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Notice that all money-making methods in this table are available for both non-members and members.

Fishing is a popular and efficient way to make money. Since fish can be cooked, cooking fish is also mentioned in this guide. However, raw fish tends to fetch higher prices than cooked fish, due to the high demand of players who want to train Cooking. Therefore, it is recommended to leave all captured fish raw if maximum profit is desired. However, fishing can take some time to get a full inventory, so patience is required.

Level requirement Details Risk factors Other requirements
Level 1 Crayfish sell for 23 coins each if raw, and 16 coins when cooked. The closest place to a bank to fish these is behind the Lumbridge church. A Crayfish cage which you can get for free from the Hank, south of Lumbridge.


Level 5 Sardines sell for about 16 coins each if raw, and around 5 coins when cooked. These are best fished from Draynor Village or south of Al-Kharid's bank. The Draynor Village fishing spot is recommended due to the lower-level monsters, and being somewhat closer to the Grand Exchange (to sell the sardines at the end). Fishing rod and fishing bait


level 10 Herring sells for about 39 coins each if raw, and around 10 coins when cooked. However while fishing these you can catch sardines as well which are worth half as much. You can fish these in the same spots as sardines. Fishing rod and fishing bait


Level 15 Catch anchovies in the same spot as herring and sardine with a small net. Anchovies sell for 58 coins each.
  • While catching anchovies, players will also catch some shrimp. Although shrimp sell for only 14 coins, dropping the shrimp does not increase your profit; the extra time required to fish more after dropping your shrimp almost exactly counteracts the additional profit of having more anchovies and fewer shrimp.
  • Although cooked anchovies sell for more than raw anchovies, the additional time required to cook them is not offset by the increased selling price.
A small fishing net which you can get for free from the fishing tutor south of Lumbridge.
9,600 to 36,000
Level 35 Tuna sell for 132 when cooked, and 156 when uncooked. A popular place for catching tuna in Free-to-play is on Musa Point on the northeast edge of Karamja, reachable by boat from Port Sarim (the only other place being level 35 wilderness). The profitability of catching tuna is directly related to the speed at which one can catch the tuna; players at level 35 can expect to catch one tuna every minute, at higher levels this drops to one tuna every 10 seconds. 30 coins per boat trip, and a Harpoon - can be purchased at Gerrant's Fishy Business in Port Sarim
***** Level 40 Fishing lobsters is a very popular way to make money for free-to-play players. The only free-to-play spots at which to catch lobsters are a fishing spot on Karamja and in the Wilderness. The Karamja fishing spot is much more popular than the spots in the Wilderness, though banks are far away for either spot. Raw lobsters sell for around 424 coins each, and cooked lobsters sell for about 364 coins each. Lobsters also give 90 experience when caught, so you can level very quickly from 40 with lobsters. However, they can take time to catch, so be patient. An explorer's ring allows for faster trips as you can teleport to Draynor Village after you catch an inventory full instead of walking back. If you are fishing lobsters on Karamja you can sell the lobsters at the Karamja general store for a reasonable price each.
***** Level 50 At this level Swordfish can be caught and sold for 500 coins each when cooked and 571 coins each when uncooked. Tuna, however, may get in the way for those who choose to earn money using this method.

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