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A player cutting down a yew tree
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Woodcutting is similar to Fishing as a money-making skill in several ways. It is a popular way to make money, and also requires a bit of patience to fill an entire inventory. Woodcutting is also a skill that does not require much attention, as you will automatically chop logs from trees until you are interrupted (such as by a random event), logging out, or if the tree's supply of logs is exhausted). Also logs, like fish, can be sold in bulk at the Grand Exchange in a matter of seconds. You should empty your inventory, equip your hatchet and then cut down the trees.

Level requirement Details Risk factors Other requirements
16,000 to 31,000
Level 1+ Logs can be cut and sold for 48 coins each. Normal trees are found virtually everywhere around RuneScape, but do not give multiple logs per tree. The forest between Lumbridge and the Draynor Village, the Grand Exchange, and East Varrock are all convenient places to gather normal logs. All being close to a bank, these are effective ways to gather logs. Regular logs also come from dead trees, dying trees, and evergreen trees. The bad thing is that each tree only holds one set of logs. As you increase your woodcutting skill, the time it takes you to chop down a tree decreases, increasing your profit.
Level 15+ Oak logs are in demand for the Construction skill, and sell for 67 coins each. Oak trees can be found in many places, most notably just east of the Draynor Village bank, near the four-way intersection in Draynor Village, east and west of Varrock(East Varrock is a good place to cut oak trees as the logs can be deposited in the East Varrock bank), directly south of the Seers' Village bank, and south of the southern Falador gate. (Another good place to chop oak is west of Varrock Palace as it is near the Grand Exchange and the banks)
Level 30+ Willow logs sell for 9 coins each, and can be cut south of the Draynor Village bank and around the pond south of the Lumbridge Mill and east of the sheep farm. The site near Draynor village is more profitable as it is much closer to a bank. It is difficult to sell the willow logs in the Grand Exchange, due to the high supply from power-levelling woodcutters and the low demand from the rest of the market. You may be able to sell a load of logs to a player who is training Firemaking.


Level 60-65+ Yew logs sell for 451 coins each and are almost always in high demand by players training Fletching and Magic. Take note, however, that yew logs may be slow to cut at first until you achieve a higher Woodcutting level, though Yew Logs have been falling in price recently.

It is highly recommended to use a Rune Hatchet as this is the best hatchet a free player is able to use, therefore, increasing profit and experience.


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