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Effectiveness Level required Details Other Requirements
***** Level 7 Buy sapphire necklaces for 1,833 coins, cosmic runes for 125 coins each, and a water staff, which costs 864 coins. Enchant the sapphire necklaces and sell them for 2,244 coins, pocketing the difference. This is much more effective if you start out with a bit of cash. Non-members can do the same with Sapphire amulets, making Amulets of Magic. However, this will make less profit.
***** Level 25-58+ Teletabs can be made and sold for both magic experience and profit, provided you have access to a lectern. You can visit a friends lectern either. A dedicated world for house parties is currently World 31. The different teletabs you can make depends on your Magic level and the type of lectern you use. Assuming all materials are purchased (including runes and soft clay), each teletab gives the following profit: Varrock Teleport (357 coins), Lumbridge Teleport (398 coins) Falador Teleport (366 coins), Camelot Teleport (291 coins), Ardougne Teleport (125 coins), and House Teleport ( coins). In general, it is possible to craft about 900 teletabs per hour if a butler is helping you. 40 Construction (less if you have tea)
***** Level 33+ The Mage Training Arena is a decent place at which to train Magic for profit. Though cost of runes to earn points may seem high, infinity robes sell for high amounts of coins, ultimately resulting in profit. The best things to buy are the infinity boots and the mage's book. This proves to be an extremely good source of money for those who can do this minigame for a long time, averaging up to 500K per hour.
***** Level 65+ Killing iron or steel dragons can be a very good profit maker as they both drop the draconic visage! High defence will help.
***** Level 68+ Humidify fills vessels in the players inventory with water. It can make up to 100k coins per hour Dream Mentor and Lunar Diplomacy
Level 77+ Casting Superglass Make can be very profitable. Each cast converts all pairs of buckets of sand and seaweed in your inventory to approximately 1.33 molten glass per set. Each cast uses 2 astral runes, 10 air runes and 6 fire runes.The most efficient inventory is to use an air rune-supplying staff and have astral and fire runes in your inventory, along with 13 buckets of sand and 13 seaweed. You can complete upwards of 200 casts per hour this way.

If you follow the alternate method here, you can roughly double the amount of casts per hour.

Note: The amount of glass obtained per inventory can vary significantly (between 13 (a 1:1 ratio) and 22 (a 1:1.7 ratio)), so be aware your profit may vary.

Requires Dream Mentor and Lunar Diplomacy.

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