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A Monarch is a ruler of a kingdom or city. They can either be a king (male) or a queen (female). There are many monarchs of different areas of Gielinor. Most monarchs wear an elegant, golden crown or tiara. Here is a complete and comprehensive list of kings and queens who are known to have reigned in RuneScape:

Name City Kingdom Deceased Time of Reign
King Alvis Keldagrim Dwarven Realm Yes 4th Age
King Argenthorg Tree Gnome Stronghold Gnome Empire Yes 4th Age
King Arthur Camelot Kandarin (technically Britain) No Present
King Ascertes Hallowvale (Now Meiyerditch) Hallowland Unknown 3rd Age
King Awowogei Marim Ape Atoll No Present
King Baxtorian Prifddinas (Most likely) Tirannwn, Kandarin, Asgarnia Yes 4th Age
King Bolren Tree Gnome Village Gnome Empire No Present
King Botolph Varrock Misthalin Yes 5th Age
King Claudius Varrock Misthalin Yes 4th Age
Queen Efaritay Hallowvale (Now Meiyerditch) Hallowland Unknown 3rd Age
Queen Ellamaria Varrock Misthalin No Present
Emir (name unknown) Al Kharid Kharidian Desert Probably No Present
Fairy Queen Zanaris - No Present
Fisher King Fisher Realm Fisher Realm No 5th Age
King Gjuki Sorvott IV Jatizso Fremennik Isles No Present
Queen Glarial Prifddinas (most likely) Tirannwn, Kandarin, Asgarnia Yes 4th Age
King Healthorg Tree Gnome Stronghold Gnome Empire Yes 4th Age
King Lathas Ardougne Kandarin No Present
Mawnis Burrowgar Neitiznot Fremennik Isles No Present
King Narnode Shareen Tree Gnome Stronghold Gnome Empire No Present
King Narcil Ardougne Kandarin Yes 5th Age
King Raddallin Falador Asgarnia Yes 5th Age
King Roald I Varrock Misthalin Yes 5th Age
King Roald II Varrock Misthalin Yes 5th Age
King Roald III Varrock Misthalin No Present
Queen Sigrid Etceteria Fremennik Province No Present
King Herculus II Ardougne Kandarin Yes 5th Age
King Tyras West Ardougne Kandarin Killed during quest. Present
King Vallence Falador Asgarnia No (possibly yes) Present (may be deceased)
Sir Amik Varze Falador Asgarnia No Present (not a technical monarch)
King Vargas Miscellania Fremennik Province No Present
Player Miscellania Fremennik Province No Present (after Throne of Miscellania)
Brundt the Chieftain Rellekka Fremennik Province (Technically not King) No Present
Hamal the Chieftain Mountain Camp Fremennik Province (Technically not King) No Present

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Some of the Monarchs

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Yu-Gi-Oh! (Duel Monsters) GX

The Monarchs are a series of the seven Monster Cards with "Monarch" in their card names, each of which possess a different Attribute reflective of the element they control, with the exception of Zaborg the Thunder Monarch and Kuraz the Light Monarch, which are the only two Monarchs with the same attribute, which is Light.

These cards may be a reference to the seven kings of Ancient Rome.

The Monarchs have their own Structure Deck in the OCG, Advent of the Emperor.

Each has a unique ability that activates upon their Tribute Summoning, dealing with the removal of cards. Another similarity that these cards share is that they all have 2400 ATK and 1000 DEF and are Level 6, with the exception of "Zaborg", who is Level 5.

These "Monarchs" except "Raiza", "Kuraz" and "Caius" are used by 4 members of Sarina's assassins The Light Brigade.


Play Style

Monarch decks tend to be very aggressive and powerful, because Monarchs destroy the opponent's assets just by hitting the field, and they are strong enough in ATK to be able to press their advantage and destroy nearly any lower-level monster the opponent may happen to use in response. Monarchs have no real weaknesses other than their insatiable need to generate tribute fodder for more Monarchs to be Summoned and that they cannot use their effects when Special Summoned (except for Kuraz).

Tribute Fodder:

Counter Strategies:

Monarchs can be difficult to overcome due to the fact that they destroy cards simply by appearing, but there are still some good strategies against them. These include:

Deck Types

Monarch Control

Monarch Control is a deck that quickly special summons monsters to the field and tribute those monsters to summon a Monarch monster and activate their effects to gain more field advantage. Some good tributes are Spell Striker, Samsara Kaiser, Marshmallon and many more. Each Monarch has unique effects to gain field advantage when tribute summoned, this will be the key of winning with this deck. Gorz the Emissary of Darkness is a great addition to this deck because this can be tributed for Monarchs and when your field is empty, you can special summon this. Light and Darkness Dragon is also a great addition because it will protect the Monarchs from getting destroyed and when this card is destroyed, you can special summon a monster from your graveyard to be tributed for a Monarch. Also, a good addition to this deck would be some deck-search summon monsters like Mystic Tomato or Shining Angel, so on... Since you use one normal summon for it in one turn, maybe in next (opponent's) turn he/she'l destroy your monster by battle so you can special summon, but that's one problem and the other one is that you need two turns to do that and it's still not 100% success for sure.

