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For pay-to-play

See the introduction and details here, as they apply to both F2P and P2P players.


Short-term Merchanting

Long-term Merchanting

Expensive Items

Buy items when prices are at the cheap and then sell them when demands for them are high. If they are cheap, they are probably dropping in price which means that they will be high numbers of the item being sold on the Grand Exchange.

Check out the Grand Exchange Database to see graphs of the prices of the items. This allows you to also see if the item is dropping in price.

Tricks of the Trade

Buy Low, Sell High

  • Buy bananas at their lowest price and sell them at their highest price.
  • Feathers work the same as the method described above.

The 5% Trick

The 5% percent trick is quite simple. You buy a high demand that's price is quite stable for 2.5% less than mid price and sell it for 2.5% above mid price. This is one of the easiest ways to merchant via the Grand Exchange. But remember if it doesn't work out for 2 or 3 days, give it a break, this is not a fool proof way of making money. Also avoid putting all your money into one just in case it doesn't work. It takes a while to get the hang of it. The items will not buy and sell instantly, this method requires a lot of patience

Penny Shares

Find an item on the Grand Exchange such as bone bolts, bronze arrows or low-levelled runes. Buy massive amounts of this item at the minimum price, then sell them back for the maximum price. Although these items will definitely sell (especially if you go onto the Grand Exchange Guide on the RuneScape site to find active items), they will take a few days or maybe even weeks to buy and sell. Be careful to choose items whose prices almost never change.

Decanting Potions

Buy commonly traded potions that have three doses left on the Grand Exchange for market price or less (Energy potions/prayer potions are recommended as they buy and sell almost instantly). Go to Bob Barter with 28 unnoted potions and decant them. Bank the 21 potions (which now have 4 doses) and 7 vials and repeat until all potions are done. Sell the potions with 4 doses for market price or more and sell the vials. The trips take no longer than 20 seconds, and almost no run energy is used due to the short distance.

There are several potions that is profitable with the reverse strategy, where four-dose potions are cheaper than their three-dose counterparts. These are primarily the potions that may be further refined into other potions, and often include range potions, magic potions, and super strength potions.

  • Note: If you do not buy the potions in a multiple of 4, then some of your potions will have 3,2, or 1 doses left, lowering your profit.

Set Merchanting

Another way of merchanting is by buying all the pieces of a grand exchange armour set. You can buy all the pieces of the set for medium price or below medium price then make them into a Grand Exchange armour set and sell the set for a higher than Medium price. This works because people don't want to take them time to buy each individual piece and then they just buy the set for less work.

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