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Part 1

Difficulty Members Details Requirements
***** Yes See Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup
***** Yes Members with a Crafting level of 10 can spin flax into bowstrings at Camelot, Falador, Lumbridge, or Neitiznot. Lumbridge is the quickest area to spin flax and bank, assuming you use all the shortcuts (holding right-click on Climb-Up Stairs just as the last piece of flax finishes, rotating your camera to get the Quick-Bank option very shortly after ascending the stairs). This method will grant you roughly 100,000 experience an hour long term.

To start, teleport to the area you have chosen, take your flax, then simply click on the wheel and select the appropriate amount of flax to spin. Spin the flax into bowstrings and sell them on the Grand Exchange for 216 coins each; almost doubling the amount of money you started with.

Alternatively you can pick your own flax from the flax field in Seer's Village and spin the flax in the spinning wheel located north west of the flax field. With this method you can make potentially make 5.3k per inventory at 216 coins each. The plucking itself gives you about 70k per hour long term.

The following is harder but more efficient: Use the flax gathered by your subjects from Miscellania. With 10 workers and a 100% approval rating, you will receive 1250 flax per day. If you spin them all and sell them on the Grand Exchange for 216 coins each; you will receive around 230k. Remember that you must pay your subjects daily. For an explanation of how this works, please refer to the Notable features of this guide. If you are a low level player it is neccesary to have good prayer

10+ Crafting
***** Yes This method works for regular logs, oak logs, and teak logs. Mahogany logs may sometimes work with this method, but due to their nature of fluctuating prices, it is advised not to use mahogany logs as of currently.

Players may either cut these logs themselves or buy them. Using the chart provided, take the required amount of money and logs to the sawmill operator, and get them converted into planks. It is advised to bank the planks in the east Varrock bank, then run back with the correct materials again and repeat the process. Once done, players can sell the planks at the Grand Exchange. Note that players will make much more money by cutting the logs themselves, rather than buying them, however, this will take significantly longer amounts of time.

See here for the chart and return profits]

***** Yes Members can collect or buy Seaweed and burn it into Soda ash for a profit. Buying Seaweed off the Cooking Guild and making Soda ash can turn a profit of over 150,000 coins per hour. To maximise profits, a player should buy a large amount of seaweed all at once and then make Soda ash at a bank that is very near to a Fire or a Range. Some good places to do this are East Varrock range, Zanaris, the Rogue's Den fire, or the range in the cooking guild.
  • Alternatively, players with little money to start up can collect seaweed from any of the locations listed here
***** Yes A player can buy grey wolf fur on the grand exchange for 46 coins each, then sell to Baraek for 74 coins profit. If the player wears the Ring of Charos (a), the player will get 104 coins profit instead. To efficiently use this method, it would be best to use Varrock west bank, and to wield the best weight-reducing items the player can wield, such as Boots of Lightness, Spotted Cape, or Spottier Cape. Another way to get it is to steal it from Ardougne Market at the Fur stall which requires level 35 Thieving and gives 36 experience.
***** Yes This is a very efficient but tedious way of making money. The player first visits Tenzing near the Warrior's Guild and repeatedly asks for climbing boots. Each pair of climbing boots costs the player 12 coins, so an effective thing to do is take 336 coins with nothing else stored within your inventory.

When the player has a full inventory of climbing boots, he/she can use a combat bracelet to teleport to the Warriors' Guild to bank or he/she can use a games necklace to teleport to the Burthorpe Games Room and then run to the Rogue's Den minigame to bank. This method requires the player to have completed Death Plateau up to the point where the player can buy Climbing boots, as well as have the required stats to enter the Warriors' Guild if they want to bank there(faster than banking at Rogue's Den).

You may also just use a ring of duelling to teleport to Castle Wars and bank there, teleport back using a games necklace, and repeat the process. Climbing boots sell for 787 on the Grand Exchange, therefore a full inventory (28) makes around 22036 coins. It only takes 2–3 minutes to obtain the 28 boots, bank them, and return to Tenzing (while wearing boots of lightness and spotted cape). That means that the player can make around 300,000 coins in an hour. It gets tedious going through the same conversation with Tenzing 28 times (although it only takes 2–3 minutes) to get to full inventory and this method doesn't offer any experience in any skill. If you are experienced in this method you can obtain around a thousand or so boots in around 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

***** to ***** Yes Treasure Trails can be immensely challenging and may offer hours of fun; however, some Treasure Trails may contain disappointing rewards that are often not worth your time. Clue scrolls are obtained from various monsters found within RuneScape, and the minigame that embarks is called a Treasure Trail.

