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Effectiveness Runecrafting level requirement Details Other requirements
***** Level 1 Either through the skill or through rune running, you can make air runes. World 16 is the official world for running air runes. Air runes are best made with rune essence (60 coins each) as opposed to pure essence. If running airs, it can be easy to find a high level Runecrafter who can assist you in crafting multiple runes. If you find a player who can craft 6 or more air runes per essence, this can make you a profit of approximately 336 coins per trip. As you reach higher levels, you will be able to craft more runes per essence (if you craft them yourself), which further increases profit. See the Air Running Guide for more information on this topic. Rune Mysteries completed.
***** Level 33 At this level you make 4 air runes per essence used. This gives you a profit of -336 coins per trip.
***** Level 44 Crafting Nature runes via the abyss is a good source of experience and cash. Nature runes are always in high demand sell for 232 each, which is a profit of 106 per essence if you buy your essence on the Grand Exchange. Abyss miniquest completed
***** Level 50 At 50 Runecrafting you can enter the Runecrafting Guild and craft runes in The Great Orb Project, then sell the runes with no need to buy essence. This gives a modest profit since you get the full value of the runes in profit and you can make them a lot faster if you are not picky on type.
With your tokens from The Great Orb Project, you can purchase pure essence. Assuming you are playing Three for Two on a f2p world with 5 people (this is the fastest you can earn from cooperative game play) you earn 2280 tokens per hour, which means 2280 pure essence.

See this page for a detailed calculator of value of items obtained from trading in tokens.

***** Level 54 Law runes are one of the best runes to craft for cash. They sell for roughly 296 coins in bulk on the Grand Exchange. You can also sell law runes to players in certain banks (such as the bank on top of Lumbridge Castle) where people are often desperate for teleports and may pay a thousand coins or more for a single law rune and other runes required for a teleport (for example, a fire rune and three air runes for Varrock Teleport). As you cannot take pickaxes with you to Entrana, when crafting in the abyss some players opt to stock up on Bronze Pickaxes and drop them before entering the rift (this can make you approximately 100 more runes per hour). You can also run law runes; see the Law Running Guide for more information on this topic. No armour or weapons equipped EXCEPT a law talisman staff
***** Level 59 At level 59 Runecrafting you start to make two cosmic runes per essence, which gives a greater profit than crafting nature runes are this level. Two cosmic runes will sell for a 124 coins per pure essence profit per essence, assuming you buy the essence. Lost City completed
***** Level 65 Craft death runes via the Abyss. Death runes are very popular and will sell for about 374 coins each, a profit of 248 coins each if you buy your essence. Mourning's Ends Part II completed, Abyss miniquest completed
***** Level 77 Craft blood runes via the Abyss, which sell for about 308 coins each, a profit of 182 coins each if you buy your essence. Legacy of Seergaze completed
***** At this level, you can craft both blood and death runes, you can use all four runecrafting pouches, and depending on your Summoning level, you can summon an abyssal parasite or lurker. With these extras you can craft around 2,000 runes per hour by using the Abyss. You earn less per rune when compared to law runes or sticking to only blood runes or death runes, but the quantity you make will earn you more gold per hour in addition the little extra experience per rune if you only made law runes. Legacy of Seergaze completed
Mourning's Ends Part II completed
High Summoning level.
***** Level 82 Craft double astral runes via Lunar Magic. Much like crafting double cosmic runes, this can bring a great profit. Double astral crafting earns you about 296 coins per essence if you buy your essence. Lunar Diplomacy completed
***** The above method is extremely fast if you use duelling rings (for fast bank access without using up inventory spaces for teleport runes), all 4 runecrafting pouches, an abyssal parasite or lurker, and Astral Teleport Tablets (to teleport directly to the altar). With all this you can make about 1,000 astral runes every 10 minutes or so. If you bought 500 pure essence, crafted them quickly, and then sold the runes, you could make about 148,000 coins every ten minutes, or 888,000 coins per hour. Lunar Diplomacy completed
54 Summoning
***** Another method with which to craft double astral runes is to use a spirit terrorbird (52 Summoning required) to make running easier, wield a staff of earth and use Tele Group Moonclan for transport to the altar. Beware of the level 111 suqahs that may attack you on the way to the altar. Lunar Diplomacy completed
52 Summoning

700,000 - 800,000/hour

Level 91 Crafting double nature runes via the Abyss is widely considered to be one of the best money makers in the game, as making double runes more than doubles the net Runecrafting profits. If you have 57 summoning, you can use the Spirit Graahk pouch which enables you to do runs to the nature altar 5-10 seconds faster than the abyss, making it the preferable choice. Two nature runes per essence means a profit of 338 coins per essence, if you buy the essence. Using all 4 runecrafting pouches allows one to carry up to 54 essence at once and thus make 108 nature runes per trip, which is a total of 18,252 coins profit per trip. Under the right conditions, this method can make you a million gold in just about an hour. If you don't have 91 Runecrafting, you can go to world 36 (the nature running server) and there will be players offering free double natures. Sometimes there may be no one there which could lower profit. Abyss miniquest completed Optional: 57 summoning
***** Level 99 99 Runecrafting can be extremely difficult for free players to obtain, but at level 99, you make ten air runes per essence used. This can give you a profit of 60 coins per essence, or 1,680 coins per inventory.

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