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Hunter can be a very profitable skill to earn money as high level hunters get good loot and can get very good catches.

Effectiveness Level requirement Details Other requirements
***** Level 1 Track Polar kebbits at the polar hunting area. Their furs sell for about 3,424 coins each. Using the fairy ring system can greatly reduce banking time, as there is a nearby fairy ring in the area and a bank in Zanaris.
*****, ***** if not using Fairy rings) Level 15 Catch Ruby Harvest butterflies, priced at around 1,041 coins each. Banking at Tree Gnome Stronghold is recommended. Butterfly jars cost one (1) GP each at a hunting shop. If you have started Fairytale II - Cure a Queen, you may stop by the Yanille Bank, withdraw a Dramen/Lunar staff, butterfly net and 27 coins, then head to the Hunter store to buy 27 butterfly jars. Use the fairy ring to the northwest to go to Pistacoris Hunting area, get 27 catches, then return to Yanille bank via Fairy ring, deposit the 27 Ruby Harvest jars, withdraw another 27 coins and repeat.
***** Level 17 Catch Baby Implings at the Impetuous Impulses minigame in Puro-Puro or throughout RuneScape. These are very common and are valued at approximately 1,285 coins. Be sure to bring your butterfly net and, if it is not your first time, a couple of impling jars which sell for 934 at the Grand Exchange. Catch them in the south east corner of Puro-Puro and bank them in a nearby bank. Always save nine (9) baby impling jars so you can trade them for an inventory full of jars with Elnock Inquisitor. And to even make the profit better, you should trade all Baby Implings for 3 jars and then sell those at the Grand Exchange for 934 per 1.
***** Level 29 Net trap Swamp Lizards in the Canifis hunting area. Players can bank them at the Canifis bank. They sell for around 1,450 coins each. They are a little hard to sell in the Grand Exchange, that's why the most effective way to sell them would be to use the RuneScape Forums to find a person to sell them to. You also need to finish Priest in Peril to get to the swamp and Canifis. Doing In Search of Myreque would make catching the lizards a whole lot easier by using the trapdoor behind the bar. If a player were to catch, and bank, swamp lizards from level 29 hunter all the way up to level 99 hunter, the player would have made well over 100 million gp in profit.
***** Level 41 Pitfall Graahk, the almighty no luck attached easiest way to make money off of hunter. The good Graahk furs are more in demand than good Kyatt furs. Depending on the market, they sell for 4k-7k. Shilo Village quest complete
Level 53 Box trap chinchompas at the woodland hunting area. They sell for around 397 coins each, and are also stackable, so players don't need to bank every now and then. If done effectively this gives about 170 chinchompas in an hour, yielding approximately 67,000 coins per hour.
*****, ***** with lunar banking Level 55 Players can trap Sabre-toothed kyatts at the Trollweiss Hunter area. Their fur sells for about 9,664 coins each.Keep in mind, tatty fur's are only worth 65 coins each, this makes it a lot slower. If you have done Dream Mentor you can teleport to Moonclan Island and bank with 'Bird's-Eye'_Jack then have any other Moonclan npc kick you off the island. Dream Mentor, so you can bank without being kicked off the island
77,000 to 170,000
Level 63 Box trap red chinchompas, also called Carnivorous chinchompas, at the Feldip Hunter area. They sell for about 613 gold each. It will be slow, but the rate will be faster when level 80 is reached. They are also stackable, meaning a player doesn't have to bank every now and then. This is considered to be a great way to earn money, and isn't interrupted by needs to empty a load of items into the bank, making it one of the easiest money-making techniques available, provided you have the correct level. You will get considerably more catches per hour as your level rises, at level 99, it is possible to make up to 300k per hour!
480,000 to 1,900,000
Level 83 Catch Dragon implings, at the Impetuous Impulses minigame or throughout RuneScape. They are exceedingly rare, even in Puro-Puro, but are also extremely valuable, with each impling being worth about 456,900 coins each, sell them at max price, as they sell max and so the price will increase raising profit max is around 479,700 coins. You can catch around 1-4 Dragon Implings on a good hour, which makes around a maximum of around 1.92 million coins per hour! But most likely you will only catch 1-2 an hour, so it is advised that you also catch magpie and ninja implings while hunting for dragon implings.

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