm
50: Instill Panic II
51: Calm Tranquility IV ¥
52: Striking Cobra IV
52: Outward Calm****
53: Rising Phoenix IV ¥
54: Mountain Stance II
54: Inner Calm IV ¥
54: Body Like Mountain III
55: Charging Tiger IV
55: Will of the Heavens IV
55: Tsunami****
56: Dragon Rage III
56: Feign Death IV
57: Waking Dragon V
57: Lightning Palm IV
58: Arctic Talon III
58: Black Widow Stance II
58: Crouching Tiger V
58: Fall of the Phoenix****
59: Frozen Palm V
59: Silent Threat VI

60: Everburning Flame III
60: Tranquil Vision IV
61: Roundhouse Kick V
62: Five Rings IV ¥
63: Devastation Fist III
63: Flow Like Wind V
63: Crescent Strike V ¥
64: Challenge V ¥
64: Rising Dragon IV ¥
65: Calm Tranquility V
65: Dragonfire
66: Striking Cobra V
67: Rising Phoenix V
68: Body Like Mountain IV
68: Inner Calm V
68: Mountain Stance III
69: Charging Tiger V
69: Will of the Heavens V

70: Feign Death V
70: Dragon Rage IV
70: Silent Palm II
71: Lightning Palm V
71: Waking Dragon VI
71: Black Widow Stance III
72: Outward Calm II****
72: Silent Threat VII ¥
72: Crouching Tiger VI
72: Arctic Talon IV
73: Devastation Fist IV
73: Everburning Flame IV
73: Frozen Palm VI ¥
74: Five Rings V ¥
74: Roundhouse Kick VI
75: Crescent Strike VI ¥
75: Flow Like Wind VI
76: Calm Tranquility VI
76: Rising Dragon V
76: Challenge VI
77: Striking Cobra VI
77: Rising Phoenix VI
78: Body Like Mountain V
78: Dragonfire II****
78: Mountain Stance IV
79: Inner Calm VI
79: Crouching Tiger VI
79: Will of the Heavens VI

Tier 9 Level 80 - 89

80: Dragon Rage V
80: Peel
80: Silent Palm III

¥ - Available as a Grandmaster choice. See below.
* - Fun Spell
** - from Bloodline Chronicles Adventure Pack
*** - from Splitpaw Saga Adventure Pack - improves with level up to 50 - same timer as Taunt line
**** - from Desert of Flames Expansion
***** - from Echoes of Faydwer Expansion

Grandmaster Training Choices

Tier 2 - Level 14 Tier 3 - Level 24 Tier 4 - Level 34 Tier 5 - Level 44
Tier 6 - Level 54 Tier 7 - Level 64 Tier 8 - Level 75


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Pages in category "Monk"

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  • Forum:Monk Class Expectations


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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Yang Fang Leiden is a Monk from Final Fantasy IV.

The Monk (モンク Monku), also known as Black Belt, is a Job class that appears in many of the Final Fantasy games.



Monks are characterized primarily by their affinity for fighting entirely bare-handed. The few weapons they do use consist of claws and knuckles that strap onto their hands. Despite their preference to fight without weapons, Monks can deal just as much damage in battle as any other physical class like Warriors or Dragoons, thanks to their massive physical strength. Monks wear light clothing consisting of robes and hats, and cannot equip heavy armor. To make up for this lack of protection, Monks have a very high amount of HP compared to other classes. Because of the minimal use of armor and weaponry, Monks are one of the cheapest classes to maintain and require little investment in new equipment. Monk abilities include Kick, which damages all enemies, Chakra, which heals the Monk and/or their allies, and they can increase their attack strength with the usage of Focus or Boost. Monks are also able to counter physical attacks, and in later games have individual skillsets of various special techniques.


