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This page contains a list of ways to make money using the Crafting skill.

(Coins per hour)
Crafting level requirement Details Other requirements Initial investment


Level 1 Buy cowhides from the Grand Exchange (for 224 coins each) and tan them into leather at the tanner in Al-Kharid, using the bank just south of the tanner to swap completed hides for soft or hard leather.
  • Although the official price for selling leather is 291 coins, there are so many players selling it that it's difficult to get much more than the minimum price of 190 coins.
  • Killing the cows and gathering the hides yourself (instead of buying them) gives more profit but much less experience per hour.
224 coins per cowhide
33,000 to 78,000
Level 1 Buy black robes and blue dye from the Grand Exchange, use the dye on the robes and sell the resulting wizard robes. You only make 104 coins profit per robe, but you can do this so quickly that the resulting profit can be good.
  • Sometimes blue dye is scarce on the Grand Exchange and you can wait a long time to purchase the desired quantities of it.
  • The best method for this is to first purchase equal numbers of black robes and blue dyes, empty your inventory, then withdraw 13 black robes, 13 blue dyes, and then 1 more of each - this sets your inventory so that there is one dye and one robe in the bottom-right corner. To dye the robes, click on the blue dye and then the black robe in the bottom-right corner; the actual dying will be performed on the first available dye and robe in your inventory, leaving the two in the bottom-right corner unmoved. Only dye 13 of them, leaving the two in the bottom right, deposit the 13 wizard robes then repeat the process (withdrawing 13 of each this time) - this lets you limit your mouse motion to one small area as you switch between clicking on the blue dye and clicking on the black robe. A loop of 13 wizard robes takes as little as 27 seconds. There isn't a "dye all" option so you must click for each robe you want to dye.
  • The range of profit is dependant on the size of your initial investment; you can only reach the maximum effectiveness if you have a full 1,673,600 coins available initially - this allow you to purchase 1,600 black robes and blue dyes at one time, and as a result can spend most of your time dying robes. If instead you have a smaller investment, you will spend most of your time buying & selling (which does not generate profit).
  • Note: The wizard robe market is somewhat unstable and is currently in a slump, so that profits may fluctuate within time periods of less than a week. It is useful to use the Runescape Grand Exchange Page to maximize profit.
Level 5 Buy Gold bars and one Ring mould from the Grand Exchange, and run to the Furnace in Al Kharid and smelt how many gold rings you would like, and sell them at the Grand Exchange at minimum price. You will then make 99 coins profit on each ring that you smelt, while getting 15 Crafting experience for each ring.
Level 8 Buy Gold bars and one Amulet mould from the Grand Exchange, and run to the Furnace in Al Kharid and smelt how many gold amulets you would like, and sell them at the Grand Exchange at minimum price. You will then make 36 coins profit on each amulet that you smelt, while getting 30 Crafting experience for each amulet. This method is good for training and money making. Note: Gold Bars buy quickly and Gold Amulets sell very quickly, so expect a quick and easy profit.

Another Method is to buy clay in bulk, and turn it into soft clay, which can be sold for a profit of 134 GP


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