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For the F2P guide click here.

This guide is for making money from combat as a member. Please note that unlike many other money makers, making money out of combat presents a higher risk of dying.

As a general rule, pick a strategy that can easily be done without food, or with minimal food. Remember that food costs money and/or time, and that has to be accounted for whenever using combat to make money. Players with less money can fish or farm the food by themselves, while players with more money can buy food at the Grand Exchange.

Part of making money through combat involves the speed at which players can kill the monsters themselves. Wear only equipment you can risk losing and sell old equipment to help pay for the cost of new items, if need be. Please also note that the list is ordered by Combat level (Least to most) advised for that particular money making scheme.

The following list details monsters that do not require a Slayer level to fight or kill. For making money with Slayer see this article.

Effectiveness Recommended combat level Details Other requirement
***** None Soul Wars provides a decent way to make money as you can buy gambles with zeal earned during the game.
***** Level 20 Flesh Crawlers, which can be found in the Stronghold of security drop a wide range of herbs (Which can not be obtained by F2P players.) They are all worth picking up, except Grimy Guam, Grimy Tarromin and Grimy Marrentill. If you collect Fire and Nature Runes as well, and if you put all the money together you could easily make 240k an hour. Would be useful if the first level of the Stronghold of security is completed. Amulet of glory to teleport to edgeville will also increase money per hour
***** Level 20 Chaos druids drop grimy herbs very frequently, including ranarr, which is worth 10,700 coins. They also drop other herbs like kwuarm and dwarf weed, along with law runes in quantities of two. Chaos druids can be found in the Taverley Dungeon, the Wilderness section of Edgeville Dungeon, Yanille Agility Dungeon, and the Chaos Druid Tower. If you have 41 summoning then a Macaw familiar can also help improve herb drops.
***** Level 20 Kill the white unicorns east of Seers' Village, south of Edgeville, Entrana (no weapons or armour allowed), or east of Varrock near the barbarians for their horns. The horns sell for 1,977 coins each in the Grand Exchange, for this reason, the Varrock unicorns can prove a quick way to earn coins. Black unicorns, found in level 14 Wilderness or near Rellekka, also drop unicorn horns.
***** Level 20 In PvP worlds, you can fight other players and try to earn the best drops, which go for many millions of coins. Lower levels can also gather bones from PvP worlds and sell them for 139 each. This is not recommended for higher levels as the higher your level, the greater chance of being attacked. If you are PvPing for drops, you must risk at least 26,000 coins worth of items (76,000 coins for members).
***** Level 30 Tower of Life is a member-only quest that gives access to creating monsters that aid in herblore tremendously, among other things. One of the few monsters you can make is a Unicow which drops 2-4 unicorn horns, albeit only 1 horn and a cowhide is used in making it. Unicorn horn's price has risen dramatically after the introduction of Summoning, and is settling at around 1,977 coins each.
***** Level 35 Hill giants in the Edgeville Dungeon drop big bones, which sell for around 622 coins each. They occasionally drop limpwurt roots, which sell for about 2,267 coins each. A brass key is required to enter the dungeon from the house south-west of the Grand Exchange. Hill giants also have low Defence so they are not difficult to kill, however may they hit up to 4 damage. Food is recommended for players under level 50.
***** Level 40 Kill white wolves on White Wolf Mountain for the wolf bones they drop, which sell for 550 coins each. Lower-levels should be wary of the big wolf at the top of the mountain. Another option is to kill weaker wolves in the first level of the Stronghold of Security.
***** Level 40 Players can kill Flesh crawlers for herbs such as (grimy ranarr,grimy dwarf weed, grimy irits, and many other valuable herbs), coins, runes, etc. Only a little food is required if you have a high Defence, as flesh crawlers have a maximum hit of 1. Players can usually make up to or around 250,000 coins every hour, depending on combat level and equipment used.
***** Level 50 Better locations for killing moss giants for their drops can be found on members' servers. The small island directly west of Brimhaven (while requiring 10 Agility to access) has five moss giants and is rarely occupied. Moss giants can also be found North-west of Ardougne, in the Chaos Tunnels, in the Brimhaven Dungeon, and Pirates' Cove. Moss giants are very good for experience and commonly drop seeds, including ranarr seeds which are worth around 40,300 coins each, snapdragon seeds which are worth 96,200 coins each, and watermelon seeds, which are worth about 4,217 coins. They also drop items including gems, black square shields, herbs and mithril weaponry. 10 Agility
***** Level 50 Killing jungle spiders can be an excellent money maker for some players. With the release of the Summoning skill, demand for spider carcasses has sky-rocketed, causing the price to rise to around 1,347 coins each! With higher Defence levels, food becomes unneeded and a full inventory (28) can yield up to 37,716 coins. Supply is often higher than demand; you may have to drop the price below the suggested selling price to sell the spider carcasses in a reasonable amount of time.
Hazelmere's peninsula is commonly regarded as the best place to harvest spiders due to its closeness to the fairy ring C-L-S.
