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Part 1

Effectiveness Members only? Details Requirements
***** No With no starting money, collect free sample items from shops around RuneScape. However, this method is not really good because there is only one item available per store and they are low-value items. None
***** to ***** No If you go to a chicken coop, there are always raw chickens on the ground. There are sometimes even bones and feathers. If you pick up the chicken and bank it, this method can get 3,000 gp or more (depending on which item you pick up). This is one of the easiest methods there is. None
***** No With a medium amount of starting gold coins, a player can travel to the Grand Exchange, and buy up items commonly used in player killing. Then, being sure to bank their items for safety before travelling, that player could make their way to the bank in Edgeville. After arriving, that same player should switch to a bounty world. Then, that player can sell their items for grossly inflated prices to the PKers there, with all the demand. It is suggested that the player sell items such as lobsters, Rune 2h's or adamant arrows. Profit from this method can vary depending on items used, and aggressiveness of marketing.However,the trade limit makes this money making method very limited in its profit, as free players can only make a 10k profit per 15 minutes. While one waits for 15 minutes while the profit maximum regenerates, one can perform another moneymaking technique. This can be extremely effective coupled with methods such as casting high alchemy, woodcutting the nearby yews, or PKing. Minimum combat level of 20. (To get into a Bounty World).
***** No Betty's Magic Emporium in Port Sarim sells eye of newts for 3 coins each. Buy these in bulk from the shop and sell them on the Grand Exchange for 24 coins each making a profit of 21 coins each. (1,000 eyes of newt = 21,000 coins profit) None
***** No Raw chickens from Port Sarim can be bought for 9 coins each and sell them on Grand Exchange for 70 coins each. None
***** No Rising Sun Bar in Falador sells Wizard's Mind Bombs for 3 coins each. They can be sold on the Grand Exchange for 102 coins each. Note that this method can be a bit slow as there is not a buy "X" option although it is still somewhat profitable. None
***** No Cheese and Tomatos spawn in Aggie's house in Draynor Village every minute or so. It can be taken and sold at the Grand Exchange for around 108 and 76 coins each respectively. None
***** No Clay can be mined south-east of Varrock and turned into soft clay when mixed with water, which sells for 288 coins each. None
***** No Cowhides can be bought from the Grand Exchange for 224 coins. They can be tanned by Ellis at Al Kharid and the leathers exchanged sold back for 291 coins each. Tanning them into hard leather can sell for 288 coins. None
***** Yes if Humidify is used
otherwise No
Buy empty vials from the Grand Exchange for 18 coins each. Fill them with water at any water source and sell the vials of water back for 51 coins. The eastern Varrock bank, western Falador bank, and the Culinaromancer's chest are all banks that have nearby water sources. Members who have access to Lunar Spells can cast Humidify to fill vials at a faster rate. This method is quicker but less cost effective due to the cost of runes. Please beware you only get a small amount of profit e.g. if you spend 93k you will only receive 5k profit 68 Magic if using Humidify method
***** No Buy items that are part of an armour set, package the components, and sell the sets. This is a very cash intensive process, as you must purchase each of the components separately (or make them) in order to create the sets. It is important to understand both the market and the kind of armour that you are packaging up. Some sets like rune armour require a quest to be completed (Dragon Slayer), and are unlikely to be purchased as a complete set. A patient merchant can purchase the components at the minimum price and sell the completed sets at the maximum market price, pocketing the difference as profit. Members have a significant advantage doing this with both wider diversity in terms of the number of different sets available and having six slots on the Grand Exchange to purchase components, but this can be done by free players as well.

Note: A hidden update in late October, 2009 placed a 4 hour trade cap on set related items, including godswords and their hilts. This update significantly slows the set merchanting process and increases risk since prices can change in the four hours. The end result is that this is still profitable, but a lot slower and riskier.

***** No Buy up commonly traded items in mass amounts at the Grand Exchange that are currently rising in price, wait until the item price levels off or starts going down, and sell the items. For example, suppose tin ore was 26 coins on the Grand Exchange and rising in price. A player with 2.6 million gold could buy 100,000 tin ore and watch the Grand Exchange graphs on the RuneScape home page, and once the price began to level off or fall, they could sell their ores. If tin ore went up only 10 coins each and that player sold all 100,000 at 36 coins each, they would make exactly 1 million coins in a matter of days for almost no work. This method may require some patience and careful price watching but can be very rewarding if done correctly. A reasonable sum of money, perhaps more than a couple million coins!
***** No Invest in tradeable discontinued items. Hold onto them for a while until the price rises considerably. Many players make hundreds of millions by "hoarding rares" (buying many discontinued items at once and holding them until the price rises). However, this strategy is mainly based on luck, as some rares can drop in price over time (such as santa hats). Even with the Grand Exchange being in place this can still be done, although investors would need to keep an eye on where the price is going. Also note that most discontinued items are very expensive, ranging in price from nine million coins all the way up to over six hundred million coins.(prices of discontinued change by millions over months). Alternatively players can buy holiday items such as pumpkin masks and santa hats a few months before the festive season, the prices of these items almost always rise in price coming up to the festive season. A lot of money for discontinued items (at least 200 million coins)
***** No Buy pastry and pie dishes of equal amounts and make pie shells and sell them via the grand exchange. This results in 34,000 coins profit from 74,000 coins invested (224 of each respective item) None
***** No Buying up frequently traded items like swordfish and selling them at highest price. Though usually it can only give 5% profit of base fund per day, it can be very useful for wealthy players. At least 1 million coins
***** No Talk to Duke Horacio in Lumbridge Castle, and ask about Rune Mysteries, he will give you a free Air Talisman. Drop it and keep asking him, and he will give you more. Make sure you pick up your talismans before other people can take them (About 1 minute), or they disappear. When it becomes too much work to drop and pick up your talismans, bank them, and withdraw them as notes. Drop them when you talk to the Duke and continue. Updwards of 1 million coins an hour for level 3s. (No longer possible as Jagex changed the Air Talisman Duke Horacio gives you into a non-tradeable Talisman.) Must have not completed Rune Mysteries

