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Effectiveness Level requirement Details Other requirements
***** to ***** Level 1 Either through the skill or through rune running, you can make air runes. World 16 is the official world for running air runes. Air runes are best made with rune essence (worth 60 coins each) as opposed to pure essence (worth 126 coins each).

If running airs, it can be easy to find a high level Runecrafter who can assist you in crafting multiple runes. If you find a player who can craft six (6) or more air runes per essence, this can make you a profit of approximately 336 coins per trip.

As you reach higher levels, you will be able to craft more runes per essence (if you craft them yourself), which further increases profit! See the Air Running Guide for more information on this topic. Another way to make money fast is to use the Varrock teleport and travel to the Aubury's Rune Shop just south of the east bank, bring a pickaxe, and then mine the Rune essence after being teleported by the Aubury.

After receiving a full inventory of essence, bank and repeat until you have at least 1,000 rune/pure essence. Water rune running can also be used, due to the current rising price of water runes, although not as popular as air runes, with a high leveled assistant a beginner can craft 4,000 - 6,000 water runes a run!

More runes made at levels 11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88,and 99. An Explorer's ring 2 or 3 may increase the number of runes produced.
***** 50 With your tokens from The Great Orb Project, you can purchase high value talismans or essence and sell them on the Grand Exchange. For example, you can buy water talismans and sell them on the Grand Exchange for 6,470 coins each. Since a talisman costs 50 tokens, a fully played 50/50 game can give enough tokens for ten talismans (a total of 64,700 coins).You can also buy essence with your tokens. Both rune and pure essence cost 1 token per essence; free players get rune essence (60 coins each) and members get pure essence (126 each). Currently, free players should buy water talisman and members should remain buying pure essences for maximum profit, as 50 pure essence is almost double the value of a single water talisman. Alternately you could turn the essence you get for tokens into runes, increasing your Runecrafting experience.See this page for a detailed calculator of value of items obtained from trading in tokens. You can sell the runes you craft during game for extra cash.

Need level 50 Runecrafting.


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