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By combining different skills, you can gain a considerable sum of both money and experience, rather than too much money and too little experience (or the other way around). Most of these methods do cost a large sum of base funds, and these methods may not be as effective as power levelling or strict money making methods.

Effectiveness Requirements Details Additional requirements
***** 20 Mining
20 Smithing
Silver ores can be mined, smithed into bars and sold in term of bars on the Grand Exchange for 319 coins. The best place to mine silver is Al Kharid mine, featuring 5 rocks and a nearby furnace, but the Crafting Guild features 6 rocks and is unpopulated, though 40 Crafting is required to enter the guild. 40 Crafting
***** 30+ Smithing
30+ Mining
43 Magic
In various places you can find a fairly abundant supply of rocks for coal, mithril and adamantite ores. If you bring a pickaxe, a staff of fire, and a stack of nature runes to one of these sites, you can mine ores, use Superheat Item to smith them into bars, and sell the bars on the Grand Exchange. The advantage of using Superheat Item as opposed to simply banking the ores and later smelting them on a furnace is that you not only gain Magic experience, but you also increase your carrying capacity per trip as you will be bringing back a load of bars, rather than a load of ores. Of metal bars, steel sell for 958 coins, mithril for 1,590 coins, and adamantite sell for 2,984 coins. You can find these rocks in the Lumbridge swamp mine, on Crandor Isle, at the Steel Mine or the Hobgoblin Mine. The latter two mines are in the Wilderness, however, so be prepared if you mine there. If you have 60 Mining you can also use the rocks in the Mining Guild. Various Mining and Smithing levels depending on your choice of bar
***** 55+ Mining
50+ Smithing
43 Magic
Got to Crandor in Dragon Slayer
This is specialized version of superheating. Combat level 65 is recommended so the King Scorpions don't attack. World Switching is also recommended due to the ore's respawn time. Three Adamantite Ore,  eight Mithril Ore, and  seven Coal can be found on Crandor. The method is to extract ores on that island for making mithril or adamant bars. Bringing 27 Nature Runes, a Rune Pickaxe, a Staff of Fire, and some food, pay 30 coins to travel from Port Sarim to Karmarja and travel into the Volcano to get to Crandor. Wear as little clothing as possible, and wield the Fire Staff. Mine the Adamantite and Mithril ores, then, while waiting for the ore rocks to re-spawn, mine the Coal.

After gathering Adamantite ore, Mithril ore, and Coal, cast Superheat Item on each ore, then repeat.

With a full inventory, return to Draynor Village (by using the cabbage teleport in your ring) and bank the materials. .

Explorer's Ring 3
Combat level 65+
***** 15 Fishing
55 Cooking
Anchovy pizzas can be produced by buying plain pizzas (cooked one!) ( or pizza bases, tomatos and cheeses depending on market and personal choice) in bulk on the Grand Exchange for 1,645, 76 and 108 coins each respectively; anchovies can be caught at the fishing spot south of Draynor Village, added to the pizzas, and sell the anchovy pizzas for 1,727 coins each.
***** 50+ Combat
40 Mining
Lesser demons and gold rocks are in close proximity to each other inside the Karamja volcano. You can train your combat stats and Mining at the same time by mining ores and fighting the lesser demons while you wait for your run energy to recharge and for the ores to respawn. Gold ore sells for 313 each, and lesser demons drop several items you can alch, including mithril chainbodies and rune med helms. An explorer's ring 3 can help here by providing free Low Level Alchemy casts, quick teleports to Draynor Village for banking, and extra energy restoration if needed. Explorer's ring 3

Additional information

About the methods involving superheating bars, here are the specific requirements:
  • Mining coal (basic): 30+ Mining
  • Mining mithril ore: 55+ Mining
  • Mining adamantite ore: 70+ Mining
  • Smelting steel bars: 30+ Smithing
  • Smelting mithril bars: 50+ Smithing
  • Smelting adamantite bars: 70+ Smithing
About the experience and coins gained by mining at Crandor:
  • Adamantite bars
  • 74274 coins per trip
  • 1431 Magic exp
  • 10665 Mining exp
  • 1012 Smithing exp
  • Mithril bars
  • 36636 coins per trip
  • 1431 Magic exp
  • 7560 Mining exp
  • 810 Smithing exp

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