Part 2

Effectiveness Details Requirements
***** to ***** Going in the Party Room can be extremely profitable, because some drops can fetch up into the millions.
***** Some types of processing can be done anywhere and still make a profit! For example, on the Grand Exchange players can buy clay and water in whatever kind of container people are selling it in; they can transfer the water into the clay and sell the soft clay and empty containers. So at min. price, starting with say 30,000 coins, buy 28,000 coins worth of clay and the same amount of buckets and turn it into soft clay by filling up the buckets with water.
***** Item Lending can be an effortless way of making money. Often borrowed items include high-level, expensive weapons, such as the Rune scimitar or Rune 2h sword, at prices ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 per hour. The best places to lend items are around safe combat mini-games. Only one item can be lent out or borrowed at any time. An easy 10,000 coins can be made by lending a high-level weapon out while you log out, or while you do something which does not require a weapon. There are other weapons such as Godswords and Dragon claws that could be lent up to 100,000gp per hour, it's hard to get these items for you to lend out, but could be very well worth it. Please note that players sell their junk now for lending out the item, because of the max trade limit, yet this is not always safe to do due to volatile trading demands.
***** Players who have started Dragon Slayer, you can talk to Duke Horacio in Lumbridge Castle to receive an Anti-dragon shield. When you get it, drop it and talk to him again to keep on getting more. This is called the Drop trick. A full inventory is approximately 17304 coins and it takes 5 minutes to do this. After you have got a full inventory, note the shields and keep on dropping the shields and getting more. If you have completed the quest, you should be able to do this faster. Started Dragon Slayer
***** Cowhides can be mass-bought from Grand Exchange and tanned to soft or hard leather, and then sold back to GE. Tanning 27 soft cowhide (one full load) yields profit of 1782 coins per inventory, and tanning 27 hard leather yields profit of 1647 coins per inventory. The most efficient place to tan cowhides is between Al Kharid bank and Ellis's tanner shop.
***** After the personalised shop update, many items that are sold at shop at price lower than the GE price has been made available. Players can buy these inexpensive goods and sell them back to GE for a profit. Some of the profitable items include earth, water, law and death runes.
***** On PvP worlds take arrows, specifically adamant arrows lying on the ground during large clan fights and sell them on the Grand exchange.