Access to fairy rings can be usefully for transportation.
***** Level 50 Kill Desert goats in the deserts, and pick up the horns that they drops. Desert goat horn can be used for both herblore and summoning, thus people often buy them at the Grand Exchange. When killing goats it is highly recommended that you bring Waterskins or an enchanted water tiara so the desert heat effect does not reduce your hitpoints.
***** level 50
88+ is Easier
Zogres and Skogres can be killed south of Castle Wars. There are many safe spots behind rock walls and coffins. They 100% drop Zogre bones and Ogre coffin key. The keys can be used on the coffins to get added rewards. The coffins can give you more Zogre Bones, Raurg bones Fayrg bones and Ourg bones. It is normally a good idea to drop the non-bone items from coffins as they are less cost effective. Ranged is generally used and you must use Brutal arrows. Melee weapons are useless. Mage can be used as Crumble Undead spell but the max hit is halved. For players under combat level 88, Relicym's balm(3) is advised. 30+ Ranged(higher level is advised)
Zogre Flesh Eaters
***** Level 60 (With 65+ ranged or magic) Level 90 (Melee) Killing Metal dragons can be very profitable if you are lucky, as they drop valuable items such as the dragon platelegs and most valuable draconic visage, although these drops are very rare. Killing them with range or magic with an anti-dragon shield and antifire potions are needed for a long stay. If you prefer to melee, use protect from melee and bring prayer potions an anti-dragon shield and antifire potions . Always bring a hatchet and 875 coins to enter within the cave.
***** Level 70+ In the God Wars Dungeon, if you put on an item from each god (Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl and Bandos), then you will not be attacked. Then you only have to cause 1 Hitpoint of damage to a monster that is fighting another monster and you will get the drop. Note: The bosses and bodyguards will still attack you regardless of what you are wearing. Started Troll Stronghold, 60 Strength or Agility. High Slayer level recommended for some of the more valuable NPC drops e.g. Spiritual Mages
***** Level 70+ When you finish the quest Cabin Fever you will have access to Mos Le'Harmless. Go where you play Trouble Brewing, and make sure you have at least a couple anti-poisons and some food and fight the snakes there; they drop snake hides all the time and you could make about 500k+ at it and there is a bank right beside the snakes! Cabin Fever
40 Cooking
***** Level 70+ In the swamp area east of Sophanem, kill scabarites for drops. They drop rune warhammers, loop half of a key, and tooth half of a key very frequently compared to some NPC's, which sell for 24,900, 21,100, and 65,200 respectively (although the rune warhammer will be very hard to sell). They also have a frequent drop of uncut gems and high level herbs, which sell for a few thousand gp. Note: Investment is required from players, which is purchasing cannonballs, as a dwarf multicannon is a necessity, as it is a multicombat area. It is possible to double the money you paid for the cannonballs in a very short space of time. This is high risk if your defence level is low, more food will be needed according to defence level High prayer and defence level. Recommended to have finished Dealing with Scabaras to access shortcut. Dwarf cannon completed.
***** Level 70 Kill icefiends on the top of Ice Mountain. Icefiends commonly drop water talismans which can sell for 6,470 coins each. Icefiends hit unusually high for their level though, so bring some good food.
***** Level 70 Kill Tortoises North of the Tree Gnome Stronghold Spirit Tree, in Trainer Nacklepen's Tortoise Training Ground. Tortoises can drop up to three Tortoise shells which can sell for 12,000 coins each. They also drop some valuable grimy herbs(E.g.:Grimy Ranarr. Tortoises have a Max Hit of 10 for the Level 76's and of 12 for the Level 92 and are not very accurate. So, it is adviseable to bring about only 10 - 15 pieces of some food(Lobsters - 15/Monkfish - 10 recommended). An Abyssal Whip would be ideal to kill them.
***** Level 80 Killing green dragons is a very common and effective way to make money. Each dragon always drops green dragonhides and dragon bones, which sell for 1,749 coins Template:5076 coins each respectively. This makes each green dragon worth at least 6780 coins. Green dragons are found mainly in the Wilderness so beware of revenants when hunting them. A few can also be found in the Chaos Tunnels, although this is a multicombat area so proceed with caution. A games necklace provides quick access to a large group of green dragons just east of the Clan Wars in level 20-24 Wilderness.

Note: Antifire Potions together with an anti/dragon shield are highly recommended because they render dragon fire useless against a player. This can make trips last longer and allow you to carry less food. Also having level 37 Prayer or higher is helpful to pray against magic when revenants show up. A tip is always to run South when a revenant attacks you.

