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Stronghold of Player Safety

Rating: *****

Players of any level can easily do the Stronghold of Player Safety between Barbarian Village and Edgeville in the Misthalin Training Centre of Excellence, all of the monsters on the route to the 10,000 coins are non-aggressive. Upon the completion of the miniquest, players are rewarded with two skill lamps (each lamp is worth 500xp and can be applied to any skill regardless of level), 10,000 coins, Safety gloves and the Safety first emote.

It is tricky to navigate through the Stronghold of Player Safety, but the rewards are great. The high level monsters drop large numbers of runes and ore including mithril ore (noted) 3, and adamantite ore (noted) 1.

The reward may only be received once per player, however, if a player loses/drops their Safety gloves they can come back to the chest for a new pair.

Once completed, the Cockroach soldiers (level 83) drop Rune scimitar,Rune sq shield and dragon spears. They also drop a lot of crimson charms, which are used in summoning. They also offer decent training for higher levelled players.

Stronghold of Security

Rating: *****

If players are brave enough, they can attempt the Stronghold of Security in Barbarian Village. Food is recommended for players at all levels and even more for low-level players. (Note: For players with 10-15 hitpoints, Lobsters or higher are recommended). Raw trout and salmon are usually dropped by powerfishers near the Barbarian Village on most worlds.

After players have had their account recovery questions set and proceed through all four levels in the Stronghold, they will be awarded 10,000 coins and either; the Fancy boots, which are rainbow coloured, or the Fighting boots which have spikes on the end. Both of these boots have the same stats, so either pair is fine and based solely on preference. A good idea is to go to a busy f2p world, go to the trout/salmon area as many people will want to give the fish for free. If this is done correctly, a level 3 skiller can get the reward without dying once. Low level players are recommended to eat a food that heals 8+ hitpoints on the last floor because the monsters there can hit a maximum of 8 there accurately.

  • This reward cannot be collected if you already have a pair. The boots may also be swapped at any time.
  • The monsters in the dungeon get stronger as players descend from level to level, and are aggressive beginning with the second level. There are some "safe" spots on all levels where players can wait to recover their run energy and eat to restore their hitpoints before they proceed further.
  • Some lower levelled monsters that are good to train on in the Security Stronghold include Zombies and Minotaurs. The zombies constantly drop steel arrows, body runes, and gems. The minotaurs drop iron arrows and noted rune essence and level 1 treasure trails clue scrolls(m) or pure essence (members only) which can add up in time.
  • There have been reports that the random event occurrences tend to be increased in the stronghold, so training for a long time will increase the chances of getting gems and other random event items.
  • Players may bank all their items and just sprint through each level to get the rewards easily.
  • For members, once completed, the Flesh crawlers often drop high levelled herbs, which can be gathered and sold for a tidy sum.
  • Another popular monster are level 83 Ankous found in the lowest level. These commonly drop death and blood runes along with adamant arrows. Additionally members sometimes will receive a level 3 treasure trails clue scroll as a drop.

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