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This money making guide provides players with a list of ideas that can help them make money in RuneScape. When using this guide, players should keep in mind that the economy of RuneScape is constantly changing, which means that not all of the information given here will be completely accurate. Although the vast majority of these methods were and still are accurate for many of the players who've contributed to sharing these methods, they are not guaranteed to work for every single player. Making money can be a long and arduous process, so bearing in mind that no matter how fast and effective one method may be, it still takes time and patience to earn and hold onto large amounts of money.

Before you make your first edit or addition, please view the guidelines for adding information. These are so that these guides may be as effective and accurate as possible in helping players.

Also, please make sure that Free-to-play methods are found under both sections as members may still wish to use them as references, but that no Pay-to-play methods should be found under free-to-play sections.


Non-Members' Guides


Non-members' money-making methods via non-members' Skills

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Making money without skills

  • Note: Some quests and jobs involve a monetary reward at completion.

Members' Guides

Members' money-making methods via non-members' Skills

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Members' money-making methods via members' Skills

Making money without skills

  • Note: Some quests and jobs involve a monetary reward at completion.

Tips and hints

  • The RuneScape Official Forums or the forums of a clan site can be used to help money makers buy and sell items more efficiently and easily.
  • The Grand Exchange in the specified trade worlds (Worlds 1-6, etc.) is the busiest trading centre for both free players and members, and as such, can help players find the item they need quicker.
  • There is a four hour limit for re-selling or re-buying the same item repeatedly via the Grand Exchange.
  • As Jagex releases more and more items into the game, and more time is passed allowing players to earn more and more items, supply is increased and therefore demand is decreased. Because of this, most items gradually lower in price after introduction. This means that if you hold on to a large stack of coins rather than a bunch of items that you never use, you will notice over time that you will be able to afford more at the current time than before.
  • There is an 8-hour limit for repeatedly buying & selling Barrows armour.
  • Certain items are not tradeable over the Grand Exchange; however, they can still be bought and sold normally from other players.
  • There is a limit to buying 2 discontinued items every 4 hours.
  • When buying/selling items through the Grand Exchange, it's helpful if you buy items for a few GP higher or sell for a few GP lower. This way, you can automatically place your trade at the head of all the market-price offers.
  • A general equation for determining whether of not you are making a profit F = I * e^(k*t). k = ln(sell price/buy price). If k is negative you are losing money. In order to use this equation to determine how much you will make you give values to the variables. I is the initial investment. t is the number of times that you are going to do your pattern. This will give you F which is the final price.
  • ex. Assume you have 5000. Materials cost 500 and sell for 1000. You want to do this 5 times. this gives you F = 5000 * e^(ln(2)*5). This comes out to.160,000.

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