Final Fantasy

Main article: Monk (Final Fantasy)

The Monk is a physical attacker available at the beginning at the game. Eventually, the class can be upgraded to Master. Final Fantasy is notable for allow Monks to equip nunchucks, one of the few games where Monks use weapons besides claws and knuckles.

Final Fantasy III

Main article: Monk (Final Fantasy III)
Main article: Black Belt (Final Fantasy III)

The Monk is a class obtained from the Wind Crystal and specializes in hand-to-hand combat, equipping gloves and claws for battle. A more powerful version called the Black Belt can be obtained from the Earth Crystal.

Final Fantasy IV

Yang Fang Leiden appears as the first named Monk in the series, and hails from Fabul, a nation renown for their ranks of warrior monks. Several NPCs in Fabul appear as Monks, and Yang is fought as a boss under the name "Monk" during the game.

In the Lunar Ruins, a dungeon exclusive to the Advance release of the game, three monk enemies are fought during Yang's trial. The Drillmasters, the Soldier Monks, and the Super Monks.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Main article: Monk (The After Years)

Yang returns as a Monk, and is joined by his daughter Ursula. Three other Monks are also temporary party members. They are labeled as Monk A, Monk B, and Monk C and all share the same abilities.

Final Fantasy V

Main article: Monk (Final Fantasy V)

The Monk is a Job class that is obtained from a shard of the Wind Crystal. It specializes in barehanded combat and has high Attack power.

Final Fantasy VI

Sabin Rene Figaro appears as a Monk, and is a student to a martial arts master named Duncan, who also trained his son Vargas. Sabin uses the Blitz skillset, which lets him perform various attacks if the player inputs the proper button commands.

Final Fantasy VII

Tifa Lockhart is a Monk trained by Zangan, and the first female Monk. Her Limit Breaks consist of various physical attacks that increase in strength if the player properly stops a series of slot wheels.

Final Fantasy VIII

Zell Dincht uses his fists in battle, and his Limit Break Duel allows him to perform a sequence of attacks depending on which button combinations the player inputs within a time limit.

Final Fantasy IX

Amarant Coral is a combination of a Monk and a Ninja, and utilizes the Flair ability, which allow him to use special techniques at the cost of MP.

Final Fantasy XI

Main article: Monk (Final Fantasy XI)

The Monk is a basic Job, and is given four ranks depending on the player's level, beginning with White Belt. All mandragora and some beastmen are classified as Monks.

Final Fantasy XII

Main article: Monk (Final Fantasy XII)

Monks are able to use bare-handed attacks as always, but also utilize Poles and White Magic, as well as a number of Technicks. Their License Board has sixteen Battle Lores and twelve HP Lores, more than any other Job.

Final Fantasy XIII

Snow Villiers fights enemies bare-handed in the style of a Monk. He does not equip Claws of Knuckles; instead, he equips Coats that augment his strength.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Main article: Monk (Final Fantasy Tactics)

Monk is available as an off-shoot from a Level 3 Knight.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Main article: White Monk (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance)

The White Monk is a Bangaa-exclusive class. It uses a combination of physical attacks and spiritual powers to battle.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Main article: White Monk (Final Fantasy Tactics A2)
Main article: Master Monk

The White Monk makes a second appearance in this game. A new Job called the Master Monk is also available, and is arguably the most powerful melee class in the game.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

In the Duel Colosseum, when selected, the Monk Job Card will cause the next battle cards that arrive to the selection area to be weaker.


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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

A female and male monk

The Monk indisputably possesses the strongest ability for healing other characters. Divine Favor adds a healing buff to all Monk spells, as well as improve the Monk's overall effectiveness. Healing Prayers are generally used for direct healing, as well as indirect healing-over-time. Protection Prayers is the attribute of choice for reducing and even preventing damage. Smiting Prayers allow Monks to deal damage to enemies - especially effective against the undead. The patron goddess of Monks is Dwayna, with the exception of smite Monks who are devoted to Balthazar.

The Monk is widely considered the heart of a party so it is very common for them to be primary targets.

