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This guide is for making money from Combat-involved skills, as a Free player.

As a general rule, pick a strategy that can easily be done without food or using minimal food. Remember that food costs money and/or time to cook, and that has to be accounted for whenever using Combat-related skills to earn money.

Players with less money can fish or farm the food by themselves, while players with more money can buy food at the Grand Exchange. Tuna is good for consuming when low on cash, as it has a low cost for the amount of Hitpoints it heals, although swordfish are better when fighting high-levelled monsters (for those who have more money to spare).

Part of making money through Combat involves the speed at which players can kill the monsters themselves. Wear the best equipment you can when doing this, and you can sell old equipment to help pay for the cost of new items, if need be.

The following list details monsters that do not require a Slayer (a skill which can only be accessed by members) level to fight or kill. For making money with Slayer please direct your attention to this article.

Effectiveness (coins per hour) Recommended combat level Details
***** None Lootshare can be used while a friendly higher-levelled player in your clan kills things that you yourself can't kill, while you just pick up and sell the drops. Make sure you stay within 18 steps of the monster your Friend is killing, and make sure that you are in a multi-combat area. This will ensure that you get half the drops. Make sure you get permission from the higher-levelled player or players, as they will likely leave the Clan Chat if they think you are stealing drops off of them. Some good monsters for this are Barbarians, Cockroach workers and Cockroach soldiers, as they have fair drops, but are not aggressive.
***** None Chickens can be killed in Lumbridge farms, or in the farm south of Falador. The raw chickens and regular bones sell for about 160 and 139 coins each. They also commonly drop 5 or 15 feathers that sell for 11 coins each and are used for fly fishing. Members often come to the chicken area's in free worlds to buy feathers for fletching or power fishing in Shilo Village. This idea of killing chickens was used commonly while Runescape was first started. There is enough room in your inventory to keep one stack of feathers, 14 raw chickens, and 13 bones. You can bury the bones of the first chicken you kill for prayer experience.
***** None Cows can be killed in the Lumbridge cow fields. Cowhides sell for around 224 coins each to crafters and you can bury or sell the bones. Raw meat from the cows sell for 159 coins each, but also can be used to gain Cooking experience. You can also tan cowhides into leather, which sell for around 291 coins each, or hardleather, which sell for 288 coins each. This is a good idea for new players to get started, but members are recommended to tan it into leather or hardleather and gain xp with crafting.There is also another cow field just north-west of Lumbridge Castle, north-east of Draynor Village. There is a male NPC in the cow field called Beefy Bill who will bank your raw beef and cowhides for you. There is, however, a catch. He requires that you give him 10% of what you wish to bank. Another downside, is that you cannot request him to bank anything except for raw beef and cowhides. Despite the downsides, this is much easier than using the Lumbridge cow field, as it is much easier to bank your raw beef and cowhides. For maximum profits, bones and raw beef can also be picked up and sold to the grand exchange, which means more bank trips and lesser experience, but more cash per hour.
***** Level 20 Wizards found in the Wizard's Tower drop wizard robes, which sell for around 1,155 coins each in the Grand Exchange. The robes can be banked close by at the Draynor bank. They also occasionally drop water talismans, which can be sold at 6,470 coin each as for now.
***** Level 20 Cockroach drones found in the Stronghold of Player Safety can drop air,water or fire runes, noted coal (two at a time) which sell for 269 coins each, Limpwurt roots at 2,267 coins each, Red spiders' eggs sold at 339 coins each and uncut gems from sapphire to diamond. The loot can be sold at the nearby Grand Exchange and each full inventory sells about 45k. Each inventory can take about an hour to collect or less.
***** Level 20 In PvP worlds, you can fight and loot other players to try to earn the best drops. Lower levels can also gather bones from PvP worlds and sell them for 139gp each. This is not recommended for higher levels as the higher your level, the greater chance of being attacked. If you are PvPing for drops, you must risk at least 26,000 coins worth of items (76,000 coins for members), not including protected items.
***** Level 35 Hill giants in the Edgeville Dungeon are a common training/money making monster, as they drop big bones, which sell for around 622 coins each. They occasionally drop limpwurt roots, which sell for about 2,267 coins each. Hill giants also have low Defence so they are not difficult to kill. They rarely drop nature runes and death runes A down side of this method is that Hill Giants are normally very busy on F2P Worlds.
***** Level 41 Dark Wizards are a good source of money as they frequently drop runes. Look for them immediately south of Varrock in the stone circle and just north of Goblin village in the Wilderness, which the former one is usually busy and the other one is at a few level wilderness, so take caution in either way. Players with less than 41 combat should be aware of aggressiveness of the dark wizards.
***** Level 45 Hobgoblins found in the Edgeville Dungeon can be killed for limpwurt roots and other drops. Usually uncrowded in most worlds, this spot is good experience, and a lot of casual money. Limpwurt roots sell for 2,267, and are quite a common drop from the level 28 Hobgoblins. Each bank trip with 28 limpwurt roots results in about 63476 coins. The advantages are uncrowded environment, good experience award, acceptable drops, and being close to a bank.
Level 50 Moss giants can be killed in Varrock sewers. They have several good drops, including gems and big bones (Ranarr seeds for members). This area may be less crowded on PvP worlds, but if you play on one of these worlds, watch out for player killers. If you've completed Dragon Slayer you can also fight the moss giants on Crandor Isle.

Level 70 (group)

Level 80 (solo)

Level 65 (solo

with Full Rune

Armour & Trout+)

Cockroach soldiers can be killed in the Stronghold of Player Safety for the valuable items they drop, including various rune items. These can be sold or converted into coins through High Level Alchemy. This is a very good profit for free-players. Note that power-fishers nearby (east Barbarian Village spots) drop salmon and trout. Log on into a world with a higher population if you see none. Or, if there isn't anyone, you can go to the Monastery, and talk to the monks. They heal hp depending on your prayer lvl per talk, and its free!
***** Level 80 Greater demons. In the wilderness volcano, there are plenty of greater demons which drop an even wider variety of rune items than the cockroach soldiers. These include rune chainbodies, full helms, and platelegs. However, players using this method should look out for player killers (if they are in PVP or bounty world) or revenants roaming the area.

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