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The prayer skill is very limited in its ways to make money.

Blessing Symbols

Effectiveness Level requirement Details Other requirements
***** Level 1 Players can buy Unpowered unholy symbol at the Grand Exchange for 40 coins each. If they have completed the Observatory Quest, they can have their unblessed unholy symbols blessed by the spirit of Scorpius, turning them into Unholy symbols. Completion of Observatory quest
Level 40 (and 40 ranged) Climb up the tower in the ranging guild and turn on protect from ranged. Collect the arrows they shoot. Go to the side with the higher levelled archers for better arrows.
***** Level 31 Players can buy Unblessed holy symbol at the Grand Exchange for 40 coins each. Unblessed holy symbols can be blessed by Brother Jered in the monastery, turning them into Holy symbols. Access to Monastary
***** Level 50 You can buy the Unblessed symbol in the Grand Exchange for 40 coins each. You will need an Unholy book for unholy symbols or a Holy book for holy symbols (The Book of balance can bless either symbol), an inventory of unblessed or unpowered symbols, a minimum of 4 prayer points, and an altar close to a bank (Some places with altars near banks include Ardougne, Varrock, or a Player-owned house in Yanille. You will need the altar to recharge your prayer as each blessing takes at least 4 prayer points to bless. The use of prayer potions would cost more than profit made from blessing the symbols. This will give you a profit of 99 for a Holy symbol and 84 for an Unholy symbol. Completion of Horror from the Deep
***** Level 85 You can buy a Spirit shield in the Grand Exchange for 206,000 coins each. Then buy a Holy elixir in the Grand Exchange for 6,200,000 coins each. To make the Blessed spirit shield players must use the elixir with the spirit shield at an altar of Saradomin. This will give you theoreticala profit of -14,588 for a Blessed spirit shield. Due to fluctuating GE prices, this method involves very high risk, and large chances of net loss.

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