There are three types of clue scroll levels in RuneScape:

  • Level 1 Clue - Usually dropped by lower levelled monsters ranging anywhere from level 1 all the way to level 40!
  • Level 2 Clue - Dropped by mid-level monsters/NPCs, usually from levels 45-80 (These are also dropped by falador guards lvl 21)
  • Level 3 Clue - The hardest and toughest clue of all, yet can be handsomely rewarding, this clue is frequently found by monsters from levels 80 all the way to the 300s.

Due to the difficult and risky nature of some clues, it is recommended to bank your most precious possessions, take some teleportation runes and teleportation jewellery with you, such as perhaps a Games necklace or Ring of duelling, and make sure you have a Sextant, Watch, and a Chart in your inventory, along with the clue scroll and of course, a spade!

If you find that the clue you are working upon is too arduous, you may of course feel free to contact others within RuneScape's forums or other forums of varying natures. Alternitavely, you could visit the Treasure Trails guide page for answers.

***** Yes A very simple method to make money is to go to the Falador East bank, empty your inventory and equip weight reducing equipment. From there, run around into the garden and trade with the Garden supplier. Buy a full inventory of Bagged plant 1 for 1,000 GP each. Fill up your bank with however many you want. Bagged plant 1 sell for 1,199 coins each over the Grand Exchange (they usually sell instantly at max price), meaning for every 100k you spend on 100 plants, you'll make approximately 20,000+ coins or more profit. Using this method you can make approximately 350,000+ GP per hour if you are using a Beast of Burden or Summoning familiar such as a Spirit Terrorbird.
***** Yes If you are good with sudokus then Rogue Trader is a great way to earn money. To do this you must have completed The Feud and must have started the aforementioned minigame.

Try to open the large chest from Ali Morrisane, you will have to solve the sudoku to be able to buy his runes. After you have solved it, buy the runes he offer you (costs max 60K) and sell them to players directly or via the Grand Exchange.

***** Yes A quick way to make a daily profit of 200,000 coins - 300,000 coins is by buying items from shops and selling them to players either directly or through the Grand Exchange. Stores that are known to induce profit include, but are not limited to:

NOTE: It takes 24 hours for most of these shops to replenish their supply due to the Personalised Shops update.

Part 2

Difficulty Members only? Details Requirements
***** Yes Seaweed can be collected from one of several respawn points (value: 233 coins each). It may optionally be burned to turn it into Soda ash (value: 315 coins each). Use Seaweed net for even better money making.
***** Yes Using your Silver sickle(b) you can cast bloom on logs and twigs in the mort myre swamp to get Mort myre fungi which sells for 1,297 coins each. Priest in Peril
Nature Spirit
***** Yes Buy eye of newts from Jatix's Herblore Shop in Taverly; 1000 are in stock, respawning 1000 every 24 hours. Run them to the bank in Falador; players should be able to bank about 17-18/minute. Eye of newts cost 3-4 coins each and are worth 24 coins in the GE. Purchasing 1000 daily takes a little under an hour for a profit of 20634 coins per day. Alternately 300 eye of newts, respawning 300 every 24 hours, are available from Betty's Magic Emporium in Port Sarim; the Explorer's ring cabbage patch teleport can be used to make the runs slightly faster.
***** Yes Collect swamp tar from the many respawn points in the Lumbridge swamp. Because swamp tars are stackable, you don't have to bank them. The current price of swamp tar is 133 coins, and about 9 can be collected per minute, for an income of 1197 per minute.
***** Yes Bucket of sand can be collected using buckets at the sandpit in Zanaris. Yanille is optional but the sandpit in Zanaris is closer to the bank. Completing The Hand in the Sand allows players to receive 84 buckets of sand free from Bert each day which is a 20,916 profit per day. Lost City
The Hand in the Sand
***** Yes Collect buckets of milk from your Wooden larder for 110 coins each or 3080 coins per full inventory when selling to the Grand Exchange.

