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Effectiveness Level required Details Risk factors
19,000 to 24,000
Level 1+ Logs can be cut and sold for 48 coins each. Normal trees are found virtually everywhere around RuneScape, but do not give multiple logs per tree. The forest between Lumbridge and the Draynor Village, the Grand Exchange, and East Varrock are all convenient places to gather normal logs. All being close to a bank, these are effective ways to gather logs. Members may also do the normal Evil Tree which may be cut for noted logs, along with nests containing seeds, rings and a small amount of coins. Draynor Manor can also be a great place for these type of logs; a bank is relatively close. Regular logs also come from dead trees, dying trees, and evergreen trees. The bad thing is that each tree only holds one set of logs. Using a Seers' headband will make each tree yield 2 logs. As you increase your woodcutting skill, the time it takes you to chop down a tree decreases, increasing your profit.
***** Level 1+ Achey tree logs can be cut and sold for about 252 coins each. Achey trees are found just south of Castle wars and like normal trees only give 1 log per tree. Banking is no issue as Castle wars has a bank of its own so this spot makes easy travel and is never populated. Since Achey logs are a high demand for making brutal arrows, selling on the Grand Exchange is no issue.(note that this method may not seem efficient as it will only yield about 7,056 coins per inventory, but the actual work is very quick and simple.
Level 15+ Oak logs are in demand for the Construction skill, and sell for 67 coins each. Oak trees can be found in many places, most notably just east of the Draynor Village bank, east and west of Varrock, directly south of the Seers' Village bank, and south of the southern Falador gate. Members can also do oak Evil Trees for the same rewards but better logs.
Level 30+ Willow logs sell for 9 coins each, and can be cut in many locations. However, only a few are actually used by players. They are the best trees to cut for training, and one can make a reasonable profit from selling them. The best locations to cut willow logs include:
  • South of Draynor Village - This is probably the spot of choice for free players and members alike. It is literally seconds from a bank, which means profit and XP are both maximized. A word of warning about training here, there are many players who woodcut at this spot. Still, this is probably the best location to cut willow logs (at least for less experienced players)
  • South of Seers' Village flax fields. There are 4 or so willow trees next to the water. This plantation is never crowded, and the bank is still pretty close by. it takes around half a minute to bank in Catherby and run back.
  • Next to the River Lum. There are 2 trees next to the General Store. Many inexperienced players will sell the logs to the General Store for a measly 4 coins. This location is mostly unadvised, as the bank is pretty far away.
  • North of Seers' Village. There are around 4 trees to the west of the maple trees. The bank is still very close.
  • West of the Barbarian outpost. There is a deposit box nearby and you can teleport there using a games necklace.

As noted before, there are many more locations of willow trees, most of which are located next to some water.

