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All slayer monsters have a chance of dropping a Dragon spear, though it's a rare drop.

If Smoking Kills has been completed, slayer points can be used to purchase the runes for Magic Dart. 35 points buy 250 Death runes and 1000 Mind runes, which can be sold on the Grand Exchange for 98500 coins. To obtain the maximum number of points, it is recommended that players use the highest slayer master for tasks that are a multiple of 10 to gain the benefit of the multiplier that comes with every 10th task.

Effectiveness Level requirement Details Other Requirements/Recommendations
***** Level 5 Crawling hands drop various kinds of rings, which can be sold to other players or alched. Some players consider the excuse of getting shield left halves and dragon spears a good reason why to attack these, but those drops are extremely rare. 10 combat
***** Level 10 Cave crawlers rather commonly drop grimy ranarr, which can be sold for about 10,700. Note that Cave Crawlers are poisonous, so an antipoison is strongly recommended. 30+ combat
***** Level 15 Banshees commonly drop stacks of 13 pure essence, which can be sold for about 126 each. In addition, they also drop numerous herbs, which can be often sold for 1.5k+ each. Note that Banshees are in the slayer tower, which requires the Priest in peril quest to access. Players must also equip earmuffs to protect against their screams, which lower all combat stats including hp. 50+ combat
***** level 23
Cave slime are found at the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. They drop 1-6 Swamp tar worth a whopping 80 gp each. The player must bring a Spiked helmet and several high healing food like monkfish with some Antipoisons. Players must also bring a Tinderbox and a non-open flame light source such as Candle lanterns, Bullseye lantern, etc. Once you attack the cave slime, it will poison you. Kill as many as you can until you reach 10 to 20 hitpoints. Heal and redo for maximum results. 30+ combat
***** Level 25 Cockatrices commonly drop Limpwurt roots, which can be sold for 2,267 gp each, and small stacks of Nature runes, which can be sold for 232 gp each. They also drop the occasional Mystic boots and Iron boots, which can be sold for 17,100 gp respectively 13,700 gp. Players who have started Fairytale II - Cure a Queen can use the fairy ring in front of the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon to teleport to Zanaris, bank there, and return (code is AJR). 50+ combat and a Mirror shield.
***** Level 52 Killing Jellies in Fremennik Slayer Dungeon are very good to train, drops such as Rune Full Helmet and Clue Scroll (level 3) can be obtained. 85+ combat
***** Level 56 Warped tortoises in the Poison Waste Slayer Dungeon tend to drop Tortoise shells which can be sold for 12,000 on the Grand Exchange. They also drop rune warhammers and pickaxes (worth 24,900 and 19,100 respectively). Perfect shells which can be sold to Barlak for 500 Crafting experience and 500 gp each. You can gain approximately 300k/hr. 90+ combat and Path of Glouphrie quest completed.
***** Level 58 Cave horrors, which are found in the Mos Le'Harmless Caves, have a chance at dropping Black masks, which are worth 1,200,000 coins each. Completed Cabin Fever quest
***** Level 60 Aberrant Spectres, which are found in the Slayer Tower or in the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon, are a good source for Herbs (especially Grimy ranarrs, which are worth 10,700 coins each. Nose peg (or a Slayer helmet in the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon) and high magic defence armour (like Dragonhide armour) is a must. You can also try to use prayer boosting armoury (like Proselyte armour) and Prayer potions). The Salve amulet (unenchanted) and Salve amulet (e) works on them, but won't stack with the Slayer helmet.
***** Level 68 Spiritual Warriors, which are found in the God Wars Dungeon. They drop various items good for using High Alchemy on, and have fairly common drops of Rune halberds, Rune Kiteshields, and Rune Longswords. They also drop Level 3 Clue Scrolls. 100+ Combat Advised
***** Level 70 Kurask can drop Mystic robe tops, shield left half, and various valuable noted/stacked items, in large quantities. 90+ combat, Leaf-bladed sword, leaf-bladed spear, Magic Dart, Broad arrows, Broad-tipped bolts
***** Level 72 Skeletal Wyverns can drop granite legs, and are said to drop Draconic visages more often than other dragons. An Elemental shield, Mind shield or Dragonfire Shield.
***** Level 75 Gargoyles can drop granite mauls, adamant boots, and black/red Mystic robe tops. 90+ combat
***** Level 80 Killing Nechryael can drop Rune boots and other Rune items as well as Dragon items. 95+ combat
***** Level 83 Spiritual Mages are known to drop Dragon boots, which are worth 391,600 coins each. However, they are only found in the God Wars Dungeon and their magic attacks can hit very hard, so equipment to protect from all 4 gods' minions as well as prayer potions for Protect from Magic are recommended. 100+ combat,
Started Troll Stronghold,
60 strength or
60 agility.
***** Level 85 Killing Abyssal Demons for the Abyssal whips they drop can prove very profitable, as they are worth 3,400,000 coins each. However, it is a rare drop. 100+ combat
***** Level 90 If one has started Mourning's Ends Part II, killing Dark beasts can be a fair profit, as they have valuable drops such as the dark bow, which is worth 1,245,756 coins. Although, like the Abyssal whip, it is a rare drop. 100+ combat

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