***** Level 70 Ogres, found east of Castle Wars, drop big bones (worth 622 coins) and valuable seeds such as ranarr seeds (worth 40,300 coins.)
***** Level 50 (group with food)
Level 65 (solo with food)
Level 110 (solo without food)
Cockroach soldiers can be killed in the Stronghold of Player Safety for the valuable items they drop, including various rune items. These can be sold or converted into coins through High Level Alchemy. This is a very good profit for free-players but not recommended for members around this level, as better alternatives are available.
***** Level 80 Killing Zamorak warriors, in the Chaos Tunnels, can bring a good profit. Zamorak warriors drop rune scimitars fairly often, which sell for 36,700 coins each. They also drop rune daggers which can be sold for about 4,697 coins each, or high alched for 4,800 coins. Strong armour, good food, and 200 fire runes for banking are advised. Note that the Chaos Tunnels are a multicombat area. You can also kill Zamorak warriors in the Ourania Altar, near West Ardougne in a dungeon under an altar of chaos.
***** Level 80(with 80+ ranged) Killing Aviansies in the God Wars Dungeon - especially in Armadyl's Eyrie - can make very good money, as aviansies drop 4 noted adamantite bars very commonly, which are worth 11936 coins in total and Rune dagger(p+), Runite limbs and good runes. This method can be used to easily make 300,000 coins or more in an hour with only the minimum requirements. However, aviansies must be ranged (recommended) or maged. Fighting them at a distance with the Protect from Ranged prayer is recommended or a high level defence of 80 or over, as well as wearing equipment to protect from the God's minions. See this guide for more information. 70 Ranged
Started Troll Stronghold
60 Strength or
60 Agility
***** Level 50 (safe spotting) Level 90 (non-safe spotting) Killing the TzHaar may be a good way to make money, as they drop valuable items such as the obsidian shield and the obsidian cape, although these drops are uncommon. Safe-spotting with Ranged, Magic or a halberd is recommended, especially for lower-level players. Occasionally you may get onyx bolt tips as a drop, which sell for 7,763 coins each.

Note: Ring of wealth is recommended for players seeking more Tokkul (Tzhaar city's currency) and better item drops. Using a ring of wealth players can get up to 15,000 Tokkul per run assuming you use monkfish for food.

***** Level 80 With food or 100 without At the Bandos Throne room, you can kill the statues for drops. You usually get about 1-4 68,000 Granite maces per trip. They also drop cut gems (A lot of diamonds (10K) (extremely common), mithril and adamant maces (common), dust runes (common), Earth Battlestaffs (fairly common), and Mystic earth staffs (probably about 1-2 per trip). Finished The Chosen Commander
***** Level 90 Rewards from the Barrows minigame include valuable runes, bolt racks and Barrows equipment. Pieces of Barrows equipment can sell for anywhere between around 50,000 coins to 6,600,000 coins a piece. Started Nature Spirit
***** Level 90 Vyrewatches will always drop vyre corpses when killed. Burn these for valuable rewards, such as herbs, seeds, trimmed metal armour (ornamental armour), various rune/adamant armour/weapons, black dragonhide sets, etc. After burning about 200 corpses you could make in excess of 500k or even 2 million. You also get Firemaking and Prayer experience for burning the corpses. The only way to kill a vyrewatch is with the Ivandis Flail obtained during Legacy of Seergaze. 40+Firemaking, completed Legacy of Seergaze.
***** Level 90 Blue dragons can be killed in much the same manner as green dragons. They always drop blue dragonhide (worth about 2,151 coins) and dragon bones. Ranging, Maging or using a halberd in safe spots is common, though some higher level players may Melee them face-to-face. The Ogre Enclave (requires Watchtower quest completed) and Taverley Dungeon (70+ Agility recommended for shortcut) are two of the most popular places to kill blue dragons. Due to the dragons' high Defence and Hitpoints, a high Ranged and/or combat level is recommended.
***** Level 90 Ankous, on the fourth level of the Stronghold of Security, drop many stackable items such as death runes, blood runes, noted pure essence and noted mithril ore, as well as dropping battlestaves worth 8,346 coins each. It is also possible to safe-spot with Ranged, Magic or a halberd, which is highly recommended for lower-level players. Extremely recommended to bring a Salve amulet for more exp and faster killing.
***** Level 90 (group)
Level 110+ (solo)
If you feel up to the challenge, venture into the God Wars Dungeon and fight the generals and/or their bodyguards. Their drops, such as Godsword hilts, can sell for many millions of coins. Started Troll Stronghold,
60 Strength or Agility.
***** Level 100 (With a group; soloing is extremely difficult and results in a loss.) You can fight the Corporeal Beast, which drops items that can fetch prices up to 481,900,000 coins. Summer's End completed
***** Level 100 (With a group, or solo but please note that soloing is harder to do) You can fight Tormented Demons, which drop Dragon Claws which are worth 35,200,000 coins and Ruined dragon armour slices, lumps and shards, all worth around 4,100,000 coins each. While Guthix Sleeps completed
***** Level 90 (Solo, Group is possible) You can fight Chaos dwogres/Chaos dwarf hand cannoneers, which drop the hand cannon 276,600, Hand cannon shots 180 and the very valuable dragon pickaxe worth 14,200,000! Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf completed

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