@Level 33: Collect eggs from your Oak larder for 54 coins each or 1512 coins per full inventory, or flour for 114 coins each or 3192 coins per full inventory.

Level 9, 33, or 43 Construction required and a kitchen with a larder.
***** Yes Crafting Flax into Bowstrings requires level 10 crafting. Flax can be found in Seers Flax Field and there are many respawn points, so its very quick to get a full inventory. Bowstrings can be spun in a house in Seers' Village by using the flax on the spinning wheel. Bank and repeat; this method earns more or less 100,000 coins an hour or so. Once players attain a Seer's headband from the Seer's Village Diary, they can also talk to Geoffrey to receive 30, 60, or 120 free noted flax per day, depending on which Seer's Headband they have. 10 Crafting
***** Yes Red spiders' eggs can be produced by summoning spirit spiders. To do this, they must first construct or purchase the pouch and egg spawn scrolls off the Grand Exchange. The scrolls spawn 0-7 red spiders' eggs (which can be sold for 339 coins each) and each spirit spider last 15 minutes. Each pouch costs 607 coins, and each scroll costs 51 coins. Each scroll gives an average of 3 eggs, so it is essentially impossible to lose money this way. There is only a 20% chance of using a scroll and getting no eggs. 10 Summoning
***** Yes Buy vials of water and empty vials from Obli's General Store in Shilo Village; 1000 of each are in stock, respawning 1000 every 24 hours. A bank is very close; players can run vials from shop to bank at a rate of about 40/minute. Empty vials cost 5-6 coins each and are worth 18 coins in the GE, while vials of water cost 10-12 coins each and are worth 51 coins in the GE. The entire inventory can be purchased in about 50 minutes for a profit of 52535 coins per day. Shilo Village quest completed.
***** Yes Players can collect Blue dragon scale from Taverley Dungeon and grind them to procure blue dragon scale dust with a pestle and mortar. They can sell for 1,463 in GE. It will help if you have 70 Agility or more for the shortcuts involved and either 40 Summoning for a bull ant or 52 summoning for a terror bird, both of which are Beast of burdens and can restore energy. Falador TeleportTabs are very useful, because they only take up one inventory space and the way back isn't long. Around 250K-350K profit per hour can be made with 70 agility (depends upon which BoB you have)! High levels can make upwards of 450k per hour in optimal conditions! Optional
10 Construction
70 Agility
40 Summoning
***** Yes Jangerberries can be collected at the Ogre island east of Castle Wars. Players will need a Rope for each trip and should bank the berries at castle wars. Jangerberries sell for 449 coins each and a full inventory can be worth 12572. 10 Agility
***** Yes Players can collect Snape grass from Waterbirth Island. Snape grass sells for 387 coins in the GE. It will help if your magic level is 72 or higher, as you can teleport to Waterbirth Island with the Lunar magic spellbook. If your magic is lower than 72 you can also move your POH to Rellekka so you can use the most eastern lander of Rellekka to go to Waterbirth island. It also helps if you either use a Bull Ant, which requires 40 summoning, or a Spirit Terrorbird, which requires 52 Summoning, because they both can restore energy and have beast of burdens. Alternatively, if you have Fremennik Sea Boots 1 or a better set of boots from the Fremennik Province Diary you can speak to Peer the Seer who will deposit the snape grass in your bank for you, drastically reducing banking time. With the right methods, this method can make over 500k an hour but more frequently you'll make around 200k-350k an hour. Lunar diplomacy
72 Magic
40 Construction
40 or 52 Summoning