Macro Monarch

This deck relies on reusing the effects of D.D. Survivor and D.D. Scout Plane with the help of Macro Cosmos and/or Dimensional Fissure, which will allow the said monsters to keep coming back each End Phase, allowing you to Tribute Summon a Monarch each turn. Other cards that are commonly used in this deck are Cyber Valley, some of the other D.D. Monsters, like D.D. Warrior Lady, Soul Absorption, which can give its controller massive life point gain each turn, and Gravekeeper's Servant, which can make a lock for all of your opponent's Monsters, preventing them from attacking for as long as they cannot send a card from their deck to their Graveyard.

Apprentice Monarch

An alternative to a Monarch Control Deck is an Apprentice Monarch Deck, which uses cards like "Apprentice Magician", "Crystal Seer" and "Old Vindictive Magician" to gain the upper hand in a duel. "Old Vindictive Magician" destroys your opponent's monsters and "Crystal Seer" gives you extra cards, giving you more strategies to play with. "Apprentice Magician" summons those monsters in the Damage Step when your opponent can't do much about it. These monsters are also very good tribute materials for Monarchs.

There are many options to support the Monarchs; it really just depends on what works for those playing Monarch decks. However, the "Treeborn Frog" method seems to work the best, since you waste less resources to summon the Monarchs.

Perfect Circle Monarch

This deck uses the Destiny Hero engine to get an advantage in their game, but with the banning of Destiny Hero - Disk Commander, it has become less effective. These are graveyard based decks that can easily bring out a level 8 Synchro Monster or draw cards.

See also:Perfect Circle

Psychic Monarch

Since release of "The Duelist Genesis" booster, there has been a new Monarch deck called Psychic Monarchs. Cards like "Krebons" and "Psychic Commander" stall with their effects, then you can tribute them for a Monarch or use them for a Synchro Summon. "Emergency Teleport" helps search both monsters.

However, with the March 2009 banlist and "Emergency Teleport's" limiting, this deck has become less effective.

Recommended Cards

Monster Cards
Spell Cards
Trap Cards

Psycho-Plant Monarch

PsychoPlant Monarchs focuses on the cards like Seed of Deception and Emergency Teleport to generate Monarch tribute fodder. Cards like Dark Verger can help generate extra fodder for the next turn or even be used to Synchro Summon. This is based off of the Psychic Monarchs but since Emergency Teleport is now limited Seed of Deception serves as your extra E-tele. Miracle Fertilizer can help you bring out more tribute fodder or just an all out beatstick if you prefer it. Graceful Revival can help revive more tribute fodder that was already used with Seed of Deception. This deck creates amazing advantage with quick and easy to summon Monarch beatsticks. Good thing about this Monarch deck can play plant defense cards like Wall of Thorns can even be your second or third Mirror Force. This deck does tend to use cards that have similar effects to add utilty to this Monarch deck.

Recommended Cards

Monster Cards
Spell Cards
Trap Cards

Gadget Monarch

This deck relies on using Gadgets to continuously add new Gadgets to the hand to serve as tribute fodder, along with obvious tribute fodder monsters such as Treeborn Frog. One of the key cards of the deck is Ultimate Offering. Ultimate Offering allows the constant summon of Gadgets to add more Gadgets to the hand, while then tributing them for Monarchs. Due to the removal effect of most Monarchs, this deck has a high OTK rate.

Recommended Cards


Morphtronic Monarchs

This deck relies on using cards that special summon, such as the Attack mode effect of Morphtronic Celfon, to special summon a Morphtronic Monster, then tributing that for a Monarch. Cards such as One for One, Junk Box, Morphtronic Repair Unit, and Call of the Haunted are higly recommended. Morphtronic Boomboxen, Morphtronic Boarden, Morphtronic Magnen, and Morphtronic Cameran can protect your Morphtronics so you can tribute them for any Monarch.

Recommended Cards

Popular Monarch deck

This decklist isn't used by anyone. Try to be original and add some cards to it. i made this based on my memories from tournaments,... Lots of people uses this type of a Monarch deck and it goes pretty cool...



   ***Add some more by yourself, the style of your game you're playing with!***


   *Have fun!
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