Part 3

Effectiveness Members only? Details Requirements
***** No Collect free fish from powerfishers at Barbarian Village. Bank at Edgeville. This works very well usually as there are many powerfishers, though there may be many people there who beg for the fish from the nearby dungeons.
***** No Kill cows near Lumbridge and collect Cow Hides. When you have around 20, walk into the desert tan them to soft leather. Selling these at Grand Exchange will get good money. Alternatively, collect the cowhides that other players in the cow field leave behind. The ability to kill a cow.
***** No In Karamja players can collect bananas for Luthas and put them in the box outside his hut. When they've filled the box, Luthas will pay them 30 coins.
***** No Potatoes can be found in several places on both member and free-to-play worlds. The current price of potatoes in the GE are 75 coins, and are in strong demand due to several member's only food items that can be prepared with them, as well as for the Stew in F2P cooking. The fastest method of obtaining them in F2P worlds to collect them from the potato farm east of Draynor Village, alternatively these can be bought from Wydin's Food Store in Port Sarim for 16 coins each. Optional
***** No Gathering items from the cooking guild can be decent money for lower levels since several high-demand items spawn there. Players may gather them at the Cooks' Guild fast and run them straight to the Varrock West Bank which is directly east(or the Grand Exchange, which is north) Players that work hard at this method can make 10,000 to 20,000 coins an hour, though luck is needed as the guild would be busy even in easy worlds. Members who have completed the Medium Varrok Achievement Diary can use a bank which is inside the guild. Cooking 32
Chef's hat
***** No Players can go around PvP worlds gathering drops peoples do not want and selling them on the Grand Exchange or processing them to gain the experience and raise value. This can be slow if you are not picky on what you gather. Combat 20
***** No In the Dark Knights' Fortress in the Wilderness there are rune spawns of body runes, mind runes, chaos runes, and the four elemental runes, water, fire, earth, and air. After collecting a certain number of runes, a player can sell them at the grand exchange. It is recommended to go to a very unpopulated world as many players come to the fortress.(WARNING) Revenants frequently patrol in the Fortress, if you are within level range of a revenant, you will be attacked and possibly killed. Encounters with revenants can be avoided by simply logging out or climbing up the nearest ladder(though revenants can climb ladders) if you see a revenant approach.
***** No Pastry dough can be produced to make money. A player who can go to cooking guild can first buy pots and buckets at Varrock, obtain grain near the guild, enter the guild and make flour, then use bucket of water on pot of flour to produce pastry dough. There is a sink in the guild so possibly more pots should be brought. Drop excess pots and buckets for space, until inventory space is full of doughs. They can be sold for about 569 coins each. Members have an advantage of using the bank if they completed the Varrock medium diaries. Players need to travel further if they don't have 32 cooking. Optional
Cooking 32
***** No Red spiders' eggs can be found in the sewers of Varrock and Karamja Dungeon. Eggs respawn approximately every 40 seconds in a easy world, and can be sold for 339 coins each. Be warned to bring food and armour to fend off the spiders, and they actually don't drop the eggs. The Varrock sewers is multicombat area so be careful. Combat 50
***** No Steel bars respawn in the southern part of Ruins (west), in level 22 wilderness west of Bandit camp, and can be sold for 958 coins each. It is highly recommended to switch worlds since respawn time is long. Be warned revenants travel about this place very often. Combat 20
***** No Players can go to the hill North-east of lava maze (which is light brown circle in the map) and collect the sapphire there. There are a lot of spider and giant spider so make sure you have high defence level (bringing weapons and armour is not recommended because revenants may be there and when you die you will have sapphires instead of armour saved). The sapphire respawns slow so you need to do some world switching. Defence 40
***** No Raw or cooked Tunas can be freely obtained from powerfishers in Karamja in busy worlds. Raw tunas are currently worth 156 coins each and cooked ones worth 132 coins each. Rarely the fishers would drop gems and can be taken for further uses. Explorer's ring 3 can be used to shorten travel time, and having a good fishing level can save waiting time. Optional
Fishing 35
Explorer's ring 3
***** No Grapes can be freely obtained from Phoenix gang or the cooking guild, though the player must select to join it in the quest Shield of Arrav. The closest bank available is the Varrock East bank. 28 grapes are currently worth 6664 coins. Shield of Arrav
Phoenix Gang
***** No Monk's robes can be obtained at the Monastery just west of Edgeville. There are 2 pieces to the complete outfit (robe top and bottom) and they respawn approximately every 52 seconds. The robes sell for 944 coins for the top and 599 coins for the bottom on the Grand Exchange. A player may obtain an extra set of robes by wearing the first ones they pick up. Prayer 31
***** No Dyes can be produced using onions and redberries, Yellow dyes sell 216 coins each, and Red dyes sell 911 coins each. For free players, onions can be collected in south of Fred the farmer's house, redberries can be collected between the stone circle and Varrock east mine, but alternatively be bought at the old Gnomecopter site for 4 coins each.
***** No Planks can be obtained in the Graveyard of Shadows or Ruins part of wilderness, and sold for 191 coins each. Zombies and revenants might swarm this place but the Bounty Hunter bank is near the site. It is not recommended to travel to Crandor to collect the planks. Members may deposit planks in deposit box from behind Barbarian outpost. Combat 20
***** No Wine of zamorak can be obtained in the Chaos Temple north of Falador, just south of the wilderness ditch. It is recommended to use telekinetic grab to steal the wine. Alternatively you can kill all the monks and simply take the wine, which the former method consumes law runes but latter method will need certain defence and food. Members can take the wine wearing Zamorak robes. The wines sell for 1,837 coins each. Magic 33 (Recommended)
No Buy eyes of newt at Port Sarim magic shop (3 coins each), switch worlds, buy more. Bank them at the bank deposit box near the monks who take you to Entrana. Sell at Grand Exchange for 24 coins each. This way if you had 30K spending all of it on eyes of newt you can make around 450K to 500K so it's a very good way to make money for low level players. None
***** No From the west of the palace in Varrok, there is a road leading north and south. Go north, past the gates, and jump over the ditch. The road should be turning to the east. Continue going north, and you should see a ring of lava. Press the middle of the ring of lava (from your minimap) and your player should go to the north part, and go inside. If you brought 10k, then buy capes from the man. If you didn't bring 10k, then pick up the bones. Once you have a full inventory of either capes or bones (or both), go to the Grand Exchange and sell them. Emergency teleport, combat level at least 10 recommended. 10,000 coins optional for a higher profit.
***** Yes Go to Lumbridge near the General Store and start killing men and women. Pick up the grimy herbs that they drop and clean the herbs that you have the right level to clean, as clean herbs sell for more on the Grand Exchange. When you have a full Inventory go to the Lumbridge Castle and bank the herbs. When you have at least two inventories, go to the Grand Exchange in Varrock and sell them. This method gets you about 100,000 coins per hour. Optional completion of Druidic Ritual

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