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Effectiveness Smithing level requirement Details Risk Factors Other requirements
Level 15 Players can buy iron ore at the Grand Exchange and smelt the ores into bars at a furnace; the resulting iron bars sell for 395 coins each. Without a ring of forging, 50% of the time a iron ore will be too impure to smelt and will not produce an iron bar. Around 550 ore can be smelted per hour (giving around 275 bars without a ring of forging).
Mining the iron ore provides mining experience, but the increased profit per bar is offset by a greatly increased time per bar, resulting in a lower effectiveness. A good place to do this is Port Phasmatys because of the bank being so close to the furnace.

Using a ring of forging increases the profit per hour to 96,000 coins per hour, with a rating of *****

Ring of forging (optional)
Level 22 You can buy the iron ore in the Grand Exchange for 206 coins each. Forge it in Edgeville while wearing the Varrock armour and using a ring of forging. Around 800 bars can be made in an hour; this will give you a profit of 0 per bar, or around 140,000 coins an hour, along with about 10,000 Smithing experience per hour. Completion of easy tasks in Varrock Achievement Diary
Level 30 Smithing steel bars becomes an option. Steel bars sell for around 958 coins each. If iron ore and coal are purchased, the profit becomes approximately 214 coins per bar. For members with Varrock armour, it takes about one minute to retrieve the ore from the Edgeville bank, run it to the furnace, smelt it, and return it to the bank. At nine bars per trip, you can make about 116,000 coins and 7,398 experience per hour (540 bars per hour).
***** Level 35 Smithing cannonballs, although fairly slow, gives decent profit. Cannonballs sell for about 339 coins each (4 cannonballs per bar) and are in high demand due to the number of people using cannons. Buying the bars and smithing cannonballs to sell gives a profit of 398 coins per bar. You gain a decent profit every time you smith steel bars into cannonballs. You can make even more money if you start out with the raw materials used for making steel bars, as opposed to buying the bars themselves. It is advisable that you smelt in a furnace near a bank like the furnace in Al-Kharid, Port Phasmatys, or Edgeville Note that you no longer have to wear any Varrock armour due to an update by JaGeX. (Note) Straight smelting cannonballs, per hour with buying steel bars, can result in 11,000+xp and a profit of 175,000+ per hour Dwarf Cannon completed
Level 50 Mithril bars sell for 1,590 coins each. If the materials (one mithril ore and four coal per bar) are purchased, you can earn up to 227 coins per bar using the Falador or Al Kharid furnaces. At five bars per trip, you can make about 68,100 coins and 9,000 experience per hour (300 bars per hour). 55 Mining (optional)
***** Level 60 Unfinished steel bolts and unfinished iron bolts can be smithed at the Blast Furnace very quickly, resulting in fast Smithing experience as well as the money made on the side. Bring either iron or mithril ore (noted), along with coal (noted) and some coins, to world 58, where Ordan the dwarf will unnote them so you can put them in the Blast Furnace while people are operating it.
***** level 60 Mithril bars can be made with half the coal at the Blast Furnace in Keldagrim. The best world for this is 58 (official Blast Furnace world). Started The Giant Dwarf
***** Level 68 Mithril platebodies can be smithed at the Blast Furnace, and then high alched for minimal profit/minimal loss. You will lose money if you buy all the materials, but if you mine the mithril ore and coal yourself, you will make 2,888 coins per platebody. Started The Giant Dwarf
55 Magic
55 Mining
Level 70 Adamantite bars sell for 2,984 coins each, and require one adamantite ore and six coal per bar. Purchasing the materials then selling the bars gives a profit of 183 coins per bar. At four bars per trip, you can make about 43,920 coins and 9,000 experience per hour.
Level 85 Runite bars can be smelted at the Blast Furnace. Start out in Edgeville bank with coins, noted coal, and unnoted Runite ore in inventory, while wearing a charged glory amulet, take the agility shortcut to the GE, then take the mine cart to the blast furnace, smelt the ores there, then return to Edgeville bank by using the equipped glory amulet. Using a Pack yak, 56 Runite bars can be smelted roughly every 7 minutes, allowing 8 trips per Pack Yak, giving a net profit of 623,000 coins per hour. Started The Giant Dwarf
21 Agility
96 Summoning
***** Level 90 A player can buy a draconic visage from the Grand Exchange for 34,000,000 coins and attach it to an anti-dragon shield to get a Dragonfire shield, which sells for about 34,700,000 coins.
***** Level 99 A player can buy some fully degraded barrows equipment in the GE.Then teleport to their house and repair it on the armour stand. Then teleport back to GE (maybe using a portal room). Remember to wear smithing skillcape to get 50% cash discount. 10k+ profit for a repaired item. 55 Construction



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