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This page is about making money with the cooking skill. For methods of training this skill, see here.
With all these methods, be careful when clicking in your inventory as you could accidentally eat your profits!

Effectiveness Cooking level Requirement Details Other Requirements
*****10,000 coins/Hour Level 1 In an area where players are killing cows, pick up raw beef left on the ground and cook it on a range. Raw beef is rarely taken from the drops due to the fact that cowhides and bones are more effective for making money. Cooked meat, in addition to giving Cooking experience, sells for 61 coins each.
-5,400 to -8,100
Level 1 Buy raw anchovies on the Grand Exchange for 58 coins, cook them, and sell them for 52 coins. This nets you a profit of about -6 coins per anchovy. Cook them on one of the fires that are nearly always lit near the Grand Exchange on busy worlds.Note however, that it may take some time to purchase the raw anchovies from the Grand Exchange.
***** Level 4 and up Another money-making method is making chocolate dust. Chocolate dust is made from a chocolate bar and a knife. You use the knife on the chocolate bar and it makes chocolate dust. Using this method, you make 23 coins profit per chocolate bar. This is not the best money making method, but it only takes four game ticks (2.4 seconds) to make 1 chocolate dust.
***** Level 45 You can make some money and experience by cooking pizzas. Purchase flour, tomatoes, Jug of water and cheese off the Grand Exchange for 371 coins. Alternately, acquire them on your own using a method outlined above.

Even if you burn a few, you can still turn a profit from cooking pizzas. Ordinary pizzas sell for 1,645 each, though adding cooked meat decreases this to 1,522 coins profit from a meat pizza, which is why it's not recommended to upgrade to meat pizzas. Anchovy pizza sells for 1,727, slightly higher than a plain pizza, making it a much better money-maker than upgrading meat pizzas, but still earns less money than just topping pizzas normally with cheese and tomatoes.


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