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Effectiveness Crafting level requirement Details Other requirements
***** Level 1 Buy cowhides from the Grand Exchange (for 224 coins each) and tan them into soft leather (which sells for 291 coins each) or hard leather (which sells for 288 coins each). You can also kill cows and gather the hides yourself instead of buying them.
***** Level 8 Buy gold bars from the Grand Exchange. Teleport to Falador, and smelt all those bars into amulets. Then teleport back to Varrock and sell the amulets. This method increases money slowly but steadily. Players may also choose to mine and smelt the gold bars themselves, although this would take up more time. But if you did this, Al Kharid would be the best place to mine and smelt the gold.
Level 10

If you pick flax from places such as Seers' Village or Lletya, and spin the collected flax into bow strings, you can sell the bow strings for 216 coins each. Some good places to spin them would be in Lumbridge Castle or Neitiznot (requires The Fremennik Isles), as a bank isn't too far away from the spinning wheels in either of those locations. There is also a spinning wheel on the second floor of a house in Seers' Village which some players use to spin their flax on the way to the bank. Another place to craft bowstrings is in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Several flax fields, three spinning wheels, and a bank are all in close proximity in the south-east corner of the stronghold. Spinning flax wearing the Seer's Village headband will make the wheel spin your flax faster.


A faster method is to buy the flax for 149 coins each which makes 67 coins per bowstring.If you wanted to make 1m out of this method, you would need to have around 10k of bow strings. You can spin about 1.2k flax an hour if you buy the flax, and you spin at Lumbridge Castle. There's a wheel on the second floor and a bank at the 3rd floor. This means you can spin 5k in a little more than 4 hours.

***** Level 25 Sanctify Olive oil(3) in the Shades of Mort'ton (minigame) to make Sacred oil (3) by repairing the temple there. Approximately 4 Timber beams, 4 Limestones, 20 Swamp pastes, and 36 Olive oil(3)s will produce 36 Sacred oil (3)s every 10 minutes if a Spirit terrorbird is used to assist in making trips to the bank in Burgh de Rott for a net profit of roughly 345,912 coins per hour. Note that all ingredients except for Swamp paste should be bought from Razmire who is located close to the temple. Sacred oil (3) is in demand both from players wishing to play the Shades of Mort'ton (minigame) as well as to cremate Vyre corpses, but may not sell very fast. Shades of Mort'ton and In Aid of the Myreque quests
***** Level 42 Players can buy seaweed and cook them, then fill buckets with sand. Use this on a furnace together and you'll get molten glass. Then use a glassblowing pipe on it and make fishbowls, which sell for 297 coins
***** Level 66 Players can make Air battlestaffs and sell them on the GE where there is a high demand for them for magic training or cast high alchemy on them yourself for a slightly less profit. These staffs high alch for 9,300 gp each. Buying the staffs from Zaff in Varrock rather than the GE is one of the 2 profitable method and he will sell them to you at a cost of 7,000 gp each rather than the 8,346 at the GE. Zaff has a limited amount available per day, although this limit increases with the levels you complete for the Varrock Achievement Diary (Level 1 - 16 staffs per day; Level 2 - 32 staffs per day; Level 3 - 64 staffs per day). You can buy the air orbs from the GE for 1,204 each, attach them to the battlestaff, and sell them at market value on the GE for a profit of 892 each. At 16 staffs per day you make 14,272, for 32 it's 28,544 and for 64 it's 57,088 for 5–10 minutes work at the most.The second option is to buy Unpowered orbs and Cosmic runes ( 3 needed per orb) and to make the orbs at the air altar. This way you can buy for every 64 Battlestaves you buy at Zaff, buy another 500 Battlestaves of the GE and still make a little profit. If you use this way without buying from the GE (so only the staffs of Zaff) you can make a much larger profit per staff.Go here to see the information about the other elemental battlestaffs and find the optimal method that works for you. Effectiveness increases as you complete the Varrock Diaries.
***** Level 85 You can make clockwork cats by using a plank (191 coins each) and steel bar (958 coins each) with a Crafting Table 4 of a player-owned house. If the materials are bought you can make a 1725 coin profit per cat. You may need to sell the cats at medium price to get any to sell, however. A player-owned house and level 42 Construction or access to a crafting table 4.

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