The primary Monk's base armor provides 60 armor, +10 energy, and +2 energy recovery. A starting primary Monk begins with 30 base energy and 4 energy recovery.

The Monk's primary attribute is Divine Favor, which provides additional healing to each Monk spell.


Profession Combinations

See Secondary professions for a Monk

Related Articles

Facts about MonkRDF feed

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From Lostpedia

This is a disambiguation page. A number of articles are associated with the title Monk.
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Monk may refer to:

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

This article is about Saradominist monks. For other uses, see Monk (disambiguation).
A holy man.

A Monk is a non-player character usually found in monasteries, churches, and the island of Entrana. Monks will heal players by some of their Hitpoints if the player talks to them. Monks are useful for training at lower combat levels, as players can talk to another monk and ask him to heal the player.

Monks can also be found in the monastery north of the entrance to the Dwarven mines. It is a popular training area for low levelled Free-to-play players.

Contrary to popular belief, monks do not drop the monk robes many players use. Instead, monk robes spawn on a table in the upper floor of the Monastery.



  • It is possible to have a monk heal you after you kill him, as long as you begin a conversation after you have dealt the killing blow before he dies. However you cannot be healed while someone else is fighting the monk, which is annoying in pvp and bounty worlds.
  • Monks on the first floor of the monastery apparently do not abide by the combat level system, as they have 5 combat. However, with 1 level in each combat skill, 15 in hitpoints, and 31 in prayer, their combat level should be 8. A possible theory would be that they have lower prayer since the first floor is open for everyone.
  • Monks used to be able to heal themselves 2 hitpoints each time (the monks on Entrana still heal themselves), instead of an attack, but Jagex updated it so that they could not heal themselves past normal rate.
Wikipedia has an article about:

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ST Expanded

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The Star Trek Expanded Universe Database is for fanon and related content. See for the canon Star Trek wiki.

Mortimus, disguised as a monk

A monk is a member of a religious order usually one that lives within a monastery.

Mortimus disguised himself as a monk when he travelled by to 1066 when he attempted to stop the Norman conquest of England. (DW: The Time Meddler; Star Trek: Daedalus)

External links

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From TibiaWiki

This creature is in the Humans class.

240 Hit points
200 Experience points per kill

Summon/Convince: 600/-- (Illusionable)
Abilities: Melee (0-140), Self-Healing, Haste
Push Objects:
Est. Max. Damage: 140 hp per turn
Immune To: Invisibility
Strong To: Holy (-50%), Death (-50%)
Neutral To: Fire, Energy, Ice, Earth, Drown?, Life Drain?
Weak To: Physical (+10%)
Sounds: "Repent Heretic!"; "A prayer to the almighty one!"; "I will punish the sinners!".
Behavior: Monks chase the enemy until death.
Field Notes: Mystical creatures, they heal themselves about every 10 seconds, which makes them great as summons. They move items in their way. Commonly used for training of knights and paladins. This is one of two monsters that can be summoned but not convinced. The other is Gozzler. They can also be summon by the Man in the Cave.
Location: Edron Hero Cave, Triangle Tower near Thais, Maze of Lost Souls, Deeper Dark Cathedral, Isle of the Kings, Trade Quarter.
Strategy: Something important while killing Monks is the time. You have to attack as fast as possible or they will heal themselves and you will need to use more Arrows/Runes or in the case of Knights you will receive more damage and maybe use more healing potions or spells. Quite high defense, so low skilled knights with one-handed weapons should stay away from these, as they will heal faster than you will damage them. If necessary to kill, consider using runes.
Loot: 0-20 gp, Bread, Scroll, Lamp, Brown Flask, Sandals, Leather Armor, Staff, Book of Prayers, Life Crystal (semi rare), Ankh (semi rare), Power Ring (rare). (Create loot statistics)
See also: Creatures.
Add historical information about this creature.

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