***** Level 45+ Maple logs are commonly cut logs found north of the Seers' Village bank.A less populated spot is north of the coal trucks, where an entire forest of maple trees can be found. The only downside is that there are no nearby banks, lessening profit. These logs are nearly always in demand for Fletching and can be sold for 34 coins each. These can be sold in large quantities at the Grand Exchange or (sometimes) at the Seers' Village bank.
***** level 50+ Mahogany logs can actually be a very good source of money, if you are chopping in the Tai Bwo Wannai village. Be sure to take around 3000 trading sticks, which are very easily bought at the grand exchange (note: for each item banked, it requires 10 trading sticks, even the stackable items). You can also get special mahogany logs in about 30 logs chopped, which can be traded to the sawmill vendor for a free conversion of all your teak and mahogany logs in your inventory for two of those, meaning around 48k! Doing this, you can get about 300 to 400k per hour, if you let Rionasta bank your logs. You might also come across a bird's nest, or a broodoo victim that was disturbed by someone hacking the jungle. If you meet a broodoo victim, it's recommended that you kill it, because the tribal mask it always drops is worth around 20k.
***** Level 58+ Eucalyptus logs - Currently the only location of eucalyptus trees is west of Oo'glog, and by Mobilising Armies. It was introduced 29 January 2008 with the As a First Resort... quest. eucalyptus logs are sold at the Grand Exchange for 405 coins each. Being close to a bank and extremely lightweight, this makes chopping eucalyptus trees a very efficient way to make money. It is advised to Bank at Oo'glog, or Mobilising Armies if a player has not done As A First Resort... Ogresses are aggressive and attack. The Ogress champion(level 99) is the hardest at the moment
***** Level 60+ Yew logs sell for 451 coins each, and are almost always in high demand by players training Fletching and Magic. This makes cutting yew logs one of the most popular ways of making money. Take note, however, that yew logs may be slow to cut at first, so it is advised to level up to around level 65. A few yew trees are close to banks, but if you have 21 Agility and access to the Fairy ring system, you can use codes BLR(right next to a yew tree, with two more on the minimap) and DKR(a very short walk from a level 21 Agility shortcut into the Grand Exchange), you can make ~12k in a short fifteen minutes, while barely ever looking at the screen! Also if you have level 60 Farming you can plant a yew tree in the tree patch right next to the gnome stronghold bank which means your the only one who can cut it! And with a Hydra (level 80 Summoning) you can use the hydra's special to regrow your yew tree as soon as it fells thus this would be one of the quickest ways to cut yews, this can also apply for magic trees at level 75 Woodcutting and level 75 Farming

Other popular woodcutting locations are:

  • Behind Varrock castle. There are 3 yew trees that can be crowded at times. The closest bank is the Grand Exchange.
  • In the Seers' Village graveyard. There are 3 yew trees that can be busy at times. The nearest bank is the Seers' Village bank.
  • South of the Seers' Village flax field. There are 8 yew trees that are almost always crowded. However, this yew plantation probably has the closest bank, that being the one in Catherby.
  • Tree gnome stronghold has 3 yew trees right next to the bank and it is the closest bank in the members world that is next to yews
  • Melzar's Maze, as you can set your house at Rimmington, house teleport there, and then, when your inventory full, Cabbage Teleport back to Draynor. (Or any other teleport that doesn't take up inventory space). It rarely gets crowded.
  • In the forest behind Lumbridge there are a few scattered yews that are rarely busy. Nearest banking is the Culinomancer's Chest, or the bank on top of Lumbridge castle.
  • In the ruins south of Edgeville. There are 2 yew trees which are close to the bank and the Edgeville Bank. However, this spot may be crowded at times.
  • Below Falador, North and NorthWest of Port Sarim farm. There are 3 trees, that are rarely ever crowded, though they are spread out. Closest bank is Falador West bank.
***** Level 75+ Magic logs can now be cut and sold for around 1,362 coins each. Note that magic logs are very slow to cut, no matter what hatchet is used and will cut at near the same rate whether you are level 75 or 99 Woodcutting. Therefore, it's recommended that you cut them with a dragon hatchet as they have the highest chopping rate. Though slow, cutting magic logs can still be an effective way to make money.

Magic logs are almost always in high demand by players training Fletching. Take note, however, that magic logs will be slow to cut at first until you achieve around 90 Woodcutting.

A few magic trees are close to banks:

  • There are some magic trees at the Sorcerer's Tower (4)
  • Some scattered around the Tree Gnome Stronghold (3)
  • East of the Ranging Guild (3). This is the most crowded area to cut Magic Logs.Note that if it too crowded, head south to the sorcerer's tower
  • Surrounding the Mage Training Arena (2), this is also a very close bank, the one at the Duel Arena
  • The south-east area of Isafdar (3)
  • West of the Wilderness Bandit Camp (only after Spirit of Summer) (2) and Level 82 woodcuting. Note: no one can cut this magic tree from you and the best part is that you don't need to wait for them to respond. you can make ~36k in a medium 15 – 30 minutes, while barely ever looking at the screen! The Cursed magic tree in the Spirit Realm requires 82 Woodcutting.
Revenants while in the Wilderness area.

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