Completed Fremennik Province Diary to at least easy

***** Yes Swamp toads can be collected for 260 coins each from the swamp located in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. It takes approximately 4 minutes for a full trip with banking already added and each full inventory makes you around 7280 coins. By using the spirit tree you could arrive at the Grand Exchange very fast. The Grand tree is recommended.
***** Yes Collect a variety of items from Farming shops. 10 plant cures are available at a cost of 40 coins each, respawning the full inventory of 10 every minute, so they can be bought with each trip for other items; they sell at 166 coins each for a profit of 1,260 coins per trip. 300 compost are available at a cost of 20-26 coins each, selling at 130 coins each for a profit of 32,100 coins. 100 filled plant pots are available at a cost of 1 coin each, selling at 192 coins each for a profit of 19,100 coins. 60 baskets are available (10 single baskets and 50 in a convenient 50-unit pack) at a cost of 1 coin each , selling at 33 coins each for a profit of 960 coins. (sacks presently do not sell very quickly and are not advised) Trip time (purchase-load/to-bank/back-to-shop) varies with the shop, typically averaging about 50 seconds per load. Total profit, figuring 23 trips to collect all resources, is 82,130 coins daily at each farm shop, for a little under 20 minutes work each.
***** Yes Collect harpoons from Harry's Fishing Shop in Catherby. Harpoons cost 45-58 coins each (depending on quantity in inventory) and sell for 145 coins. 1000 are available initially, respawning 300 every 24 hours. A run from bank to store and back takes 30–35 seconds; with rests, a player should be able to collect 40-50/minute, depending on his agility (which sets how fast his run energy depletes). Daily profit runs 28200 to 26700 coins for about depending on whether you go daily or collect only every 3 days to get at the lower priced harpoons, for about 6–8 minutes daily work (or about 20 minutes every 3 days).
***** Yes Collect herbs by playing the Sorceress's Garden minigame. They are worth 659 coins to 10,700 coins. It is recommended to play the Summer Garden so you can get better herbs, and if you drop the low level herbs (grimy irit and under), you can make from 100,000 coins to over 175,000 coins. If you get just Grimy Ranarr, Grimy Dwarf Weed, and Grimy Lantadyme, you can make even more money!
***** Yes Collect white berries located near Isafdar. They are worth 1,292 coins each and respawn once every 5 seconds. Regicide Quest completed.
***** Yes Go Taverley Dungeon, head towards the blue dragons room (Dusty key required) and pick up all the scales. You'll only need some dragonhide armour and an anti-dragon shield. Level 70 agility recommended so you can take a shortcut otherwise bring some Falador Teleport runes. The scales sell for +1k a piece and almost instantly respawn; you can make 27k per trip and a trip only takes 5 minutes at the most!
***** Yes Buy Golden statuettes from the Grand Exchange and at least one Pharaoh's sceptre (the more you buy, the less often you will have to recharge them). Buy as many stone, pottery, or gold artifacts as you will need to recharge your sceptre (you will need to recharge it once every 2 trips if you are only using one). Wield the sceptre and an item that will teleport you to a bank (such as a Ring of Dueling) and withdraw 28 golden artifacts and teleport to the Jaleustrophos (Agility Pyramid). Simon will pay 1250 each for golden statuettes and 1000 each for golden scarabs for a profit of 7028 per trip.
***** No Buy 3 of the rune platebodys from Oziach, they are 65k each and sell them to the Grand Exchange for 69,492 but

you can only buy 10 from him every 15 minutes; wait for 3 more to restock. Keep switching worlds if the price of each rune platebody is above 69k.

Dragon slayer Quest completed.

