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Effectiveness Cooking level Requirement Details Other Requirements
***** Level 7 Go to the potato field north of Ardougne and collect potatoes. Across the road from the potato field is a farmer's house with a range in it. Cook the potatoes on the range bank them in Ardougne, and repeat. Baked potatoes sell for about 277 coins each. This can also be done by buying the potatoes off the GE and still get almost double profit; ranges near a bank are in Catherby, Nardah and the Cooks' Guild.
***** Level 14 Brew cider. Cider is used for the Seers' Village Diary. It is hard to obtain on the Grand Exchange, so it may be useful. Ghosts Ahoy is strongly recommended as there is a brewery here to make cider.
***** 140k/Hour Level 35 You can cook uncooked pizza. There are three ways of obtaining pizza base: Buying it at the Grand Exchange for 589 coins each (fastest method), buying from Fat Tony in the Wilderness Bandit Camp for 4 coins each, or made in Cooking Guild or a player-owned house (slowest method). You can get tomato and cheese for 76 and 108 each respectively, or get them from Fat Tony, the Culinaromancer's chest, or Aggie's house. Uncooked pizzas sell for 1,628 coins each. If all materials are purchased from the Grand Exchange, the net profit per pizza is 855 coins per pizza.
***** Level 38 Pats of butter sell for 597 coins and are comparatively easy to make, though time-consuming. Take a bucket of milk (either bought for 110 coins on the Grand Exchange, obtained from any cow with a bucket in inventory, or bought from the Culinaromancer's chest) to a dairy churn and churn the milk into butter. Alternately you can churn cream into butter. The churn at the Cooking Guild is close to the Grand Exchange, but the churn in Zanaris (requires Lost City) is closer to a bank.
***** Level 50 Buy a wrapped oomlie at the Grand exchange for (192 coins) and cook it. Then sell the cooked oomlie wrap at the Grand Exchange for a 988 coin profit.
***** Level 60 At level 60 you can make curry, which sells for 1,239 coins each and is generally in high demand. Making curry from scratch is a bit of a task as you will need a supply of bowls, potatoes, cooked meat and spices. The fastest method is to buy the potatoes (75 coins), add them, then add your choice of meat (chicken or beef), and some spice (430 coins) or three curry leaves (767 coins) to a bowl of water. Due to the GE restriction on buying more than 100 bowls per hour, the best method to obtain bowls of water is to buy the bowls from the Falador general store, fill them with water outside and then bank them. Making curry will generate a profit of 663 coins each, assuming all materials are purchased at the Grand Exchange. In addition, each bowl of curry gives 280 cooking exp when cooked. At level 74 cooking Curry will stop burning, increasing the amount of profit gained from this method.
***** 300k/Hour Level 65 Players can buy plain pizzas and pineapple rings on the grand exchange, combine them, and sell the resulting pineapple pizzas. Players make upwards of 200 coins per pizza (1400 coins at least - November 2009), and can make a load of 14 pizzas in 30 seconds. This means that players can make upwards of 300,000 coins per hour with this method (probably well over a million an hour if you can get the plain pizzas). Plain pizzas can also be obtained at the Warriors' Guild, and pineapples obtained for a minimal price of 2 coins from Arhein on the docks at Catherby, however his stock is limited to 40 per day or you can buy pineapples from Heckel Funch on the 2nd floor of the Grand Tree for 2 coins as well but you can only buy 10 at one time and they take a while to re-stock. The completed pineapple pizzas currently sell for 1,858 coins. Buying pineapples and carving out the rings manually takes a bit longer, but may prove more profitable than buying the rings directly from GE. This method is no longer as profitable as it is hard to buy plain pizzas.
***** 265k/Hour Level 68 Tuna potatoes, one of the best foods in the game, sell for about 2,094 coins each. If you farm the sweetcorn and potatoes, craft the bowls, churn the butter, and fish and cook the tuna yourself, you will get maximum profit per potato. However, this method can take a long time, as it takes around 40 minutes to grow a batch of potatoes and sweetcorn. If you want to buy the ingredients yourself, then the cost of a bowl, ear of sweetcorn, baked potato, pat of butter and cooked tuna is 1102 coins. This means you will only get 992 coins per potato, but since this method is decidedly faster, it is recommended if you are cooking tuna potatoes for experience and profit. A range is required to cook tuna potatoes, and the range in Lumbridge castle (requires Cook's Assistant completed) is close to a bank. If you have completed Recipe for Disaster, the chest under Lumbridge castle contains limited supplies of bowls and butter.
***** 470k/Hour level 95 Raw Summer pie

Requirements: 95 cooking, pie shell, strawberry, watermelon, cooking apple

Pie shell: 1.3k Strawberry: 46 gp Watermelon: 101 gp Cooking apple: 367 gp

Raw summer pie: 2495 gp

Profit per pie: 681 gp

Stock up on these if you’re going to be doing more than an hour of pie making at a time – the shells have a limit of 1k per 4 hours. The ingredients are extremely easy to obtain although the pie shells may be the only exception (due to the limit). They have a very good demand and profit as well.

You should be able to make around 680-700 pies per hour which gives you a nice and tidy profit once sold. The prices used are the market GE prices.]]. The raw materials cost 1,101, The raw pie costs 2,274.

***** Level 99 with Cooking gauntlets Cooking Rocktail can be an effective way to make money, but it requires 99 cooking as well as completion of the Family Crest quest, so not many players can use this method. However, the price of raw and cooked Rocktail is often subject to change, so sometimes, whilst gaining very fast experience if a player can manage to buy a large quantity of raw Rocktail, a player may actually lose money with this method. Check the Grand Exchange database in order to see whether this method is currently profitable.

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