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Effectiveness Magic level requirement Details Risk factors Other requirements
Level 33 The Chaos Temple by the Goblin Village has Wine of zamorak which can be easily acquired by using the Telekinetic Grab spell. The nearest bank is in Falador. Wine of zamorak sells at the Grand Exchange for 1,837 coins each.
  • Competition for the wine from other players doing the same thing
Air staff (or air runes) and law runes



Level 33 If you follow the East Wilderness border up past the clan wars, and as far as the first lesser demon you see, there will be a small island surrounded by lava. On this island there are two nature rune respawns. The first respawn, on the west side of the island, spawns 4 nature runes. The East spawn has 3 Nature runes. If you just tele-grab the 4 natures, you will make a profit of 632 coins per cast. The nature runes respawn every 100 seconds, allowing for a maximum of 252 nature runes collected per hour, or around 560 through world hopping.
  • Minor risk: Lesser Demons might attack you if you get too close, but there are safe spots.
  • Major risk: There is a small chance that a revenant may attack you, but there are two (surprisingly) safe spots from them as well.
Air staff (or air runes) and law runes
***** to ***** Level 55 Some items give a profit when turned to coins with high level alchemy compared to purchase in the Grand Exchange.
  • Changes in buying price of items or runes
Fire staff (or fire runes) and nature runes

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