Part 3

Difficulty Members Details Requirements
***** Yes Buy chocolate bars in Nardah for 20 coins each and sell them via Grand Exchange for 237 coins each.
***** Yes Lidio in the Warriors' Guild sells plain pizzas for 200 coins each, and there is a bank nearby. Buy pizzas from him, then sell the pizzas on the Grand Exchange for 1,645 coins each. Access to the Warriors' Guild
***** Yes Go to Rellekka and buy Fremennik cloaks for about ~300 coins each, then sell them in Grand Exchange. Prices vary according to colour; for example, the red cloak sells for about 525 coins. The Fremennik Trials completed
***** Yes Zaff in Varrock will sell battlestaves to players for 7,000 coins each. You can make a decent profit by selling them on the Grand Exchange for 8,346 coins each. Take note that you can only buy a limited amount each day, and that amount is dependent on how much of the Varrock Achievement Diary you have completed (be sure to wear the best Varrock armour possible when talking to Zaff). At least Easy tasks in Varrock Achievement Diary
***** Yes Buy vials of water from places such as the Ardougnegeneral store for 10 coins each. Bank them and repeat the process, then, sell them on the Grand Exchange for 51 coins each. Take note that you can only buy so many of them. This used to be very popular as vials of water used to sell for 100gp.
***** Yes Once a day, speak to Arhein in Catherby and buy 40 pineapples and 80 seaweed, all for 2 coins each. Sell the items on the Grand Exchange- pineapples go for 67 coins and seaweed sells for 233 coins.
***** Yes Buy dyes from the clothing shop in Lletya for 6 coins each. Sell them on the Grand Exchange. Prices vary by dye; orange dye, for example, currently sells for 1,248 coins each.
***** Yes With an axe and some coins in your inventory, chop down oak trees near the Sawmill. Convert the oak logs into oak planks and bank the planks, then repeat. Sell the planks on the Grand Exchange for 514 coins. Level 15 Woodcutting required.
***** Yes Buy Seaweed on the GE for 233 coins each, then burn it into soda ash on the fires that are always burning in the GE, then sell the soda ash back for 315 coins each. Reasonable amount of starting money.
***** Yes Buy certain Summoning pouches (most titans) for low prices on the Grand Exchange and exchange them for a certain amount of spirit shards from Bogrog. Bogrog will accept noted pouches. You can then sell them on the Grand Exchange or on the RuneScape Forums (preferably for lower than 25 coins each) for a massive profit. Be aware that it might take a while to sell the shards. However, you need a considerably higher summoning level than the pouch you want to exchange, or Bogrog won't give you any shards. Wolf Whistle completed, varying Summoning levels
***** Yes Although the prices between different pieces of Barrows equipment vary, the cost to repair them is still the same. You can buy degraded Barrows items for their minimum price, repair them, and sell them back for maximum price. It might take a while to find buyers, but if you only do this with the most expensive Barrows items, you can make quite a bit of money per item on the difference in price between a broken item and a repaired item.
***** No Find an item on the Grand Exchange such as bone bolts, bronze arrows or low-levelled runes. Buy massive amounts of this item at the minimum price, then sell them back for the maximum price. For example, if you buy bone bolts at 3 coins each and sell them for 4 coins each, you make a 33% profit. This might not seem like much, but when you buy hundreds of thousands of bone bolts, you can make a huge profit. Although these items will definitely sell (especially if you go onto the Grand Exchange Guide on the Runescape site to find active items), they will take a few days or maybe even weeks to buy and sell. Be careful to choose items whose prices almost never change. Reasonable amount of starting money.
***** Yes Buy Climbing Boots from Tenzing in his hut north of Burthorpe for 12 coins each. You have to go through all of his dialogue first,so it is somewhat slow. However, you buy the boots from him for 12 coins, and they sell on the grand exchange for around 700-900 coins per item.Using combat bracelets to and banking at the Warrior's guild is strongly advised to save time. Alternating a games necklace and dueling ring is another option. Makes 250,000 coins+ an hour if the player has an agility level of at least 30 or more. Death Plateau
***** Yes Buy 27 blue dragon scales on the Grand Exchange for 1,435 coins each. Then buy pestle and mortar on the Grand Exchange for the maximum price. Use the blue dragon scale on the pestle and mortar and select the option "Make All". When you have made them all into dragon scale dust, sell them all on the Grand Exchange for 1,463 coins, for a profit of 67 coins each. This is not a good way to make money at all, so this should be avoided. Reasonable amount of starting money.
***** Yes The Culinaromancer's Chest in Lumbridge will sell many food items, such as pat of butter and cheese to players for cheap prices. You can make a decent profit by selling them on the Grand Exchange, and most of them sell pretty fast, with all of them making a profit. Note that you can only buy a limited amount each day, and that amount is dependent on how much of the Recipe for Disaster quest you have completed. The first part of Recipe for Disaster
***** Yes The Hunter Shop in Yanille has Butterfly jar, which you can buy for only 1 coin each. You can make a decent profit by selling them on the Grand Exchange, and most of them sell pretty fast.
***** Yes Buying Sapphire Glacialis (item) on the Grand Exchange and releasing them can be very profitable with lots of focus. The empty jars can sell very fast on the GE so you can make some quick money. This can make you anywhere from 100k to 300k per hour.
***** Yes Go to Lumbridge near the General Store and start killing men and women. Pick up the grimy herbs that they drop and clean the herbs that you have the right level to clean, as clean herbs sell for more on the Grand Exchange. When you have a full Inventory go to the Lumbridge Castle and bank the herbs. When you have at least two inventories, go to the Grand Exchange in Varrock and sell them. This method gets you about 100,000 coins per hour. Optional completion of Druidic Ritual

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