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Effectiveness Firemaking level requirement Details Other requirements
***** None In some locations where fires are helpful but hard to come by, you can "sell" fires to the players there by bringing a tinderbox and some logs and offering to light a fire for a fee. A common location for this is the fishing spot at Musa Point on Karamja Island in free-to-play worlds, where few regular trees are found and there is no nearby bank.
***** Level 5 Cremating shades in the Shades of Mort'ton minigame not only gives Firemaking experience, but may also yield keys that can be used to get access to many valuable items. These include fine cloth, which sells for 6,128 coins and is used in making splitbark armour. Players with higher level Firemaking can make better profit from this as the higher level shades and pyre logs yield better rewards. Fiyr shades yield rune armour and weapons as well as occasional Level 3 clue scrolls. 40 combat, Shades of Mort'ton quest
***** Level 40 Kill vyrewatches and cremate their corpses (see the Shades of Mort'ton article to learn how to do so). They can only be cremated with teak pyre logs or higher, but cremating vyre corpses yields a Columbarium key, which can be used to get access to many valuable items in the Columbarium, including trimmed rune armour, snapdragon seeds and more. High combat and Legacy of Seergaze quest

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