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Thieving is a members skill, which can be used to make large amounts of money if players have a high level. It is one of the fastest skills to train, especially at a high level. Players should note that food will be needed as failing most types of thieving will lead to some damage being dealt. Also note that if stealing in Ardounge using the Ardougne cloak 2 increases chance to successfully steal, as does the Ardougne cloak 3 all across Gielenor. Gloves of silence also help steal successfully.
Effectiveness Level requirement Details Other requirements
***** Level 5 In Varrock, head to the South East corner of the city and you can steal Tea. Most of it you can sell and make roughly 26K every 5 or 6 hours. If you find that you lose a lot of health then you can easily drink the tea and gain health. Though good for beginners, this method can prove tiring and effectiveness is limited, as tea does not sell for a huge amount of money on the Grand Exchange . All in all its best to go and steal in another area like Ardougne. (See below)
***** Level 5 By thieving the Ardougne Bakery Stalls in Ardougne, a player can get a profit of 97 coins per cake stolen (they sell for 140gp market price on the Grand Exchange as of 24 January 2010). However, it is recommended that a player has an attack of 50+, to be able to deal with the guards that attack the player if they get caught. Also, it is recommended that you eat all chocolate slices and bread that you get, as they are not worth as much as the cakes.
***** Level 20
A guard 'stuck' behind a pole in Ardougne
Steal silk from the Silk Stalls in the East Ardougne marketplace, wait for about 5 minutes, and sell it back to the merchant for 60 coins each (noted silk are not accepted). NOTE: If you steal from the stall with the silk merchant, Sometimes the guards get 'stuck' behind a pole. This makes stealing from this stall much more profitable. Also, when this happens, the guards/knights will still yell out their "Hey! Get your hands off there!, but occasionally won't attack. In order to do this, you must steal in line with the pole.
***** Level 23 If players have completed Death to the Dorgeshuun Quest they can steal keys from H.A.M guards and use them to open certain chests to get jewellery, then sell this to the shop in Port Sarim to create fast cash.


Level 28 You can open a chest upstairs in a house in east Ardougne which should give you 3gp and a nature rune. Keep at it and you can make a fair bit.
***** Level 35 Players can steal grey wolf fur from the fur trader in Ardougne. Stealing fur can be tricky though, as the trader is never far from his stall. When players have the Ring of Charos (a) equipped, they can sell these furs for 150 coins each using the 'Charm' option.
***** Level 38 Players can steal seeds from the Master Farmers in Draynor Village and North Ardougne. Players can steal many seeds including ranarr seeds and snapdragon seeds, which sell for 40,300 coins and 96,200 coins each, respectively.
***** Level 44 Players can steal cave goblin wires from the wire machine in the south-west side of Dorgesh-Kaan, just east of the furnace. The cave goblin wires can yield 946 coins for each one on the GE. The machine resets every 4–5 seconds. You should take food with you because you will take 5 damage each time you fail and you should expect to take at least 50 or 60 damage per trip. Tuna works well because selling one cave goblin wire on the GE will make up for the cost of the tuna for each trip, but sardines and mackerel are cheaper and therefore more efficient and require a full inventory. The use of a Beast of Burden will cut down in bank trips, but there is no Summoning Obelisk to recharge your points within the city. Gloves of silence will not increase your chances of success.
***** Level 45 Players can enter the autumn room in the Sorceress's Garden minigame. No equipment should be brought (unless it is weightless) and there is no chance of death unless the player is already poisoned. Collect the herbs north of the entrance, herbs range from guam to ranarr, and when inventory is full, use the Shantay Chest to bank. Very good money (100k-250k an hour) and also some farming xp.
***** level 50 Players can crack wall safes in the Rogue's Den. You should bring food with you or have some in your bank (there is a bank in the Rogue's Den) because you will take 2-6 damage each time you fail. Possible rewards from the wall safe are uncut gems (sapphire-diamond) and 10-40 coins. Uncut gems are commonly obtainable from the safe and can be sold for good prices on the Grand Exchange.
***** Level 59 Players can steal from the two chests under the Druid tower just north-west of Ardougne. Each chest contains 2 Blood runes and 500 coins. After each successful steal, you get teleported into a building close by, and need to run back. High defence or combat level (recommended to deter the ogres)
***** Level 61 Players can pick-lock a door upstairs in Ardougne Castle. Inside the room is a spawn of a black scimitar, worth over 3000 coins. Note that it may fail when pick-locking the door and may trigger a trap, taking damage.
***** Level 63 Players can ransack customs evidence files for the loot. The files are found on the Rock Island Prison. Players may take the notice of a customs officer, and be attacked. Rocking Out completed.
***** Level 70+ Paladins, Heroes, Gnomes, and Elves are all a rewarding people to pick pocket, with rewards varying from coins (80 to 350 coins a pickpocket) to diamonds which can be sold uncut over the Grand Exchange for 17,200 or crafted and enchanted.
***** Level 75 At this level you can steal from Gem Stalls. There is a gem stall in Ardougne and Keldagrim. Sometimes you can get diamonds from these Gem Stalls!
***** Level 95+ Pickpocketing Master farmers at levels 95+ are the most profitable method of money-making with Thieving. The player must first acquire a Ring of Wealth as well as equip the Gloves of silence and the option of also operating the Thieving cape to lower the chance of being caught by 1/106. Continually pickpocketing will yield 600.8k-1.1m gp attained per hour with this method. 48 Agility may also increase profit but is entirely optional. 54 Hunter

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