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Effectiveness Mining level requirement Details Risk factors Other requirements
Level 1(30) Mining rune/pure essence
You can mine rune essence at level 1 mining or pure essence at level 30 mining and sell it for around 60 coins each for rune essence or 126 for pure essence (sometimes you need to drop the price a little bit to get it to sell in the Grand Exchange). Essences mine quickly; it usually takes less than a minute to fill an inventory, and then another minute or so is needed to get the mined essence to a bank and return to the mine for another load. For fast banking it is recommended that you use Aubury in Varrock to get to the essence mines and deposit each load of runes in the bank which is just north of his shop. Members with 66 Magic can instead go to Wizard Distentor at the Wizards' Guild in Yanille, which is closer to a bank.
Rune Mysteries completed.
Level 1 Mining clay
In the West Varrock Mine, in the Dwarven Mine, or near the Crafting Guild, you can mine clay, which sells for 160 coins each. You can wear a bracelet of clay, which automatically converts mined clay into soft clay. Soft clay sells for 288 coins each.
  • Level 6 Mugger in the mine south-west of Varrock
  • King Scorpions if you enter the Dwarven Mine from the Falador entrance
  • If a player with a higher mining level is also mining the clay, you may not be able to get any
Crafting level of 40 to enter the Crafting Guild


Level 20 Mining silver
Silver ore sells for 286 coins each, and is found in accessible locations. The best is the West Varrock Mine due to its proximity to a bank, but the Al Kharid mine is also available. Unfortunately, silver ore rocks only respawn every 2 minutes, which means a lot of time standing around waiting for the ore to become available for mining, which greatly reduces the profit per hour.


Level 20 Mining silver (crafting guild)
There are twice as many silver rocks at the crafting guild as at the West Varrock Mine or Al Kharid mine, meaning the mining goes quicker, but its distance from a bank means the final profit is reduced.
  • If a player with a higher mining level is also mining the silver ore, you may not be able to get any
Crafting level 40


Level 30 Mining coal
At this level you can mine coal and sell it for 269 coins each. Players can use the coal trucks west of Seers' Village for more efficient mining. At the coal trucks your profit is about 108k an hour assuming you get a single coal ore in 5 seconds and later on sell the coal for 180gp a piece. The Seer's headbands will increase the amount Stankers will allow in the coal trucks.
  • If a player with a higher mining level is also mining the coal, you may not be able to get any
Seer's headband 1-3(optional)


Level 40 Mining gold
You can mine gold ore in the Dwarven Mines, the Rimmington Mine, or in the Al-Kharid mine (each mine has 2 gold rocks). Gold ore sells for 313 coins each. However, this method is not very effective because of the slow respawn rate of gold (approx. 2 minutes). The player can also mine at the Arzinian Mine which has one-hundred and forty-six rocks. A nearby Dwarven boatman, east of the mine entrance, banks the player's gold ore for a charge of 20% of the gold ores, rounded up. You can also mine at northwest Karamja near Brimhaven, Tzhaar City, and the mine under the Grand Tree (Grand Tree quest required). If you have completed the Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf quest, you can mine gold at the North Keldagrim mining area.
*Gold helmet


Level 40 Mining gold (Karamja/Crandor)

Although Crandor island and the Karamja volcano would seem to be a good location for members as you can go through to tzhaar city and bank there.

  • If a player with a higher mining level is also mining the gold, you may not be able to get any
90 gold (for the boat); must have reached Crandor island on the Dragon slayer quest.
***** Level 55 Mining mithril
Mithril ore sells for 287 coins each, but supply is very limited for non-members. The Mining Guild contains 5 mithril rocks (but requires 60 Mining), and mining from mithril rocks in the Wilderness or Lumbridge Swamp is also possible. There are 3 mithril rocks at the Al Kharid mining area, and there is also mithril on Crandor, although the distance and the presence of aggressive monsters does not make it a convenient place to mine.
***** Level 60 Mining coal (Mining Guild)
Once you can enter the Mining Guild, coal mining speeds up noticeably as there are many coal rocks inside the Guild and the Guild is very close to the eastern bank in Falador.
***** Level 70 Mining adamantite
Adamantite ore sells for 1,187 each and can be found in the Hobgoblin Mine (level 34-37 Wilderness), the west Lumbridge Swamp mines, Crandor, or the Grand Tree mine (members). If you mine in the Wilderness mine, also note that it is a common place at which to find revenants. Do not pass through the Bandit Camp on your way to or from the mine. At First this seems very profitable but with the amount of time to switch worlds or waiting for the ore to re spawn it greatly decreases in profit per hour

Money/ore amount scale:

  • 15 Adamantite ore= 17805 coins.
  • 28 Adamantite ore= 33236 coins.
  • 50 Adamantite ore= 59350 coins.
***** Level 77 Concentrated Coal
Coal ore may not be worth much, but you can mine a huge amount of it at the Living Rock Caverns. Refer to below (concentrated gold) for more information (besides money made). This ore is a logical precursor to concentrated gold. Mining it is slightly worse than granite for xp/hour, but you don't have to drop it, so you make money.
***** Level 80 Concentrated gold
Gold ore may not be worth much, but you can mine a huge amount of it at the Living Rock Caverns. You can make anywhere from 100-200k per hour depending on if you're using a rune or dragon pickaxe, and if you're using a summon or not. World 84 has a network of players mining, fishing, and killing rock monsters, so you're less likely to die there. The experience is also on-par with granite, so this is a great place for xp, cash, or smithing/crafting materials.
Very dangerous for low level players, level 120, 140 and 10 monsters are here
***** Level 85 Mining runite
Runite ore is the most expensive ore in the game, at 17,228 coins each. It is only found in a few locations, including a few rocks in deep Wilderness. This is the only runite location available to free players. The amount of time it takes runite to respawn is dependent on world population; it will spawn quicker on more-populated worlds. Most players who mine runite tend to switch worlds rather than wait for the ore to respawn. Again this is the same as with Adamantite ore. The amount of time world hopping and waiting the profit per hour decreases.

Money/ore amount scale:

  • 15 Runite ore= 258420 coins.
  • 28 Runite ore= 482384 coins.
  • 50 Runite ore= 861400 coins.

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